Yearbook Cover art contest

Contest is for interested 4th and 5th graders only:

Submit an 8 ½ x 11 cover artwork to Mrs. Parris by Friday, November 17th

(A contest flyer can be obtained from Mrs. Parris or any 4th/5th grade classroom teacher)


  • Portrait orientation (don’t turn the paper “hotdog” or sideways; keep it vertical)
  • Important: write your full name and classroom teacher’s name on the BACK
  • Include the text “Cotee River Elementary” and the year (“2017-2018” or “2017-18”)
  • Include text of administrator’s names “Mrs. Slusser” and “Mr. Wolfe”
  • Have a comic book theme/style and use bright, primary colors with black and white
  • As always, use your best craftsmanship, and make sure there are no spelling errors.



Submitted cover designs will be reviewed by a yearbook panel, and narrowed down to a small number of finalists.  Then 4th and 5th grades will vote for the winners in December.  First place winner’s cover will appear on the front cover.  Second place winner will appear on the back cover.

Good luck!  Please see Mrs. Parris with any questions or clarification.

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