Project Sponsors

Vanessa Hilton, Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement
Kevin Shibley, Assistant Superintendent for Administration
Olga Swinson, Chief Finance Officer

The Project Sponsors will be primarily responsible for:

  • Representing the project to District stakeholders, to the public and to the District Board.
  • Taking the lead in communicating to stakeholders the reasons for the change, the risks of not changing, and other relevant, current issues facing the organization.
  • Supporting the project in maintaining resources for the project.
  • Encouraging the support of other executives.
  • Supporting the coordination of decisions that require cooperation of multiple executive-level managers, including the resolution of any District-wide administrative issues
  • Acting as the final decision maker for the project in the event the steering committee can not agree on a solution.
  • Overall success of the project.

Steering Committee

Terry Aunchman, Career and Technical Education
Chris Christoff, Professional Development and School Supports
Linda Cobbe, Communications
Alison Crumbley, School Board Member
JoAnne Glenn, eSchool
Vanessa Hilton, Assistant Superintendent for Student Achievement
Chuck Hutinger, QUEST Project Manager
Peggy Jones, Accountability, Research, and Measurement
Rebecca Musselman, QUEST Project Manager
Melissa Musselwhite, Student Support Programs and Services
Christine Pejot, Human Resources and Educator Quality
Kevin Shibley, Assistant Superintendent for Administration
John Simon, Technology and Information Services
Olga Swinson, Chief Finance Officer
Nicole Westmoreland, Purchasing Services
Steve Williams, Teaching and Learning


The Project Steering Committee will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing status reports from the project manager.
  • Providing guidance on and resolve issues brought by the project manager.
  • Providing direction on scope, schedule, resource, cost or district priorities as needed.
  • Approving any change orders over a certain dollar amount.
  • Approving any schedule changes that result in a delivery date change greater than one month.
  • Providing input on the resolution of functional or design issues that cannot be resolved within the project team.
  • Helping to identify project supporters and key stakeholders in the organization.
  • Providing visible support for the project.