Science Update 10/13/16

Hi All,

We are finishing up our unit on Science in Society this week.  We’ve been learning a lot about different careers in science (biologists, astronomers, geologists, etc), and about how science is used in society (engineering buildings and roads, food science, travel and transportation, etc).  On Monday, we’ll begin a unit on the Sun, Moon, Earth and Stars.  To begin, we’ll be learning to use the attached picture vocabulary on a daily basis.  At home, you might print a copy of the vocabulary, cut out each picture-word and play a matching game (matching the animated picture to the real picture).  You might also practice the words by going outside on a clear night and making connections between the cards and the real objects.  You might even explore Youtube with your young person by having him/her select a vocabulary card randomly, then searching for and watching a  youtube for a video about that thing.

Keep looking up!

Dr. Mike

CLICK HERE FOR VOCABULARY:  sun-moon-star-earth