The Big Ideas of English Language Arts for Quarter Two
Understanding Text Structure
Citing Text Evidence
Authors Point-of-View
Determining Main Idea and Theme of Literature
Using Text Features to Deepen Understanding

Your student has a Power Goal that should be a focus of their reading work. The first goal is a Chapter Book a Week goal.  Talk to your student about their goal.

Figurative Language is a focus of 4th grade. The following resources will help introduce students to idioms.

idioms and their meanings


Idioms can be very confusing because their context could be from hundreds of years ago. Students should familiarize themselves with idioms and their meanings to expand vocabulary and understanding of the English language.

In order to build core vocabulary my students will learn Latin Roots. Research shows that by understanding Latin Roots students can decode vocabulary. I will introduce 4 a week and include those roots into our spelling tests. Follow the link below for the list of roots.

Common Core Standard L.4.4