We’re so excited to get to know all of our new students this year! Your child has two teachers this year. Ms. Browning is the STEM (math & science) teacher and Mrs. Horsburgh is the ELA (reading, writing & social studies) teacher.

We have been specializing together for seven years and through this experience have found that we both have the same expectations and teaching styles which provides the best opportunities for our students. They will often see the same content topics presented in both classes in different subject areas.

When you have a change in transportation, you only need to email the homeroom teacher. If there are any questions that concern both teachers, please be sure to include both of us on your emails.

If you need a copy of this years supply list click here! 

Along with the items listed on the supply list we are also encouraging ALL students to have their own sanitizer to use daily, an extra mask and a mask lanyard to help keep their mask with them throughout the day.