Update: Week of October 26th

We had a fantastic first week of quarter 2! In reading, we focused on the author’s point of view and read Who Really Created Democracy?. Students then agreed or disagreed with the author’s point of view and supported it with text evidence. We wrote a SLAM to give our text evidence and support our thinking! In math, we wrapped up module 2 with a focus on subtraction and problem solving. We reviewed and conferenced so we would be ready for our test on Monday! In science, we learned about the properties of matter. Our social studies focus was on practicing the states in the Northeast region.

Map Monday: We will have our first Map Monday with our Northeast Region quiz! Students have been practicing in class but they also received a study guide and can practice with SeeSaw activities!

Report Cards: These will be released to MyStudent/Parent Portal on Tuesday!

Fall Party: On Friday, we will have our fall themed party! Thank you to everyone who sent in a $3 (or more!) donation for the party. We so appreciate it! While costumes are not allowed this year, we are encouraging students to wear orange/black or other fall colors for the day!

English/Language Arts: We will be in our final week of point of view this week! We will be reading about the founding fathers and the creation of our Constitution as we read the text A More Perfect Union. Our weekly assessment will be on Thursday this week so we can have a fall themed reading time on Friday! We are asking that students bring in a flashlight for Friday’s reading time! πŸ™‚

Math: We will take our end of module assessment on Monday and the optional review came home with students on Thursday! We started conferencing with them on the reviews they did in class on Thursday and will finish Friday. On Tuesday, we will begin module 3 where we return to multiplication and division concepts. You can learn about this module here!

Science: Properties of matter will be our focus again this week! We will specifically be learning about properties that are observable vs. those that are measurable. Also, we will begin preparing for a scientific investigation where we build a watercraft and, paying attention to the properties of the matter we choose, build one that can hold 25 pennies and still float!

Social Studies: Our regions tour takes us to the Southeast region this week! As students pass a region, they receive a new study guide to learn the states in the next region. They do not move on until they learn the states in each region!

Homework: On Friday, students should have completed 60 minutes of math fact practice and 150 minutes of reading time for the week. This week, we were 93% on track for both math homework completion and reading minutes! Our goal is 100% on track and complete every week! πŸ™‚

Update: Week of October 19th

Thank you to everyone for the birthday notes, emails, cards, & gifts! I had a great day being NienFORTY!

Love, Mrs. Del Forno

The last week of quarter 1 was a great week! In reading, we learned how a point of view can change and we practiced examining that in multiple texts. Our theme was “How do ordinary people become heroes?”. We read about Jackie Robinson and his entrance into baseball and a printer who saved the lives of many people even though he couldn’t communicate with them because he was deaf! In math, we practiced rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred on a number line and addition problem solving. Our science focus was on how plants and animals respond to the four seasons. In social studies, we toured the Northeast virtually!

No School on Monday, October 19th due to teacher planning!

Fall Party: Thank you to everyone for sending in the $3 donations for the party! If you haven’t yet, please send it in by Friday, October 23rd. Thank you!

Scholastic Book Orders: Our Scholastic Book orders are always open! You can view our class access information here and log in and see ALL the different flyers that are available (rather than just the ones they send to us!).

English/Language Arts: Next week, we will be focused on the author’s point of view in a text. We will be reading about the early colonists and how they created democracy after the Revolutionary War.

Math: We will finish module 2 next week! We will review on Thursday and conference on Friday. Our end module assessment will be Monday, October 26th! We will send home a review on Thursday since that is when we will be concluding our module instruction. πŸ™‚

Science: Our new module on matter starts next week with a focus on properties of matter.

Social Studies: For the next week, we are going to be working on the location of the states in the Northeast. Students received a study guide (in the homework folder) with their maps and flashcards!

Homework: On Friday, students will need to turn in their homework folders and be up to date on reading minutes! They should have 60 minutes of math logged and 150 minutes of reading completed and signed off on in the binder. This week, we were at 90% complete for math and 93% on track for reading minutes!

Update: Week of October 12th

We had a great week! In reading, we began our new module on point of view with a theme of How do ordinary people become heroes?. We read about Rosa Parks and identified clues from the author and characters in a text that help us determine a point of view. In math, we problem solved with grams, kilograms, milliliters and liters and did a review! Our science focus was on invertebrates. Students had a level 4 opportunity to create their own creature and classify it as a vertebrate or invertebrate and write to tell why they classified it in that way!

English/Language Arts: Our focus for this week will be on how a point of view can change in a text. Students will be reading about Jackie Robinson but also about a printer who saves his coworkers as we continue to think about how ordinary people become heroes.

Math: Our mid module assessment will be on Monday! It covers time, weight, and capacity problem solving! Then, we will begin learning about rounding.

Science: For our last week in our living things unit, we will be learning about how plants and animals respond to changes in the environment.

Social Studies: This week, we will be learning about the regions of the United States! Specifically, we are focusing on the Northeast Region. Students will also begin learning the states in each region and we will be doing our Map Monday assessments starting Monday, October 26th (since there is no school on Monday the 19th). Once students pass the Continents and Oceans, they will be working on the northeast states, then the southeast and so on! They don’t progress until they know them all in a region. We will send home completed maps for reference, and have interactive activities on SeeSaw, but students also like to find alternate resources online or in apps (Stack the States is a favorite!).

Homework: Next Friday, students will again turn in their multiplication logs with 60 minutes of practice for the week. Also, they should be reading and getting their planners signed nightly for 30 minutes. We were at 93% complete for math minutes and 97% on track for reading minutes this week!

Mindfulness Yoga: Our first mindfulness yoga will be Tuesday via Zoom with our Baycare instructor! She works with the students on strategies for dealing with anxiety and stress throughout the day and the kids love working with her!

Update: Week of October 5th

Congratulations to Lilianna and Molly! They were chosen by their peers to represent our class as PAWSitive Characters for the month of September for demonstrating respect! Way to go girls!

Congratulations to Ari! He was chosen by Mrs. Nienhouse & Mrs. Del Forno to represent our class as the Worthy Wildcat for the month of September for demonstrating respect! Way to go Ari!


We had a very busy and productive week! In reading, we read The Moon Seems to Change and determined why the author uses the word “seems”. We supported our thinking with text evidence! In math, we began our new unit on problem solving with different units of measure with a focus on measuring elapsed time. Our science focus for the week was on classifying animals with a specific focus on vertebrates!

English/Language Arts/Social Studies: We are going to begin our new module- How do ordinary people become heroes?. Our comprehension and vocabulary skills will be focused on figurative language and point of view of the author and characters in a text. We will be reading about Rosa Parks next week!

Math: The next part of our module focuses on problem solving with addition and subtraction of units of measure (mL, L, g, kg).

Science: We will continue learning about classifying animals but we are going to focus on invertebrates this week!

Homework: Students should have 60 minutes of multiplication practice logged in their folders and turned in on Friday! Also, they should be reading nightly for 30 minutes and logging it in the planner (with parent signature). We were able to bank lots of steps in the beginning of the year, but those are starting to run out for students who aren’t completing 150 minutes of reading per week at home. Students will get progress reports in the planner when they are behind in IRLA steps to help keep them on track! This week, we had 93% of students on track for reading minutes and 86% complete for math homework.

Media Day: Our media day is every Tuesday (unless the media is closed!). Students return books and get Sunshine State brag tags at the same time!

Update: Week of September 28th

Thank you to everyone for the cards, emails, messages, and gifts on my birthday! It was a fun day and I appreciate you all thinking of me!
Love, Mrs. Nienhouse πŸ™‚

We had a great week! In reading, we read about the great space race and the mission to walk on the moon. We worked on main idea and relevant details, context clues, and writing to support a main idea. In math, we finished module 1 with two step word problem practice and math journal work! We also took our end module assessment. Our science focus for the week was on classifying plants and we focused on continents and oceans and maps in social studies. We are continuing to build routines in independent work and perseverance!

Media Checkout: Our day to check out books is Tuesday and we will be going this week- our day was cancelled last week due to picture day!

Mixed up Monday: We have our mixed up Monday this week! Students will start their day with specials but that is the only change to the day.

Student Numbers: Every child has a student ID number that is used for purchasing lunch, checking out books, logging in to school devices and more! This can be found in the back of the student planner where the log in information is located. We ask that you please check with your child and see if they know this number (we have several who do not!) and if they don’t, please practice until they get it. We thank you in advance! πŸ™‚

English/Language Arts: Our final week of work with main idea/details is this week! We will be reading The Moon Seems to Change and connecting it to scientific observations. We focus on the idea that it “seems” to change. We will be pulling out relevant details and supporting it through writing.

Math: We will begin module 2 this week! You can learn about the objectives of this module here.

Science: Our focus will be on classifying vertebrates this week. Students will be identifying the features that break up the five vertebrate groups!

Social Studies: Students who did not master the continents and oceans quiz will get another chance on Wednesday. Those students received their quiz back for practice! There are several activities on SeeSaw for practice also. Soon, we will begin learning the states in the US region by region.

Homework: Students should be reading 30 minutes nightly and logging a total of 60 minutes of multiplication practice for the week in math! Multiplication logs are due on Friday. Also, the planner should be signed nightly to indicate reading was completed. Thank you!

Update: Week of September 21st

Thank you for the continued support of our classroom! We love all the donations of snacks and items for student success including books, flexible seating options, and more! We are so grateful! πŸ™‚

We had a great week! In reading, we focused in on main idea and connecting details and worked on writing a SLAM. We also took our first weekly assessment in reading! In math, we focused on problem solving and using the Distributive Property with and without arrays! For science, we observed the growth on our science experiment but we also learned about plant structures and created a diagram of the plant parts and their functions. In social studies, we learned about the continents and oceans and labeled the countries in North America and the Caribbean.

Picture Day: Our picture day will be Tuesday, 9/22, and our time is BEFORE they have PE for the day. πŸ™‚ As a result, our media day to check out books is cancelled since the media center will be closed.

Guidance: We will have our first guidance lesson on Friday, September 25th.

Change of Clothes: With all the rain, our recess field has been quite messy! Several kids are finding they need to go to the clinic and get a change of clothes or socks. It is our suggestion, (not a requirement!) that students keep a change of clothes in their backpack. There are clothes in the clinic for them but we feel like they would be more comfortable changing into their own clothes!

English/Language Arts: This week, we will be reading The Race to Space and learning about how scientists face challenges. We will continue to practice main idea and key details as we read this text!

Math: Our module continues with a focus on problem solving and making sense of the numbers in a multiplication and division problem. We will also be working on two step problem solving in math journals this week!

Science: Our focus is on classifying plants! We will be reading about different ways to classify plants and creating a visual to demonstrate our learning.

Social Studies: On Friday, students are bringing home a completed continents and oceans map to help them study! Their test will be on Wednesday! On SeeSaw Class, under the activities tab, there are several activities to help them practice placing the continents and oceans on the map.

Homework: Students have nightly reading and multiplication logs this week! Multiplication logs are due on Friday and must include 60 minutes of practice. Reading logs are completed in the planner and should be signed nightly for 30 minutes of reading. We had 100% participation in homework and 100% of students on-track for reading minutes this week! Go Team!!! πŸ™‚

Update: Week of September 14th

Thank you to everyone for continuing to send in donations! We are so thankful and the kids are loving it all!

In reading, we began our new module on main idea and key details. We read A Nobel Invention and learned all about Alfred Nobel’s life and inventions. We practiced finding details to support the main idea and using context clues to identify the meaning of unknown words. In math, we learned about the Distributive Property and how to use the break apart strategy to solve multiplication problems. We took our mid module assessment on Thursday and conferenced on them on Friday so we could learn from our mistakes! In science, we did the setup for our experiment and are logging our observations and parts of the scientific method in our science journal. Finally, in social studies we finished exploring the differences between primary and secondary sources but we will continue to do this for the whole year as it will be integrated into many of our weekly activities and research.

Monday: Our first “Mixed-Up Monday” will be Monday, September 14th. When students come in, they will have specials first and then ROAR time after. That is the only change to our schedule! πŸ™‚

Popcorn: If you purchased a popcorn card, your child will automatically receive popcorn on designated popcorn days. Otherwise, you can send in $1 for popcorn on Friday, however, it has to be sent in before popcorn day – on Monday-Thursday of popcorn week. They pick up the collected money on Thursday! It was the first time, so we were able to get popcorn for friends who brought money today!

Media Center/Book Checkout: Our day to check out books from the media will be Tuesday! This week will be our first chance to check out media books. Students who have outstanding books from last year (they received overdue notices today!) are encouraged to return the books or pay the fee so they can bring their account current and check out books from the media!

English/Language Arts: We will continue to practice finding the main idea and key details so support it. Again, our focus is on the theme How do scientists change the world with their inventions? and we will be reading another text about Alfred Nobel called Alfred Nobel: The Man Behind the Peace Prize.Β For an extension, we will be picking a scientist and doing some research on how he or she changed the world.

Spelling: At Open House, we discussed the need for spelling and the possibility of making it optional as homework. Instead, our need for spelling practice is so widespread we decided to incorporate it into our priority workstations for the week. If you would like a copy of the words for extra practice at home, we will be happy to share them! Our students took a pretest and have been placed into a group based on the patterns where their spelling breaks down.

Math: We will continue to work on multiplication and division concepts this week!

Science: While we continue to observe our bread and see what happens, we will switch focus to our science unit on plants. Our learning this week will be about plant structures and their purpose!

Social Studies: We are starting our module on maps with continents and oceans and a little about the different countries that make up North America and the Caribbean. We will be reading about them this week and labeling maps. After the week of practice, they will bring home a completed map to study and the continents/oceans quiz will be on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Homework: Today, students received their folders back for next week’s multiplication homework! We had 100% of our students turn in homework- it was amazing! πŸ™‚ Great job everyone! Also, remember that students are expected to read 30 minutes at home and log the minutes in the planner! Thank you!

Update: Week of September 8th

Thank you to Isabella & Molly J. & their families for the amazing donations this week!

We had another great week in third grade! In reading, we learned about character traits and how to choose and support a character trait through a character’s actions, words, thoughts, and feelings. We also practiced using context clues to find the meaning of unknown words. In math, we continued to show how multiplication and division are related and represented them in different ways. Our social studies focus was on primary and secondary sources and we will continue to emphasize and practice this throughout the year.

No School on Monday, September 7th. Enjoy Labor Day weekend!

T-Shirt Orders: Third Grade Team Shirts are on sale until 9/16! You can pay via Acorn or send cash/check with the order form. When completing a check, please make sure to add the phone number and student ID number. Thank you!

English/Language Arts: We will begin working on our main idea and details essential standard with a focus on the theme: How do scientists change the world with their inventions?.

Math: Our focus will continue to be on multiplication and division and representing them in different ways!

Science: Our experiment from last week was pushed due to MAPS testing- we didn’t want to rush. πŸ™‚ We will begin that this week!

Social Studies: Students will continue some work with primary and secondary sources through their workstations. If students have devices, we would like them to bring them next week so we can start introducing them to Canvas and how to access the learning materials that are available online!

Homework: In addition to having the planner signed and the nightly 30 minutes of reading, we are going to begin our multiplication homework routine. Below is a picture of the folder each child will be bringing home today! It includes logs for many weeks to come so they are only expected to complete one log with 60 minutes of multiplication practice. The folder also includes a letter that explains our belt system and the list of facts for each belt color. PLEASE keep the belt lists for reference- students can create flashcards from these facts to study for the belt level they are testing in class!

Update: Week of August 31st

We would like to say a huge thank you to many of our families for the donations we have received from our Wish List!! Thank you so much to Drew & Family, Addy & Family, Eliana & Family, Austin & Family, Jake & Family, Mackenzie & Family, Reid & Family, Olivia & Family, Lilianna & Family, Xander & Family, and Ethan & Family! We are so thankful for the recess items, smelly stickers, fidget items, pens, pencils, highlighters, flexible seating, and more! If we forgot anyone, we sincerely apologize. Sometimes the kids put things on our tables and we aren’t sure where they come from but we try to keep track! πŸ™‚

We had a great first week! The theme of our week was “getting to know each other” in fun and different ways! We talked about character traits and drew the person “behind the mask”. We also wrote biopoems and did a small project on how we are going to change the world (both coming soon to a SeeSaw journal near you!). In math, we began our normal routines with fluency, using our boards for participating in lessons, and completing assignments in our math books. We also played Guess Who! and learned some fun and interesting facts about our peers while we tried to “guess who” the facts were about. We really enjoyed getting to know each other this week!

Small Schedule Change: Due to changes in staffing on third grade, our lunch schedule is changing slightly! The new schedule is posted but it really only moved by 5 minutes! The new schedule is here.

English/Language Arts: We will begin learning how to write SLAMs this week! This is our extended response format for writing. Our focus will be on character traits and writing to prove a character trait based on text evidence.

Math: We began working in module 1 with a focus on multiplication and division concepts last week! We will continue to work on multiplying and dividing and also our fluency. Our math routines will be extended to include math journals! You can read about module 1 expectations here.

Science: Our science will begin with our favorite experiment of every year: Why Should I Wash My Hands? This year, it is especially meaningful. πŸ™‚ Through this experiment, we will be learning about the scientific method.

Social Studies: To tie into coming projects we will be doing in ELA, we will be learning about primary and secondary sources and the importance of analyzing sources of information!

Homework: This week, students will begin a routine of logging 30 minutes a day of reading. This starts over the weekend! We will be using the reading log in the planner (this is new this year so we will give it a try!). Students should log a total of 150 minutes a week from Friday-Thursday. Reading minutes are entered into IRLA as steps toward student progress!

Here is how we would like reading minutes documented in the planner. When you initial the planner, you are signing that you saw the sticker for the day AND that your child completed his/her reading minutes. πŸ™‚