There are many different clubs here at Sunlake and each one has something different to offer. One club in particular that caught my attention is Model United Nations or more commonly referred to as MUN. It is an international organization founded and ran by the United Nations that gives students the opportunity to shape themselves into future leaders who will be able to engage in parliamentary, formal, and political debates. MUN is an extracurricular activity where students enact a simulation of the United Nations by role-playing as delegates, ambassadors, ministers, and presidents in addition to  providing interaction with other students from all over the world.

“The powerful skills only attained through participating in MUN will open the doors to success”

What skills will you personally gain from MUN?

  • Public speaking
  • Diplomatic debate
  • Bussiness
  • Negotiation
  • Experience
  • Leadership Skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Writing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Teamwork
  • People Skills

Humberto Arguello is a new student to Sunlake and is solely responsible for establishing MUN at our school.  He is fully dedicated to his club and is excited to get it up and running. He is currently working on scheduling debates and putting a team together.


For more information or to join the team, feel free to contact Humberto.


Phone: +1(336)686-8666