Art Room Expectations

Art Class Expectations

 1.    Be safe:

Use tools and supplies properly

Use walking feet

Keep all 4 legs of your chair on the floor

2.    Be respectful to others and to property:

Be nice- use kind words

Give the speaker your attention- your eyes and ears

Raise your hand

Keep your hands and feet and objects to yourself

Use an inside voice

Take care of art room, tools, and supplies

3.    Be a responsible student and try your best:

Stay on task- use class time wisely

Participate in class discussions

Follow directions- pay attention to steps and procedures

Complete your work to the best of your ability

Clean up after yourself

Art Class Non-Negotiables

  1. Harming others is unacceptable
  2. Use appropriate language
  3. Leave class only with permission

Interventions for inappropriate behavior

  1.  Warning, re-teach, and re-direction
  2.   Mrs. Parris’ Choice: Seat change, loss of privilege, and/or behavior reflection
  3.   Communication with teacher and/or parent(s) through note in agenda planner, phone call home, or Improvement Opportunity Form sent home
  4.   Office referral

Severe infractions may result in immediate office referral