School Supply List

school supplies

The entire classroom community will use the following supplies.

We will share supplies. Please do not label these items:

1 backpack no wheels or trappers

2 boxes of sharpened #2 pencils

2 packages of 6-8 glue stick

2 boxes of crayons (24 count only)

1 pair of Fiskar scissors 5’

1 package of Expo dry-erase markers

2 ream of copy paper

1 3’ ring white binder

1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

1 pencil box/ pouch

1 bottle of Elmer’s glue

1 package of pink erasers

1 package of Crayola markers (classic colors)

2 packages of wide ruled notebook paper

6 plain pocket folders (2 red, 2 yellow, 2 blue)

1 box of gallon size Ziploc bags (boys)

1 bottle of hand sanitizer (boys)

1 box of sandwich size Ziploc bags (girls)

1 box of tissues (girls)

1 pair of sturdy headphones

1 pack of unscented baby wipes



Shaving Cream (Non-Menthol)

Play dough (Play -Doh brand)

Googley eyes

Post-It notes


Lysol wipes

You can download this list to print here : School Supply list


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