Small Group Counseling

Some of the group topics offered at RBSMS include:

  • Coping Skills
  • Social Skills (making and keeping friends) 
  • Organizational Skills

6th grade Semester 1 2018-2019 offered 4 small groups during student’s Intervention time.   The curricula used for semester 1 for 6th and 7th grade:

  • Second Step
  • counselor-created curriculum on the following topics:

GOAL:  Learn & Use self-regulation & calming skills 

CURRENT BEHAVIOR’S CONSEQUENCES:  Student will list 4 negative consequences that have occurred from student’s inappropriate reactions to anger.  Student will describe 4 ways in which these consequences have negatively impacted important relationships in his life. 

ANTECEDENT IDENTIFICATION:  Student will identify triggers for anger outbursts.  Student will identify and discuss 5 events that have caused anger outbursts and describe 2 thoughts for each event that resulted in an unwanted anger reaction for each 

LEARNING NEW CONNECTIONS:  Student will learn the cognitive triangle concept and create a cognitive triangle diagram for 3 past experiences where anger was displayed in an unhealthy manner. 

MAKING CONNECTIONS:  Student will be able to identify the cognitive, physiological, affective, and behavioral components for 3 of his anger outbursts during counseling. 

SELF-MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES:  Student will learn 7 cognitive methods for gaining and improving control over anger outbursts such as: 

deep breathing 

progressive muscle relaxation 

thought stopping 


weighing out pros and cons 

calming imagery 

healthy communication/problem-solving