Transportation Information

Bus Information

Most bus stop locations will remain the same from year to year, and parents should have received a letter confirming their student’s transportation information at the end of the 2018 school year. New students will be issued a bus pass upon enrollment which will be based on the closest and safest bus stop available according to their residential address proved at the time of enrollment.

If you have specific questions regarding bus routes, stops, times, or changes, please contact Transportation and request to speak to Crews Lake Middle School’s assigned Route Specialist at: (727)774-0540.

Permanent Change in Transportation

Permanent bus route and/or bus stop changes can only be accomplished based upon a change of residential address of the student. Please contact the Registrar as soon as you have a change in residence to update the address on file and the bus pass.

**Please Note** Any change in residential address requires proof of residency, and a new bus pass will NOT be issued until complete proof of residency is received by the Registrar. The following is now required to be shown as proof of residency:

 3 Proofs of Residence:

  1. Own: Deed or Tax Assessor’s Record


  1. Lease: Signed Lease or Rental Agreement or a Notarized Letter from the Landlord


  1. Utility Bill or Order/Receipt for Service, and
  2. Driver’s License, FL ID, or Voter Card

Please contact Sharon Kolodziej at (727) 246-1607 or if you have questions regarding proof of residency or anything related to changing a student’s current address.

Temporary Change in Dismissal

Temporary bus passes will NOT be issued except under extreme emergency situations and must be approved by the Transportation Department. Please understand, last minute changes may not be feasibly accommodated; timely planning and consistency is needed for the safety of your child.