CareHere Health Risk Assessments

Services available for employees, retirees, spouses & dependents covered under the district's Florida Blue medical plan.

By completing your HRA and follow-up visit, you will obtain important information about your health and earn $150.00 on a Visa Prepaid card. In order to earn even more, be sure to participate in one or more of our wellness programs.

The CareHere HRA is an in-depth analysis of 26 key lab panels plus other health measures indicating high cholesterol, diabetes, liver functions, chemistry levels, nutrition, prostate cancer, hypertension and more.

From a blood draw and health questionnaire, you will receive a detailed report, which explains your results through color-coded graphs to help you better understand your results. You will be encouraged to discuss your health risks with the CareHere medical team, prepare a plan of action, and track trends that are essential to healthy living.

How to schedule an appointment for an HRA:

  1. Go to and log on with your username and password (click I forgot my username or password if you do not remember).
    1. Click Appointments-SS in the green navigation bar to the left of your screen.
    2. Click More Selections
      1. When: Select a date range that fits your schedule
      2. What: Select Blood Draw
      3. Where: You may select a certain location, or choose All Clinics
      4. Who: Select All Providers 
    3. Click Get Appointments
    4. Find an open appointment, click Make Appointment
    5. Enter “Health Risk Assessment” or “HRA” in the comments section
    6. Click Confirm Your Appointment
  2. Or, Call 877-423-1330 to schedule your appointment through the CareHere Help Desk

There are a number of wellness programs available for free to HWC participants. Participants have an opportunity to earn up to an additional $100 incentive reward by completing two (2) wellness programs. Below is a summary of eligible programs:

  • Cholesterol Management
  • Weight Management
  • Beginners Exercise
  • Healthy Eating/Pre-diabetes
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Hypertension Management
  • Stress Management
  • Healthy Body/Healthy Mind

Watch your email for communications regarding additional wellness challenges that are offered during the year. We hope you enjoy your access to free health & wellness services with CareHere!

Click here to view a printable version of the instructions

What is an HRA?

How do I Schedule an HRA?