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Update September 1

Good evening families!

It was great to see all of you that were able to make it to Open House last night!  for those of you that were not able to come, 5th grade T-shirt order forms and Pasco Connect instructions were sent home with your child today.

There will be no school on Monday due to Labor Day.  On Tuesday, August conduct cards will go home.   Please sign those and return them to school.  Also, math quizzes will be sent home for your signature.  Please return those to school on Wednesday also.  There are a few students that will need to finish their quizzes on Tuesday due to absences.  I will write in their planner if they do not have a quiz to bring home by the end of the day.

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August News

Good afternoon families!
I hope your child has enjoyed the first week of school!  It has been a fantastic week getting to know your child if they are new to Odessa or to our class!  It has also been fun to see our students from last year as they have grown into responsible fifth graders!  We jumped right into math and science after spending some time learning our rules and procedures.
Your child should bring his/her math binder and spiral home each night.  Each new concept that is presented in class should be written in the math spiral.  Your child will also have a math packet inside the binder.  This includes the “Problem Set” which is classwork as well as nightly homework.  The assigned homework is written in the student planner each day.  Certain problems will be assigned as “must do” problems or required homework.   Examples of these problems can be found on the “Problem Set” pages for that particular lesson (if your child needs additional help).  We have talked about these and practiced them in class.  Homework then provides extra practice with this skill.  At times, you will see problems assigned as “Can Do” or “Challenge” problems.  These will provide practice for your child to apply the basic skill that was learned in class.  The challenge problems will take that learning a step further.
Please do not have your child work ahead in the packet.  We have a new math curriculum this year, so daily learning and practice in class is essential.  Homework and challenge problems will proved additional practice.
As a team, we will be providing some online links for additional help and explanation in math.  I will let you know when that will be available for you.
In science, we have been looking at different components of the scientific method, such as observations, testable and non-testable questions, and variables.  We will continue with this next week.  There has not been any homework as of yet in science.
Please check your child’s planner each night.  It is their responsibility to write homework in the planner each day, and to show it to you for your signature each evening.
Please feel free to write a note in planners if you have questions or concerns.  I also check email daily, so that is also a great way to contact me.
Thank you so much for providing your child with the requested supplies to begin school!  It made the beginning of the year an easy transition for students as they organized their materials for class!
Enjoy the rest of the afternoon!
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