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Summer Is Here

UnknownHip, hip hooray!  Summer is finally here.  We’re sure many of you have dipped a toe or two in a pool, stayed up past midnight, or maybe even enjoyed being a couch potato for a little while. Why not, it’s summer and you deserve some relaxation time for sure.

Thank you everyone for all the incredibly kind words and heart-felt gifts bestowed upon us the last few days ofUnknown-21 school.  Our hearts are definitely full.  We can not begin to explain the positive impact our families this year have made in our lives.  We will always remember our Fifty Strong.

As you know, Mrs. Novotny is retiring from teaching after 13 years at Wesley Chapel Elementary.  Her hockey daughter, Madison, is moving up in the sports ranks and will be traveling even more next year to compete (and train).  In order for a minor to commit to such a rigorous schedule, a parent needs to back them 100%.  Mrs. Novotny is all about giving 100% into all her commitments.

Unknown-16If you haven’t heard, Mrs. Williams will be moving to the “The Ranch” – Wiregrass High School to teach language arts – her passion.  WRHS is also the school in which two of her children attend.   She’s excited to Unknown-15begin this new chapter in her life.  Hopefully, the story will unfold like an award winning novel.

It’s hard to change and take the step into something new, unknown….but with hockey on our minds at this moment (go Lightning), Wayne Gretzky said it best with “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”  Mrs. Novotny and Mrs. Williams are taking their shots.  The net is wide open…..

Both of us (the teachers) are excited to embark on new journeys in our lives.  As we start down the road, it’s so comforting to know that there are “50 Strong” ready to start their next journey (fourth grade), too.

Pleas know – the Puma teachers are extremely proud of every single one of our students.  We worked hard this year reading, writing, solving, creating, hypothesizing, and even singing.  It was the time of our lives, that’s for sure.

Be passionate in everything you do, Pumas!  We will, too.  Yes – the video is now on WCES Youtube page….or just click below.

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