Behavioral Health

Pasco County Schools provides a variety of opportunities for our employees to access support for healthy living and behavioral health. We encourage all of our medical professionals who deliver care to our employees to recommend these supports when appropriate, to complement the employee’s medical treatment.


 Employee Assistance Program (for all employees and their insurable dependents) All School Board employees and retirees are eligible for EAP services. Employees may be full- or part-time, active or on a leave. Services are also available for all insurable dependents (spouses or children) of our employees.

Confidential: Participation in the program is completely CONFIDENTIAL; no client information is available to anyone other than the EAP counselor unless the employee/client provides written authorization.

Off-Site: All counseling offices are located away from Pasco County Schools’ property.

Family Access: Up to five (5) counseling sessions are available per issue, at no cost, for each employee, retiree, and insurable dependent (spouse or children) of the employee.

For  counseling referrals or for Crisis Consultation Call 800-624-5544
In crisis situations, Call 9-1 -1

For additional information, or to access the District’s Clinical Coordinator, call our local EAP office: (813) 794-2366,  (727) 774-2366 or (352) 524-2366


CareHere Wellness Centers: (for insured employees). After completing a health risk assessment at the Employee Health and Wellness Center, you will have access to personalized health and wellness coaching. These professionals are available at no out-of-pocket expense to insured employees, dependents, and retirees, for one-on-one consults via telephonic sessions. CareHere Certified Health Coaches are professionals from varied backgrounds and education who will partner with you to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. To contact the CareHere health coaches, email or call 877-423-1330.

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New Directions Behavioral Health (for insured employees)
Coverage for substance abuse/mental health treatment is part of the health plan benefit package for our insured employees. Employees and covered dependents have access to a broad panel of providers to provide psychiatric care, counseling, addictions treatment etc., both inpatient and outpatient.  To access services, employees can call: 1 -866-287-9569, or visit and click on “Find a Doc”. To search for providers, employees will need their Florida Blue member number and their zip code.


Financial Education and Counseling from Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. (available to all employees) Pasco County Schools has linked with Debt Management Credit Counseling Corp. (DMCC), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, to offer additional services including, but not limited to:


Budget Counseling (free)                                  –Debt Repayment Plans (enrollment fee waived)

Bankruptcy Counseling Certificates                –Financial Guides and Brochures (free)

Student Loan Assistance (free counseling)    –Payday Loan Deferments (free)

Financial Literacy Program (free)                   –Homebuyer Course

Credit Score Analysis                                         –Foreclosure Prevention

To access these supplemental services, call: 866-724-3328, or visit: When calling, employees must indicate they are affiliated with Pasco County Schools to receive services at the free or discounted rate.