Scholarship Annoucements (local and national) – April 2019

NEW/LOCAL Scholarship Applications:

Kim Fish Legacy scholarship 2019: For 12th grade LOLHS athletes

Vicky King/Bond Family Grant 2019: 
For 12th grade CEC students at Land O’ Lakes High School


Our LOLHS Scholarship Newsletter, will be updated approximately once per month so keep checking back! Please note – the following list is NOT all-inclusive!  This is only a compilation of scholarship information received by the school.  Please be sure to check list this monthly, as new scholarships may be added!  Also, remember to check with the office of financial aid at the institutions to which you are applying.  There are many school-specific scholarships and grants available this way.  Virtually every college as a section of their website dedicated to scholarships available at their school.  If you need assistance finding this information, you can contact the school directly or see me for guidance.

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