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8th Grade Scholarship Take Stock In Children

8th graders consistently on-track in academics, behavior, and attendance will receive information to apply for the Pasco Education Foundation’s Take Stock in Children Scholarship. Students will be provided with information, deadline date, and resources to contact for further information.  Criteria includes a semester GPA of  2.50 or higher, no disipline issues, agree to remain crime & drug-free, and maintain good grades and attendance.    This scholarship provides up to a 4-year tuition-free scholarship, college readiness coach, mentor.  Families must agree to provide W2, 1040, and pay stub information to support income eligibility requirements.  More information will be provided by Mrs. Holzum, 8th grade school counselor.

College Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Deadline: May 18. Google’s “Do you love Science?” Award   (Up to $50,000). Google Science Fair is a global online competition open to individuals or teams from 13 to 18 years old.
    #howcanwe make the world better with science?

April 15 deadline:  2016 Barron Prize Each year, the Barron Prize honors 25 outstanding students between the ages of 8 and 18. Students are recognized for their contributions to their community and the environment. The top 10 students will each receive a $5,000 scholarship.

BattleBots IQ
BattleBots IQ is a robot-building contest for teams of middle and high school students and college students. See the rules for more information, or send email to

Yo Teach!  Perform a rap with friends to show appreciation for your favorite teacher by March 31st to win a $3,000 easy scholarship.

Guns Out:  Use our guide to rally support against guns on your campus by April 30th to win a $1,000 easy school grant.

Pack That Ash Up:  Learn and share tips (all on your phone!) to help someone quit smoking by March 31st to win a $2,000 easy scholarship.

Treat Yo Friends:  Give a friend a “voucher book” of fun activities so you can reconnect by March 28th to win a $1,000 easy school grant.

Little Rock Nine Text:  Share a day in the life of a Civil Rights student activist by April 30th to win a $2,000 easy scholarship.

Everyday Superheroes:  Make a card celebrating someone who does super things in your community by March 31st to win a $3,000 easy scholarship.

IMPORTANT Articulation Dates 2015-2016

Below are dates for Articulation for our students to their zoned schools.

8th grade dates are green, 5th grade dates are purple.

Fri. Jan 22:  2nd period:  ZHS AVID interviews with selected students


Mon. Jan 25:  9:45am – 12:30pm: Field Trip to WCHS

Mon. Jan 25:  6pm-8pm: Parent Night & Curriculum Fair at WCHS

Wed. Jan 27: 6pm-7:30: Special Parent University at RBSMS for 5th grade students

Mon. Feb 1:  6pm-8pm:   Parent Night & Curriculum Fair at PHS

Thu. Feb 4: RBSMS Articulation Meeting with Elementary Feeders at RBSMS

Fri. Feb 5:  Infinity/AVID applications due to Elementary Schools

Mon. Mar 7: RBSMS at WZES

Tue. Mar 8: RBSMS at WES

Wed.Mar 9: RBSMS at CWTES

Thu.Mar10: RBSMS at NRES

RBSMS Parent University for 5th grade families

Wed.Mar16: RBSMS Course Cards Due to Elementary Feeders





ZHS Night for 8th Grade Parents/Students


ZHS will be holding a special night for 8th grade students and parents on Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 P.M.  This will be a great opportunity for 8th grade students and parents to tour ZHS and learn about all of the opportunities and choices students will have in high school.  Please mark your calendars and be sure to attend!  Additional details will be available soon!

8th Grade: IB info

Land O’Lakes High School will be here on Monday, October 13th (during 5th period) to present information on their IB Program to current 8th grade Algebra students.The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB) offers high-achieving, high-performing students an opportunity to pursue a rigorous program of studies during their high school years. The academic requirements of the IB program are demanding. However, the student with an IB diploma or certificate may be awarded college credit and advanced standing at colleges and universities throughout the world.

The IB Program at Land O’Lakes High School serves east side and central school in Pasco County. There will be parent information nights held to present additional information to and answer questions. A link to begin the PRE IB APPLICATIONS will be posted at the Land O’Lakes High School website, starting October 13, 2014 and closing on December 6, 2014.

Tuesday, 10/28/14 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. @ Land O’Lakes High School

Thursday, 10/30/14 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. @ John Long Middle School

Thursday, 11/6/14 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. @ Thomas E. Weightman Middle School

Please read and follow all instructions for completing and submission. The deadline for applications will be December 6, 2014.




Course Cards Overdue!

All course cards and applications for all grade levels for all students need to be turned in as they are overdue.  RBSMS wants to provide our students with  opportunities for  learning that supports the student’s individual interests, but we can only do that when the course cards are completed and returned to us!  If your course card is not in, please get your course card to us today!


Welcome current 5th graders to RBSMS!

This week, Raymond B. Stewart Middle School staff and students are visiting our main elementary feeder schools to share all the wonderful opportunities for our soon-to-be students here at Stewart Middle.  We are  so excited to come out to our schools to show our bulldog pride!

On 3/3, our cheerleaders, band members, and Band Director Mr. Schmidt accompanied  6th grade counselor Ms.Pinsky and Assistant Principal Ms. Johnson to West Zephyrhills Elementary School.  Also, at 6:30, our Principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick present the Infinity program at NRES.

On Tuesday 3/4, Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson will be accompanied by cheerleaders out to Woodland Elementary school.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WZES at 6:30 pm.


On Wednesday 3/5, our cheerleaders, band members,  Band Director Mr. Schmidt,  Ms. Pinsky and Ms. Johnson visit Chester W. Taylor Elementary School.  Our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program to WES at 6:30 pm.

On Thursday 3/6, our principal Ms. Davis and ZHS principal Mr. Frelick will present about the Infinity program at CWTES at 6:30 pm.

On Monday 3/10 at 6:00pm, RBSMS is hosting our  Parent University night
for A L L   I n c o m i n g  6th  g r a d e   students!  We look forward to seeing all our new Bulldogs and their parents!  

ZHS Principal with RBSMS 8th Graders 3/4

8th graders zoned for Zephyrhills High: Mr. Frelick, ZHS principal, will be at our cafeteria on Tuesday, March 4th to discuss next year’s course options. Later that same evening, the ZHS Curriculum Fair will be held at the ZHS campus at 7 pm with ZHS Administrators, teachers, and guidance counselors available to answer any questions you may have. We encourage you to attend this event in order to ensure a smooth transition to high school. Continue reading ZHS Principal with RBSMS 8th Graders 3/4