Bright Futures – Class of 2019

Current Seniors – Class of 2019
Bright Futures Requirements


* Remember – It is YOUR responsibility to monitor your eligibility for this academic scholarship.  Make sure you’re regularly visiting

* The application will become available after October 1st for the Class of 2019 at

View Bright Futures award amounts and eligibility for Class of 2019 here:   State of FL Financial Aid

Quick Facts:

  • FL Bright Futures will RECALCULATE your GPA (weighted ONLY .5 for all honors, IB, AP, DE courses) and only from the academic core and 2 courses in world language.
  • Must have documented community service hours on your transcript by graduation.
  • Super-score, composite from the SAT or ACT will be used and testing must be complete by June 30, 2019.