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Welcome to Ms. Marsella’s Math Class

We will apply strategy based learning for Math. Word problems are a way to practice Math in a real world situations. One strategy we will use throughout the year is BUCK strategy. Slowing down and looking for the key factors to Word Problems will help you answer the question correctly.

Word Problem BUCK strategy

Word problems tend to stump many people of all ages. Overcoming the urge to shutdown when faced with a word problem, will help students gain confidence in solving real world problems. The BUCK strategy will become a general practice in my classroom this year.

B- Box the question that needs to be answered.
U- Underline the vocabulary that is needed to answer the question.
C- Circle the facts you need to answer the question.
K- Knock-out the information you don’t need.

This process will help students organize the task to make problem solving more intuitive.

The Printable Multiplication Table will help students verify multiplication sums.┬áTo find the answer follow the top row to the first number being multiplied, then go down the column until you get to the second number to be multiplied on the left side. Where they intersect you will find the answer. Practice this with your student. We worked on it in class. Have them demonstrate for you. Then drill them for 15 minutes. Practice makes perfect. It is a good idea to be able to construct this table if they don’t know their multiplication by heart. For now they have access to this table.

Printable Multiplication Table

Committing multiplication facts to memory is essential to their success. Please drill with your students at home. I want them to instantly know each sum.

Multiplication Flash Cards

Multiplication Practice

Multiplication Worksheets