The Biology 1 EOC Assessment measures student achievement of the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards(NGSSS), as outlined in the Biology 1 course description.

Who is Assessed

Students that are enrolled in and completing any of the following courses:

Biology 1 2000310,  Biology 1 Honors 2000320,  Pre AICE Biology 2000322,   Biology 1 PreIB 2000800

What is Assessed

The biology content can be broken in to three major categories as assessed on the Biology End of Course Exam (EOC). Those categories are molecular and cell biology; classification, heredity, and evolution; and organisms, populations, and ecosystems. The breakdown of the standards and the weight of each of these areas is represented below.

Table 1: Assessment Categories and Standards ( ).

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How does the assessment count?

Graduation Requirements

For more information please visit: The FLDOE EOC Assessment Page

Florida EOC Resources

Assessment Fact sheet

How Can I Prepare

Online Practice Assessments

ePats- Practice Test Site-

Teachers, parents/guardians, and students can review the Biology 1 EOC Assessment computer based practice test, called an ePAT.

Instructions for downloading the installer software and ePAT are also located on this site. Students are required to participate in a practice test at their school prior to testing.

Florida EOC Sample Test

Florida Biology 1 EOC Sample Questions

Sample Answers

FLVS Biology Practice Test

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EOC  Key Terms

Important Glossary of terms used in your review for the EOC. They are presented in glossary or flash card format depending on your preference. Access them here.

How to Study

Study in class and out, become familiar with structure of test and resources used to aid in taking the test.