Science and Social Studies Vocabulary

Hello Everyone,

This week, we are continuing to learn about earth’s structures in Science.  We’re going to be working on identifying and communicating about land features, such as flat, hilly, sandy, rocky.  You’ll find a copy of our picture/word vocabulary for this unit attached to this blog.  Feel free to print it out, cut each card out, and talk with your child about these things.  When you see land features in your community or on television or photographs, point them out and describe them.  After awhile, point out a land feature and ask your child if it’s hilly or sandy, then show him/her the picture/vocabulary cards for these features and have him look or point to the correct card.

I’ve also attached a copy of our Social Studies vocabulary for the week.  This week, we’ll be learning about the different roles people have in society – both modern and ancient societies.  Practice using these cards as you do the Science vocabulary cards.  Also, use the cards to talk about people in your family or in your community who fill the roles in the vocabulary cards.

Science Picture/Vocabulary:  Land features

Social Studies Picture/Vocabulary: Different roles

All the best,

Dr. Mike