Week at a Glance

August 19-23

Welcome to my webpage,

I will be posting a week at a glance to give you an idea where we are. I will also be sending a weekly email.
Procedures: Students should have 3 Folders in their backpacks that we made in class. One labeled To Be Finished at Home another labeled Math and the final folder was a take-home folder,which included information from the school. Graded work will be sent home in this folder. If you see work in your students backpack that does not have a grade on it or a check please don’t dispose of it. It is likely an assignment that needs to be turned in for a grade.

Last week I sent home a BYOD-Bring your own device permission paper, and an opt-out Media release form. If you do not want your student in videos or pictures on our websites either district or my own please return this form. Otherwise, students may be in shared photographs.

MATH-Lessons 1-5 Eureka Math
ELA- The Tarantula Scientist
Social Studies-WK 1 Welcome to Florida SS Quiz on Friday. Students will be able to use their packets on the quiz.
Science- Interdependence
Writing- I can write an introductory paragraph with a topic sentence.
Specials- Monday- Day 6 Music
Tuesday -Day 1 STEAM
Wednesday- Day 2 Art
Thursday- Day 3 PE
Friday- Day 4 PE