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Black History Month Projects

The directions were given out last week and this is DUE: Friday, February 28

Black History Month project

There are 2 parts, answer the questions and create a product.  The visual can not be larger than 11×18.

Scholastic News: Black History

History Channel: Black History

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So many ways to learn!!!!

There are so many ways to learn stuff!!!  You all have this great thing….. the World Wide Web!!!  The internet! Here are some videos I have found that might help you learn about the amendments.

The Bill of Rights Hand Game

Bill of Rights in 30 seconds

How to Memorize Constitutional Amendments

Use these and look for more on youtube or the internet every time you have new stuff to learn in any of your classes!!!

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We are setting up our notebooks/binders!!!  This is a very important organization tool in this class!!!  The will keep ALL if their work in their notebook!!!  I keep one too, and their’s should match mine!!!

Parents, please ask to see their cover page!  It  should be colorful and creative and neat!!!  Their syllabus should be glued in on the back of their cover page.  (binders just need to hole punch, number and insert page) I explained to the people are using a binder how to hole punch their papers and how to put them in the binders.  So, we should be good to go!

Please make sure you have your NOTEBOOK with you EVERY day!!!!!

*If getting a notebook or binder is a problem…. PLEASE write me a note!!  I find a way to help!

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Expectations & Procedures

Last week we discussed expectations and procedures.  I am posting the powerpoint in pdf format so it should be readable by all.  So students, if you were out and missed the visuals, please read this and complete the notes from this.  Hope this helps.

Expectations Proceedures

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Contact Information

The Altshuler Show

Contact Information





My website








each period has a different code







textbook: my World History


(for 1st time set up, go to http://www.successnetplus.com/gettingstarted )


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Please play!!

Pick a topic ( geography is best) and play!!online game to end hunger

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Human Rights

We had a short (one day) lesson on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and you guys were asking for me to put the link on here.  So, here it is.  Share it with your family!

Human Rights

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The learning about History can be disturbing!

In response to some concern.  I do present the option of opting out.  Although, I do feel it is extremely important to study the Holocaust!  By learning about the Holocaust we learn about prejudice and bullying and why these things are wrong.  We learn about how history can repeat itself if we don’t make better choices.  We learn about empathy, sympathy, compassion and tolerance for others!  I will agree that history can be disturbing, that is why we need to learn about it….so maybe this generation will make better choices in their future!  I hope that helps.  P

Students, please feel free to comment on what you  have learned from this study.

Thank you again for your concern and comments.

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Students will have a study guide to complete Tuesday night and the test is on Wednesday.

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