Science and Social Studies Vocabulary

Hello Everyone,

This week, we are continuing to learn about earth’s structures in Science.  We’re going to be working on identifying and communicating about land features, such as flat, hilly, sandy, rocky.  You’ll find a copy of our picture/word vocabulary for this unit attached to this blog.  Feel free to print it out, cut each card out, and talk with your child about these things.  When you see land features in your community or on television or photographs, point them out and describe them.  After awhile, point out a land feature and ask your child if it’s hilly or sandy, then show him/her the picture/vocabulary cards for these features and have him look or point to the correct card.

I’ve also attached a copy of our Social Studies vocabulary for the week.  This week, we’ll be learning about the different roles people have in society – both modern and ancient societies.  Practice using these cards as you do the Science vocabulary cards.  Also, use the cards to talk about people in your family or in your community who fill the roles in the vocabulary cards.

Science Picture/Vocabulary:  Land features

Social Studies Picture/Vocabulary: Different roles

All the best,

Dr. Mike

Community Based Instruction (CBI)

Hello Everyone,

Just a note that our first CBI will have us visiting our local Publix.  We will be splitting the class into two sections – one section making the trip on Thursday, October 20th, and the second group on Thursday, October 27th.  Both trips will be from 9:45 to 12:00.  I’ll send home a note today to let everyone know who is going on what day.

Some of the things we’ll be practicing are:

  • locating desired items
  • maneuvering through aisles
  • putting objects in carts/baskets
  • waiting in lines/taking turns
  • staying focused on a goal

All the best,

Dr. Mike


Science Update 10/13/16

Hi All,

We are finishing up our unit on Science in Society this week.  We’ve been learning a lot about different careers in science (biologists, astronomers, geologists, etc), and about how science is used in society (engineering buildings and roads, food science, travel and transportation, etc).  On Monday, we’ll begin a unit on the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars.  To begin, we’ll be learning to use the attached picture vocabulary on a daily basis.  At home, you might print a copy of the vocabulary, cut out each picture-word and play a matching game (matching the animated picture to the real picture).  You might also practice the words by going outside on a clear night and making connections between the cards and the real objects.  You might even explore Youtube with your young person by having him/her select a vocabulary card randomly, then searching for and watching a  youtube for a video about that thing.

Keep looking up!

Dr. Mike

CLICK HERE FOR VOCABULARY:  sun-moon-star-earth

Language Arts Update 10/3/16

Hello All,

Yesterday we began a unit on “Reading Informational Texts”.  We’ll be working for the next several days on learning and using the attached vocabulary list.  To help your JLMS student develop understanding of these words, practice using them at home.  For example, you might cut out the vocabulary into individual squares and, each time you find yourself using one of these words at home, say the word and show the vocabulary card to your son or daughter at the same time to help make a connection between the image and the spoken word.  You might also play a game by lining up a set of items your son/daughter likes to engage with, then use the vocabulary cards to demonstrate which item is first, which is next or second, which is last, and so forth.

Click this link for the VOCABULARY list:  unit-3-vocab-1

Welcome to the 2015/2016 School Year

Dear Families and Friends,

Welcome to the 2015/2016 School Year at John Long Middle School.  Dr. Mike’s Class is designed an Access Points-Participatory Class.  Our students, like every other student in Pasco County, is working toward achieving State Standards in all core subject areas through access points to the general curriculum.  In addition, we support our students’ development across many areas involving academics, personal independence, and socialization.

Keep checking back to this Blog for periodic updates on current and upcoming events.  You may contact me by email at:, or by calling (813) 346-6261.


Michael W. Riley, PhD