Band Schedule Oct. 24-28

Advanced Band Class Agenda

Busy Week Alert!

Monday Oct. 24. Drumline and Clinics. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25. Rehearsal/Pregame Dinner. 3-5pm

Tuesday Oct. 25 Home Football. 6-8:30pm

Wednesday Oct. 26. Beginning Band Pass-offs 3-4:30pm

Thursday Oct. 27 Bandroom. Closed

Friday Oct. 28 Krispy Kreme Deadline

Friday Oct. 28. Clinics and All County Prep 3-4:30pm
  • Thundering Heard Warm up
  • Review 7 Major Scales
  • Review Pep Band Music
  • Concert Band Music
  • Review All County Audition music

Beginning Band Class Agenda

  • Warm Up
  • Pass-offs
  • exercises 45 Quiz