Health & Wellness Incentive (HWI) Program

2017 Health & Wellness Incentive (HWI) Program Quick Start Guide
*Program is open to employees and retirees covered under the district’s Florida Blue medical plan

$150 Incentive Reward


  • One Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Biometric Questionnaire (may be completed during your blood draw) and
  • Follow-up visit within 90-days of the HRA

Click here or call 1.877.423.1330 to schedule an appointment with CareHere for your annual HRA.

You must complete the annual HRA before you are eligible for the next incentive. Only one (1) HRA may be incentivized per program year (11/1-10/31). Payment for the $150 incentive reward based on completion date of Follow-up visit.

EXAMPLE SCENARIO: John Doe completes his Health Risk Assessment on March 20th (during 1st quarter) and completes his Follow-up visit on April 5th (during 2nd quarter). Since the date of his Follow-up visit falls within the 2nd quarter, John Doe will be eligible for his $150 incentive reward during the 2nd quarter payments.

Earn an additional $100 incentive
Begin and complete two (2) wellness programs during the 2017 program year (11/1/16 through 10/31/17)

  • Click here for a complete list of CareHere wellness programs included in the HWI Program
    • CareHere wellness programs may be completed through a Health Coach or via the online CareHere Connect wellness portal
    • These programs are assigned based on participant’s health needs and interests. Please see your CareHere Provider to be enrolled
  • Additional programs included in the HWI Program:
    • iQuit with AHEC (option 2) – must complete 4 out of the 6 classes to earn credit
    • Financial Fitness Program – must complete and pass at least 5 tutorials (score of 70% or higher) to qualify as completing 1 wellness program

Instructions on how to check your incentive compliance for the CareHere programs can be found here. If you are redeeming credit for completing the AHEC program, you must contact Lisa Giblin to begin the confirmation process.

Incentive Payments

Incentive payments will be calculated quarterly and loaded onto your prepaid Visa card. The quarterly breakdown is as follows:

Quarter Incentive Period Anticipated Payment
First Nov 1 – March 31 on or before May 15
Second April 1 – June 30 on or before August 15
Third July 1 – September 30 on or before November 15
Fourth October 1 – October 31 on or before December 15

Notice of incentive postings are sent to participants’ email addresses on file with CareHere. Log in to or call 877-423-1330 to update your contact information.

Do NOT Throw Your Visa Prepaid Away

  • Your Visa Prepaid card is valid for three (3) years
  • Cards will be automatically renewed and distributed the month of their expiration
  • Visa Prepaid cards will be issued for new participants 4-6 weeks after the end of each quarter
  • Click here for FAQs regarding the Visa Prepaid cards from Bank of America

Cards are mailed to participants’ addresses on file with CareHere. Please log in to or call 877-423-1330 to update your mailing address.

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report a lost or stolen Visa Prepaid, please call Bank of America at 866-213-8564 and provide them with the following:

  • Card Information: 16 Digit Card Number
  • Sponsor Group: Crowne Management Group

*Please note that Bank of America charges a $15 replacement fee for lost or stolen cards.

You are eligible for up to $250 total incentive reward. Click here for more information.