The Hammer

Naughty Part 2

Acrobat Story 111 (Part 3)

The Smell of Rebellion

Burp Sequence part 1

We’re Going to Spain



Newt 1

Acrobat Story 111 (Part 1)

Intro to Naughty



Acrobat Story 11 (Part 1)

Matilda’s Books

Newt 111

Mechanics (Part 1)

A Few Days Later

They had found each other (Finale)

Acrobat Story 1V

Revolting Children

Newt 11

Chalk Writing

This Little Girl

Green hair

Acrobat story 1 (part 2)


Acrobat Story 1 (Part 1)

Amanda Thripp Pigtails

Chokey Chant

School Song

Bruce Part 1

The Hammer Track without voice

The Smell of Rebellion track without voices

Naughty Track without voice

Miracle Track without voices



Bows track without voice




When I grow up track without voices

Revolting Children track without voices

This Little Girl track without voice


Quiet track without voice

Acrobat Story Part 1 without voice




School Song track without voices