• Designed by educators, Noodle Tools is an online platform promoting authentic research and original writing.
  •  Students and teams can collaborate in real-time, using integrated tools for source evaluation, note-taking, outlining, document archiving and citation.
  • Embedded information-literacy modules teach critical thinking about source quality and credibility.
  •  Scaffolded notecards prompt original analysis and ideas.
  • Students tag and pile notecards, then organize them into an outline to jump-start writing.
  • Assisted by intelligent import of WorldCat data and expert help from NoodleTools librarians,students produce accurate MLA, APA and Chicago citations for even the trickiest sources.
  • Teacher feedback and assessment features
  • Google Drive integration (including Google Apps for Education accounts). Google Apps single-sign-on available.
  • Full iPad accessibility
  • NoodleTools Companion mobile app


1..Go to

  1. Register:  You will see our school on top:


  1. The first option should be selected:


  1. This is ONLYfor authentication and done once. Then teachers and students can create their own user name & password.


I would recommend students use their ID#s and Funky passwords, if possible.

Students, See one of your teachers or Mrs. Rodriguez in Media for authentication username & password. (Used only once)

  1. Follow the on screen directions.

Here are some tutorials to get you started. Please let me know how I may help you with this resource. All subject areas can use this for research, writing and citations.

Quickguide for Teachers

Quickguide for Students

How to Setup a Collaborative Project with your Classmate

Videos – Tutorials on using NoodleTools 4

Video: How to create a new project

Video: How to share your project with a teacher

Video: How to add an image to a notecard

Video: How to move and close the comments panel

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