“They’re creepy and they’re kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They’re all together-ookie: The Addams Family.”

These are probably not the first people you want as neighbors, but they are the most memorable. The 1990’s Addams Family Cartoon was apart of the Addams Family franchise and the second television animated series since 1973. The cartoon centers around married couple, Gomez and Morticia Addams and their children, Pugsley and Wednesday, Uncle Fester, Granny Frump and manservant, Lurch as they live throughout the day, enjoying the creepier things in life.

The Addams do love the creepy and utterly horrifying, but that was toned down for the kids cartoon. The show still keeps what makes the Addams who they are, while at the same time making the scary so funny and comical that the audience can enjoy and get a good joke at it.

Another cast of characters in the show are the Normanmeyers. Norman Normanmeyer, wife Normina and son N.J.( Norman Junior) are the perfect foil the Addams; the stereotypical American family in pretty much every way. Norman and Nominal don’t like the Addams Family, perceiving them as dangerous, but N.J. is able to see that the Addams are just like everyone else, despite their odd behavior and even goes as far as to befriend the children, Pugsley and Wednesday.

A typical episode would consist of the Normanmeyers trying to get rid of or sabotage the Addams, but fail after a series of shenanigans ensues. While the show is enjoyable for people of all ages, it does run across important themes of social intolerance and normality vs. oddity. The Addams clearly don’t represent the social norm of society, while the Normanmeyers do. As a result, it is the Addams inability to act within the norms of society and odd behaviors that cause Norman and Nominal to view them as a threat, when in reality, past their unusual behavior, the Addams are a normal family just as everyone else, and none of the Normanmeyers, except N.J., seems to acknowledge that.

What is really awesome about this show is that no matter how weird, quirky or unusual your family might be, that’s okay, because in the end you’re all still family and no matter what you all will still love each other in the end. You may be creepy and kooky, but you’re all together -ookie.