Printer problems

Printer is out of paper:

Contact your building’s AP to request more paper.


Printer is out of toner:

When the printer is low on/out of toner, use the card on the side of the printer to contact Abilities. Anyone can order the toner, just call the phone number or log on to the website. You will need the TPA number from the card to place the order. It usually arrives in 2-3 business days.

Once you’ve ordered the toner, send an “all” email to let others in your building know that toner is on the way.



Anything other than a toner order:

For any problem other than a toner order, place a Tech Help ticket. Use the link provided on the “Placing a Tech Help Ticket” page. ¬†Provide your name, your room number and phone extension, and the printer location (Green workroom, my classroom).

Please don’t schedule a service call using the Abilities card.¬†The company that Abilities uses for service, Tonertype, charges $125 for each service call. Please allow the Technology Service Tech to place the service call, if necessary.