Fall 2020 Pasco Go Healthy Walking Challenge

This program is open to ALL Pasco County School employees

Are you ready for a challenge? The Pasco Go Healthy (PGH) Walking Challenge is pedometer-based, and challenges participants to walk 300 miles in 8 weeks. Participants will be required to submit their steps/miles weekly via a survey link. Results will then be tallied and the summary posted on this PGH Walking Challenge page so everyone can keep track of the group’s progress.

Weekly mileage is due Mondays by  5 p.m. Late submissions will not be counted until the following week.

Total Steps Taken

Average Number of Steps per Person

Total Miles Traveled

Average Number of Miles Traveled per Person

Cypress Creek Middle School

Has Traveled the Furthest Distance!

Elaine White - Charles S. Rushe Middle School

Arthritis Foundation’s  Virtual Jingle Bell Run 5k!

Jill Collinson - Cotee River Elementary School

Going on a neighborhood walk with the grand boys.

Tami Milner - Cypress Creek Middle

Enjoying this beautiful weather and getting some serious steps in walking the Golden Gate Bridge.

Elaine White - Rushe Middle School

Completed the Turkey Trot last week with Christina Fisher & Anna Condoleon!

Catherine Pinteralli - Trinity Elementary

Feeling festive at the mall, perfect place to get some extra steps in with [her] daughter during Thanksgiving break. Got 50,474 steps in this week!

Catherine Pinteralli - Trinity Elementary

Walked 57, 905 steps in one week and is down two sizes since beginning the challenge!

Marlene Weinert - Marchman Technical College

Reached the 100 milestone at Clingman’s Dome last week, and was actually there last November!

Amy Matthews - Pasco eSchool

I earned my 100 mile badge on the same day I was literally at Clingman’s Dome with my family!!  Too Cool.

Glennda McCallister - District Office

Tami Milner & Julie Beardsley - CCMS

Enjoying a beautiful day in Flatwoods Park. 5 miles!

Julia Ford - SAES

Mark Martin - CENES

Dana Levy - Pasco eSchool

Peacock taking a break 

Marlene Weinert - MTEC

Flowers in Starkey Park on bike trail 

Katrina Stitt - SAES

Hiking and loving nature in Baxley, Georgia on Saturday, October 24!

Karen Griner - Retired W. Pasco

Completed all miles this week in North Carolina (picture- top of Looking Glass Rock)

Mark Martin - CENES

Spring 2020 Walking Challenge Participants

Clockwise from top left: Jenn Loxton, Melissa Belisle & Elaine White [CSRMS], Andrew Mathews [Pasco eSchool], Heather Wallen [WES],
Judy Gordie [HMS]

Finisher’s Board


  • Jacqueline Wachtel, Pasco eSchool
  • Judith Zollo, OTIS


  • Karen Griner, Retired W. Pasco
  • Lora Darby, Quail Hollow Elementary
  • Judy Alvarez, Pine View Middle
  • Gayle Lovelace, Cypress Creek Middle
  • Sandy Dinehart, Pine View Middle


  • Karen Ray, Watergrass Elementary
  • Thomas Grimmes, Pineview Middle
  • Veronica Beard, Centennial Elementary
  • Sharon Trese, Finance
  • Kelly Wisneski, Denham Oaks Elementary
  • Tina Davila, Veterans Elementary
  • James Carlon, Bexley Elementary


  • Aaron Mosberg, Cypress Creek Middle
  • Alexia Martinez, District
  • Andrew Mathews, Pasco eSchool
  • Donna Taylor, OTIS
  • Terry Dorr, Hudson High School
  • Amy Selvey, Cotee River Elementary
  • Kristyn Wadsworth, Cotee River Elementary
  • Ashley Boukhasmar, Pasco eSchool
  • Elissa Elders, Pineview Middle
  • Sandi Kelleher, Cotee River Elementary
  • Christine Woods, Quail Hollow Elementary
  • Adam Joerres, Pasco eSchool
  • Nicole Sciarrata, Veterans Elementary
  • Elaine Grunewald, District
  • Michael Cooley, Quail Hollow Elementary
  • Regenia Dixon, J.W. Mitchell High School
  • Patricia Mendonca, Purchasing


  • Kristen Kawa, Purchasing
  • Karla Morton, Quail Hollow Elementary
  • Edward Doychak, Charles S. Rushe Middle
  • Shelby Mander, Centennial Elementary 
  • Elizabeth Brewster, Gulf Middle
  • Amanda Hoffman, 
    Watergrass Elementary
  • Barbara Michels, Marchman Technical
  • Amy Mathews, Pasco eSchool
  • Karen Pearce, Centennial Middle 
  • Marie Miller, Pasco eSchool
  • Laura Mickler, Centennial Elementary 
  • Elias Goutoufas, Pasco eSchool
  • Patty Guld, Cypress Creek Middle
  • Jessica Sharp, Crews Lake Middle
  • Athena Hernandez, Finance
  • Nichole Beaudin, 
    Watergrass Elementary
  • Elaine White, Charles S. Rushe Middle

National Parks badge/header photographs courtesy of Joshua Contois.