Scholarships (local and national) – April 18, 2018

Our LOLHS Scholarship Newsletter, “Scholarship Central”, will be updated the first week of each month so keep checking back! Please note – the following list is NOT all-inclusive!  This is only a compilation of scholarship information received by the school.  Please be sure to check list this monthly, as new scholarships may be added!  Also, remember to check with the office of financial aid at the institutions to which you are applying.  There are many school-specific scholarships and grants available this way.  Virtually every college as a section of their website dedicated to scholarships available at their school.  If you need assistance finding this information, you can contact the school directly or see me for guidance.

Scholarship Central

** NEW** African American Club of Pasco (4 scholarships)
Amount:                      $2,000
Date Due:                   
Graduating senior from a Pasco County high school; Any race/ethnic background.
How to Apply:            
Applications available to pick up from Ms. Colón in room 210.

** NEW** LOLHS Athletic Booster Club Scholarship
Amount:      $500 each to 3 Boys and 3 Girls,  $1000 each to 1 Boy and 1 Girl  – 8 Scholarships in total, $5000 total
Date Due:      April 30th
Grade:      12th
Requirements:      Current graduating LOLHS senior. Varsity participant in any sport.        Minimum unweighted GPA of 3.0.
How to apply:      Complete the application form, along with 1 recommendation from a coach or teacher and an essay of less than 1000 words, “How has participating in athletics at LOLHS helped you, and how do you plan on giving back to the community in the future?”

** NEW** Vicky King/Bond Grant Application 2018
Amount:                      $250 – $2,000
Date Due:                    5/3/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            Current graduating LOLHS senior; Active member of the Council for Exceptional Children; Member of the Lady Gators Soccer Team.
How to Apply:             Applications available to pick up from Ms. Colón in room 210.  Complete application and a 400-word essay and submit via email to:

** NEW** Kim Fish Legacy Scholarship
Amount:                      TBA
Date Due:                    5/3/18 at 2pm.
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            Current graduating LOLHS senior athlete; minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA
How to Apply:             Applications available to pick up from Ms. Colón in room 210.  Complete application and a 400-word essay and submit via email to:

** NEW** Sydney Has A Sister Scholarship
Amount:                      $1500
Date Due:                    4/30/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            Current senior who has a sibling with autism.
How to Apply:             Applications available at

Pasco Pediatric Foundation, Inc. Challenge Scholarship Award Amount:                      TBA
Date Due:                    4/11/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            Challenge Scholarships are geared to encourage high school seniors who have challenges to overcome as they seek higher education.  Two are for students going on to a college or university and one for a student going on to a vocational/technical school after high school.  The student must start school within one year of receiving the scholarship.
How to Apply:             Applications are available online:

Davis Scholarship
Amount:                      $1,000
Date Due:                    5/22/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            To learn more and to access the application visit:

Abbott & Fenner Scholarship
Amount:                      $1,000
Date Due:                    6/14/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            Students will submit an essay on the topic that appears on the scholarship page of our website:

Big Sun Athletic Essay Scholarship
Amount:                      $500
Date Due:                    6/19/18
Grade:                         12th
Requirements:            All student athletes are eligible regardless of the sport they are engaged in.  Must be a high school senior or be attending a post-secondary institution.
How to Apply:             For essay questions and to access the application visit:

Raise.Me Micro-Scholarships
Amount:                      Varied amounts
Date Due:                    ongoing
Grade:                         9th – 12th
Requirements:            Discover colleges and earn scholarships for your academic and extracurricular achievements throughout high school.
How to Apply:             For more details: