Language Arts Update 10/12/16

Hi All,

We’re still working on identifying elements in sequence – first, next last – in stories and in daily living and academic activities.  Today we read Chapter 4 of “Mrs. Meyer is on Fire” by Dan Gutman in which Mrs. Meyer and her students were practicing the “Stop, Drop and Roll” method when one’s clothing catches fire.  We used our “First”, “Next”, and “Last” vocabulary cards to match the sequence of events in Stopping, Dropping, and Rolling.  After practicing with picture-vocabulary, we took out our floor mats and really practiced the procedure (always reinforcing each step with our vocabulary cards, of course).

If you find at home or in the community that you are doing things in short (2 or three step) procedures in a sequence (first-then or first-next-then), try reinforcing those steps with the picture vocabulary we sent home in everyone’s folders last week.

Best regards,

Dr. Mike