Classwork 09/25 – 09/29

Hi. From here on the weekly assignments will be located here. It will be updated throughout the week. A new post will be started every week.

Monday 09/25 – Quiz / Preview: English colonies by region

Tuesday 09/26 – (Pep Rally Activity Schedule – about 10 minutes off each class). Begin colonies by region – unit roadmap given out, begin map of colonies. Southern Colonies module.

Wednesday 09/27 –

Thursday 09/28 –

Friday 09/29 –



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Help for the quiz

European Colonists Review

Information Supplement

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Join Me On Remind

By Text

Text to: 81010

In your phone’s text box type: @pineo6

By Email


Remind is an app for Android and iOS devices that allows educators to send individual and group texts about the class. I will use this as a tool for occasional reminders (hence the name) as well as contacting parents / guardians of specific students who have joined the class to relay information concerning that students.

I will not initiate contact with students unless it is agreed as necessary by the parents / guardians of that student. However I will be happy to respond to student texts and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Of course this goes for parents / guardians as well. 🙂

You can expect one or two group texts per week, usually around dinner time. Texts to parents or guardians will be as needed. Responses to texts sent to me will be as soon as I can.

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Welcome To My Site 2017-2018 TEWMS School Year

Welcome to my (Mr. Pineo) class website. i hope this will be a useful tool for students and parents / guardians alike. Look for weekly assignment schedules and closer looks at major assignments.

Thank you. I look forward to working with you!

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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Hinduism Quiz

Technical issues with the site are now fixed. Students will have a quiz on Hinduism on 02/06 (Monday). Here are the needed resources.

ch 12.3 (Hinduism textbook link)

Study Guide Hinduism (Study guide for quiz)

Hinduism Reincarnation and Karma ( #4 in folder)

Hinduism Four Goals Three Paths (#5 in folder)

Hinduism Today and Key Terms (#6 in folder)


More technical difficulties. Will post more later.


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Classwork 01/09 – 01/13

Welcome back. The website had some technical difficulties but it is back. We are spending Monday & Tuesday finishing Judaism then starting on India.

Monday 01/09 – Chapter 5, Section 3 Worksheet. Also read over “Legacy of Judaism”. subheading on page 187

Tuesday 01/10 – Go over Diaspora (or finish video). Finish worksheet then word search for India (1st preview activity)

Wednesday 01/11 – Begin India, key terms that can be used for the cover for the India packet.

Thursday 01/12 –

Friday 01/13 –


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Classwork 12/19 – 12/22

Last week before the winter break. I hope everyone enjoys it. Quiz Wednesday. the study guide linked below will be the quiz.

Monday 12/19 – Teachings of Judaism Part 2.



5-2-judaism-copy (Textbook Link)

Tuesday 12/20 – Begin “Devil’s Arithmetic” Holocaust movie and work on folder packets.

Wednesday 12/21 – Quiz. Continue “Devil’s arithmetic”

Thursday 12/22 – Finish “Devil’s Arithmetic”.

Friday 12/23 – Teacher planning, no school for students.

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Classwork 12/12 – 12/16

Monday 12/12 – Discussion on the Ten Commandments

Tuesday 12/13 – Notes on Promised Land, 10 Commandments follow up.

5-1-judaism1-copy (Textbook link)


Wednesday 12/14 – Review for quarterlies

Thursday 12/15 – Quarterlies. Participation grade plus bonus points for high scores.

Friday 12/16 – Teachings of Judaism.


5-2-judaism-copy (Textbook link for Friday’s assignment)

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Classwork 12/05 – 12/09

Monday December 5 – Intro to Judaism and our learning scale.

5-1-judaism1-copy (Textbook Page Link)

ch-5-section-1-scale-2nd-draft (Scale for Chapter 5, Section 1)

judaism-overview (Notes Powerpoint)

judaism-origins (#3 in folder, worksheet)

Tuesday December 6 – Sub: Exodus Article


Wednesday December 7 – Finish Exodus Article, Pearl Harbor discussion

Thursday December 8 – Presentation from guidance (see previous post)

Friday December 9 – Intro to Judaism, notes and followup key terms

judaism-overview (power point)

5-1-judaism1-copy  (worksheet)


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