Unit A

Our Unit Essential Question is – 

“What does Addition and Subtraction do to Numbers?”

The concepts covered in this chapter deal with basic addition and subtraction facts and relationships.

VOCABULARY words your child will use within this unit are: addition sentence, is equal to, =, plus, +, sum, add, add to,putting together, zero, order, addends, minus, – , difference, subtraction sentence, subtract, compare, count on, doubles, doubles plus one, doubles minus one, make a ten, count back, break apart, related facts, unknown

By the end of this unit, your child should UNDERSTAND:

  • There is a relationship between addition and subtraction.
  • Addition means combining numbers to find the sum.
  • When adding, the sum will be greater (than the addends)
  • Subtraction means taking away to find the difference.
  • When subtracting, the difference will be less.
  • There is more than one way to solve a word problem.
  • A symbol can take the place of a number.
  • Numbers represent a value and symbols represent an operation.
  • Fluency is important because it will help them become efficient problem solvers.

Our Learning Goals for this unit will be:

  • I can add and subtract in ways that make sense to me.
  • I can solve addition and subtraction word problems up to 20 in a way that makes sense to me.
  • I can write an equation using the correct symbols to solve word problems up to 20.
  • I can solve addition story problems up to 20 using a box for the missing addend.
  • I can add two numbers in any order to get the same sum.