Week ending 8/31

It was great to see so many of you at open house last night. We enjoyed having the opportunity to share more about our routines and have you explore your child’s classrooms.

Math- Students will be taking their mid-module math assessment on Thursday next week (Sept. 6th). Please be sure to check their lesson exit ticket scores (when they are sent home) because that provides more insight to their understanding of that particular lesson. They don’t have one every day, but a few times a week.

Science- We’ll be wrapping up our unit on understanding the scientific process and moving into learning more about life science-interdependence and how animals live and survive in their environments.

Reading- We have continued working on main idea with Tarantula Scientist as well as figurative language, character traits, and using context clues to determine the meaning of unfamiliar words. They will be taking their first formative assessment on these skills on Wednesday.

Writing- We completed our first writing prompt together as a class. This will be an example that each student will be able to use to work on their own writing piece next week.

S.S. – Scholastic News has been ordered and the first issue should arrive at the beginning of September. This will be used in social studies along with our textbook.

Homework Reminders:

Reading- students are expected to read 5 out of 7 nights and record it on their reading log. Parents should initial each night and these are due every Friday.

Spelling- Students should complete the nightly spelling activity and keep in their binder for check in the next day. If all nights are complete ahead of time students can turn their work in early. They need to keep the word list to study for their test on Fridays.

Math- Students have a worksheet to complete each day when learn a new lesson (Mon.-Thurs.). These are due the next day and checked over in class by the students so they see any mistakes that were made.


Conduct cards are being sent home today. Please sign anywhere on the card and return it on Tuesday.

There is no school on Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.

If you’d like to order from the Scholastic book catalogs, orders can be done online or returned by September 7th.

Have a great weekend\!

Week ending 8/24

It has been an amazing week as we have learned more about our daily routines and diving deep into all of our subjects.

Math- Students have been learning more about place value and how we can use various strategies to understand how numbers can be written and renamed in a variety of ways. Next week we are continuing these strategies and also reviewing more about rounding and comparing numbers. Students will be expected to apply these strategies to more difficult problems, including word problems.

Science- We have been learning and discussing more about the scientific process and what is involved when seeking answers to the questions we have about various topics. As a class we are doing an experiment so students can see first-hand each component and how to respond to each step in the scientific method.

Reading – We have been learning a lot of interesting facts about tarantula while working on our first reading skill of main idea and detail. We have started working in partners and small groups and are developing our reading routine.

Writing – We have been writing in response to reading our daily text and getting into the groove. We will begin working on the writing process next week to work toward writing a five paragraph essay.

We will start social studies next week.

-Open house is next week on Thursday from 6:30-7:30 pm.

-The Scholastic book fair will be open all week next week. Browning’s class will be visiting the book fair on Monday and Horsburgh’s class will be going on Wednesday. Students are able to bring money that day to shop. They will be able to shop other days, but will have to go during their recess times.

We are excited to have you on the Prowler team at Odessa Elementary! Thank you for all the supplies you bring in to provide your child with needed materials as we start a new year. If you need a copy of the 4th grade supply list, click here

Welcome to 4th Grade

We’re so excited to get to know all of our new students this year! Your child has two teachers this year. Ms. Browning is the STEM (math & science) teacher and Mrs. Horsburgh is the humanities (reading, writing & social studies) teacher. The students will switch classes after their specials each day.

We have been specializing together for five years and through this experience have found that we both have the same expectations and teaching styles which provides the best opportunities for our students. They will often see the same content topics presented in both classes in different subject areas.

When you have a change in transportation, you only need to email the homeroom teacher. If there are any questions that concern both teachers, please be sure to include both of us on your emails.