9-25 through 9-29


The students will have a quarterly test on Tuesday that covers unit 1 lesson 1-4.  They received a study guide on Friday that will help them with the test.  I will also post the study guide with a key to this email.  After we take the test on Tuesday we will be learning about the earths systems which will be unit 3 in there books.  Unit 1 Study Guide KEY 2018

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9-18 through 9-22


This week the students will be focusing on Unit 1 lesson 2.  We will be focusing on the difference between a theory and law.  On Thursday and Friday we will be working on the research for out science fair projects which will be completed in class for basic classes.  In my advance classes these will be completed at home.



Derek Domokos


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8-28 through 9-1


The students will be taking a quiz on unit 1 lesson on Tuesday, September 5th. This quiz will line up with book pages 4-13 in their books.  I am attaching a key to the study guide that will help them prepare for this quiz STUDY GUIDE UNIT 1 Lesson 1 key 2017…

My advanced classes need to pick out their science fair topics and get parent approval by next Thursday.  They have a form to complete with your signature.



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This week the students will be starting unit 1: Nature of Science this week.  This unit is page 1-47 in their digital books located in last weeks blog post.  I am going to include a link of their group classwork and learning scale below.  I will also post the standards we will be covering in the coming weeks below.  We will be completing a measurement lab on Wednesday and Thursday.

Unit 1 Group Work

Scale Unit 1 2018


SC.6.N.1.1 (lesson 3,4) Define a problem from the sixth grade curriculum, use appropriate reference materials to support scientific understanding, plan and carry out scientific investigation of various types, such as systematic observations or experiments, identify variables, collect and organize data, interpret data in charts, tables, and graphics, analyze information, make predictions, and defend conclusions.

SC.6.N.1.3 (Lesson 3) Explain the difference between an experiment and other types of scientific investigation, and explain the relative benefits and limitations of each.

SC.6.N.1.2 (Lesson 3) Explain why scientific investigations should be replicable.

SC.6.N.1.5 (Lesson 1) Recognize that science involves creativity, not just in designing experiments, but also in creating explanations that fit evidence.

SC.6.N.2.1 (Lesson 1) Distinguish science from other activities involving thought.

SC.6.N.1.4 ( Lesson 3) Discuss, compare, and negotiate methods used, results obtained, and explanations among groups of students conducting the same investigation.

SC.6.N.2.2 ( Lesson 2) Explain that scientific knowledge is durable because it is open to change as new evidence or interpretations are encountered.

SC.6.N.2.3 (Lesson 1) Recognize that scientists who make contributions to scientific knowledge come from all kinds of backgrounds and possess varied talents, interests, and goals.


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Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year


I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself on this blog which will be a great place to see what your children are working on in science class. I will be updating this as the year progresses to assist you in helping your children with what we are doing or any homework. I will be including links to their online textbooks below.  This link will include digital lesson,audio versions , and digital versions of their text. Reviewing their digital lesson and texts will be very helpful for them at home.


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May 8th through May 12th


We will be spending Monday through Wednesday reviewing for our end of course exam that will be on Thursday May 11th.  The students will be getting 3 study guides to help them prepare for the test at home. The study guides will have a answers to variety of questions that help review what we have learned this school year.

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4-24 through 4-28-17



The students will be wrapping up their unit on cells.  This is unit 6 lesson 1-5.  They will be having a 20 question quiz in Tuesday.  They completed a study guide today in class.  I will also post an answer key for the study guide at the end of the post.  They will also have their end of course exam on May 11th.  This exam will count as 10 percent of their final grade.Unit-6-Study-Guide-key-2016 (5)

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3-27-17 through 3-31-17

The students have a cell project that will be due April 7th.  It was originally due when we returned form spring break but I have extended the due date because we were unable to cover all the material before we started Human Growth and Development.  We are starting Human Growth and Development in class today.

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2-20 through 2-24



The students will be having a quiz tomorrow on unit 6 lesson 1.  They will complete a study guide on Thursday in class.  I will post a link to this study guide with the key below.


Unit 6 Lesson 1 Study Guide key 2 2017

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