Ready to Begin the Pasco Go Healthy Fall 2020 Walking Challenge?

Pasco Go Healthy 2020 Spring Walking Challenge Participants

  1. Click here register
    1. Program begins October 19, 2020
    2. Late registration will be accepted until October 30, 2020
    3. We will send you a free pedometer to use throughout the challenge if you do not have one (while supplies last; please email to request a pedometer) – Click here to register now.
      1. Pedometers are provided by the District’s Employee Wellness Committee and will be distributed through interoffice mail
      2. There are no pedometers available through the Health and Wellness Centers
  2. Keep track of your daily steps/miles by filling out the electronic daily log provided on the Pasco Go Healthy Walking Challenge Home Page
  3. Submit your weekly totals to us via the program mileage link located on the Pasco Go Healthy Walking Challenge home page
    1. Responses are due every Monday by 5pm (October 26 through December 14 )
    2. Late submissions will not be counted until the following week
  4. Keep track of our group progress, and see how your peers are doing! Visit the Pasco Go Healthy Walking Challenge Home Page often.