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Market Day is our quarterly project.Market Day Family Letter It helps students understand all that goes into opening a business. This is a 4-week project that will last roughly four weeks. In between then, we do have FSA’s for ELA and Math which will push it along. The project officially starts on Monday, April 9.

The students are excited to start making their items but there are other things that come first. Namely, they will need to earn money. They can earn money Jobs Information and Application

I will be paying them on a weekly basis using a tracking sheet Income Tracker We will give every student $10 to start with. This money will be their responsibility to keep in a safe place. My money will be blue and I will have a distinguishing mark so it can not be easily duplicated.

Once jobs are established, businesses will form and people will decide to work independently or with others. The groups will decide the prototype for their company. From that point, a Business License will be applied for. The cost of the license is $15.Business License Application Next students will need to create a budget.
Business Budget The next week revolves around production and advertising of the project. All the time they are making money.

The project culminates on Market Day when the entire day will set up a market and students will be able to purchase products.

The scope of the project will be paced in a way that students will see the complexity of an economic endeavor. We want the students to learn about problems and solutions that arise for entrepreneurs.

This project will not be the only thing we will work on, we still have other standards to cover. Students will have time to complete most of the work at school.

I am excited about this task and I know students will learn much from the project.

Ms. Marsella

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