weekly update

HI! I hope you are ready for a great weekend. Here is a quick update:


In reading we are halfway through our Birchbark house book. It is very difficult, but the kids are enjoying it. They are working on text structure and vocabulary. Please make sure that they are reading each night and logging it.


In writing, we just completed another essay on taking care of a horse. They are working on paraphrasing and elaboration. Please continue to study spelling words. Also check for grammar being sent home to be corrected.


In math we are still dividing and multiplying. Next, we go into two digit by two digit multiplication. Most kids have been getting all homework done in class, but remember they can “rework” any papers sent home for extra practice and a higher grade.


In science we have started our lessons for our EMC field trip to the estuary. Please remember that the whole science fair project is due on Monday.


In social studies, we completed chapter eight and will be making an art book soon in chapter nine.


We have quarterly testing coming up next week.


weekly update 11-16-17

Hi! I had a parent ask for the weekly update, so I am going to start bothering you again. Maybe you all missed me?


In reading, we are getting ready to read our most difficult book this year. It is called Birchbark House and we will start it after break. This week we are previewing the book and working through some vocabulary (Native American words). IRLA logs are being completed and nightly reading is still expected.


In writing, we are cranking out our essays at a fast pace. These will continue to come home for sign and return. Grammar and spelling is still going strong. Please remember to have them study the spelling words. Our main focus has been paraphrasing and we hope to have a pickle party after break. They are earning pickles by learning to paraphrase in different ways. Feel free to donate or send in any store- bought jar pickles to help out.


In science, we completed matter and magnets. The next due date for the science fair project is December first. In class ,we will begin to prepare for EMC field trip by completing many lessons in class that will give them the background knowledge needed.


In Social Studies, we are finishing up chapter 7. Chapter 8 is about how different groups have contributed to the United States.


In math, we are working hard on division and multiplication. Many students still need to study their facts. Next topics are factors and multiples.


Hope you have a great break.


weekly update 10-6-17

Hope you have had a great week. We have been working hard and have completed three quarterly tests on top of everything else we do!


In reading, we finished another non fiction text on the human body. We are still practicing answering questions completely. I think some of the lower grades that have been given can be attributed to writing to respond to comprehension questions. As a class, we are rushing through things and not taking the time to reread and make sure we have complete answers.


In writing, we have completed another writing essay about dogs. This one was more challenging because the text evidence was very short and they had to elaborate. Today they will be looking at the rubric used to grade their papers and they will be checking their papers for missing parts. These will come home in the Tuesday folder. Spelling and grammar practice are both continuing.


In science we are finishing up the quarter with energy and food chains. We have “double dipped” as many science standards were being met in the reading texts we have been using. Science Fair projects are in full swing and most students have had their idea approved (deadline was 10-2) . This is a requirement in forth grade and the student will not receive a passing score on their report card if the due dates are not met. The next due date is October 13th. The required pages would be 5-8 in their science fair booklet.


In social studies were studying the uniqueness of Florida, chapter 4.


In math, we almost done with module two, measurement. We will be testing on this towards the end of next week.


Please continue to check Tuesday folders for opportunities to fix and return work. The reading logs should have 20 steps by Friday. Field trip forms are due. Please contact me and set up a conference if your student needs a PMP plan written for this year. We can have a phone conference, or I can just send home notes if needed.


Have a good weekend,



weekly update 9-29-17

Happy Friday.

In reading we are still continuing main idea and details as we read a book about skeletons. Our focus is responding to questions in complete answers.


In writing, we wrote another 5 paragraph essay about whether a cat or dog made a better pet. Those will be graded this weekend and put in their Tuesday folder.  Grammar and spelling practice are also ongoing.


In math, we finished module one and they were tested today. Those will also come home in the Tuesday folder. We will start module two on Monday.


In science we are planning and working through a classroom science fair example. The due date for their ideas is Monday. Page four of their packet will be due at that time.


In social studies we are behind and will catch up next week.


Please remember Boosterthon kicks off next week and we will start out huddles. Conduct cards will be coming home to be signed and returned, in the Tuesday folder. Please take the time to look very carefully at their work in the Tuesday folder. I do not assign a big homework packet. Each child in this class has  different needs. The work that is NOT to be signed and returned is work that they might need extra practice on, if their grade was not passing. Please use that as homework, fix and return it! In addition, they should be reading 30 minutes a night and practice their individual spelling words.


Have a great weekend!


update 9-7-17

Hello everyone. It has been another crazy week here. I will keep this very short.


In reading, we finished Tarantula Scientist and A Boy Who Drew Birds. We have worked on character traits and main idea and details.


In writing, we are still working through grammar. Kids have their individual spelling lists to work through. We also have written our first five paragraph essay about our best friend.


In math, we are in the rounding part and ready to take our mid chapter text when we come back to school (after a quick review). The next section looks easier because it will be adding and subtracting.


In Science, we are starting to review the scientific process and they need to be thinking of science fair ideas.


In Social Studies, we have worked through the second chapter which was map skills.


Thanks for your support as always, I could not do this without you! Thanks for “redoing” the work that comes home in the Tuesday folder. To me, that homework is more valuable that anything that I can send home. It is a direct reflection of what each individual child needs to work on.  Be safe this weekend.


weekly update 8-25-17

In writing, we are starting grammar practice for morning work. We covered adjectives and compound sentences. We are using the rest of the time to work on the long response answers. We have been using the RACE strategy to help with complete answers.


In math, we are working through a new curriculum and doing the best that we can. Eureka has many resources and right now it is trial and error to see which ones help and which ones might not be needed. I am sending home some homework that matches what we have done in class, but they have already had plenty of time to get it done while in class. So, if you see it come home, it is important to do because we go over each night’s homework at the beginning of the next day’s math lesson.


In Social Studies we are exploring the different types of social scientists. They are working through the first chapter.


In Science, we are talking about the scientific process, while we are reading the Tarantula Scientist book.


The green Tuesday folders are coming home filled with work each Tuesday. Please look through your child’s work and take some time celebrating their accomplishments. The folders need to be returned the next day, so I can keep filing. In addition, if you see work in the folder that is unsatisfactory (and it is not a test), they can spend more time on it and turn it back in. I will raise their grade a letter grade. Please also keep up with the spelling homework. They should have a spiral notebook in their backpack at all times, that have words to study. Thanks for keeping up with the nightly reading log too!


Hope you have a great week.






We almost made it through our first week of school. We are starting to get into some routines and overall it has been productive. I love getting to know each kid and I can tell that we will have a great year.


In reading, we are starting the non fiction text Tarantula Scientist. We will be working on answering long response questions using text evidence. Our IRLA time is starting and I am still trying to level everyone. Next week, we will start logging our daily and nightly reading (in a log already in their planner).


In writing, we have been working on adding details and making complete sentences. We have done many fun exercises that will help them practice writing and thinking faster. These papers come home and look messy and are not graded, but they are important practices. I have also leveled all the kids in their spelling levels and we will start their individual lists next week. You will start to see a spelling composition book in their backpack each night. Please have them study these words (how you want to study them is your choice). I will test them every week.


In math, we are trying to get through some of the new Eureka lessons. This will take some time and I will try not to send home homework until we get into a better routine. Plus I need to figure out how to add links to my site that could be helpful with this new program.


Science and Social Studies have not been started. I will be sending home a paper today and try to collect five dollars per child, so I can order Time For Kids magazines. They are great for current events.


Thanks for supporting the “me bag” activity. It has been a special time in our classroom. Also, if anyone has a CD player laying around, we could use it this year. The Pod noise is tough to ignore and I have some “brain” music that might help.


Have a great weekend and thanks for sharing your kids with me. I am also copying this email to the school website. Just go to contacts and select the link next to my name.




Welcome letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Prowler team at Odessa Elementary School! It is an exciting time and I look forward to a successful year with you and your child. Together we can share in the growth and development of your fourth grader. Here are a couple of things to help start the year off in an organized way.

Our Daily Schedule


9:45- 12:00  ELA


12:00-12:30  LUNCH


12:35-1:15 SPECIALS


1:20-2:35 MATH


2:35-2:55 RECESS






Monday- Music

Tuesday- PE

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- PE

Every other Wednesday Specials will be first thing in the morning!




Students will write down their homework in their planner for each night. In addition, students will need to log 150 minutes of reading per week on a separate reading log. Throughout the year we will have projects that the students are expected to complete. You will be notified the day the project is assigned and asked to sign an acknowledgement form.


Behavior Plan

In order to get the most out of the students learning time at school, we have implemented a conduct card system. It is our hope that all students will make positive choices daily, but in the event of them having an “off moment,” they will have their conduct card marked for any of the following:


-Inappropriate actions

-Not following class and school rules

-Missing work


At the end of the month, your child will bring their conduct card home to be signed and returned at the next day. If the student receives less than three marks during the week, they will participate in a free choice activity for 20 minutes on Friday. At three marks or more, they will sit in a study hall to catch up on work or read.




Transportation Home

We are required to send your child home his/her usual way unless we receive written notice or you notify the school by phone. Children can become confused about changes in transportation so please send a note or email and inform your child of any changes prior to the beginning of school.



Please use emails or phone numbers to communicate.

Home email readandrelax@aol.com

School email mrigogli@pasco.k12.fl.us ( I don’t have this after school hours)

Cell number 727-505-4462




1) Please sign the bottom portion of this letter and return to your child’s homeroom teacher, along with other forms sent home with your child.

2) Please return the student contact/emergency cards as soon as possible.

3) If you have not already paid your school fees, please do so at your earliest convenience. We will also be collecting money for the TIME For Kids magazine within the first quarter.

4) Your child’s “Me Bag” is due Friday, August 18th. This will be a gallon size zip lock bag that contains a few items from home that helps us get to know them on a more personal level. Students can be creative in showing their talents or interests, but all items must fit inside the bags.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year working together with you and your child to achieve their highest potential while having a memorable fourth grade year.



Mrs. Riggs


Please detach and return this section.

I /we have read the Back to School letter and will support the classroom procedures in an effort to have a safe, well-disciplined learning atmosphere.


Child’s Name _______________________________________________

Parent Signature ____________________________________________

Date ________________________________