Week at a Glance

November 12-16
A Note from the Music Teachers about the recordes.Recorder Blurb
ELA-Pecos Bill
Legend Writing- Final Draft Due November 14
Math Module 3 Lessons 21-25
Science-Value of Renewable Resources. Test Thursday- Includes Rocks, Minerals, and Renewable and Non-Renewable resources.
Social Studies: American Revolution Test rescheduled to Monday due to Veterans Appreciation Ceremony.Florida’s Pirates Test Friday

November 5-9
ELA- John Henry
Legend Writing Project Passed Out Rough Draft for Legend Writing is Friday, November 9, Final Draft due November 14,
Math Module 3 Lesson 17-21
Science- Rock Classification, Mohs Scale
Social Studies American Revolution

October 29- November 2

Red Ribbon week celebrates our pledge to make positive healthy choices.
Monday- Wear Red
Tuesday Team wear- Hats are allowed if a team is represented.
Wednesday-Story Book Parade-More details at the end of Week at a Glance
Thursday- Crazy Hair, Socks and Attire
Friday-WRES Spirt day

ELA- Hiawatha-EQ: How does a reader identify themes?Craft and Structure- rhythm, beat, and repetition in poetry.
Narrative Writing
Math Module 3 Lessons 14-18 Kidblog
Science-The Rock Cycle
Social Studies- We will take the test on last weeks subject St. Augustine and our new subject The British are coming.British Florida – Week 11

October 22-26

ELA: Haiawatha- Authors Craft
Essential Question: How do readers identify themes?
Math Module 3 Lesson 11-13 Mid-Module Review Thursday and Mid-Module Test on Friday.
Science- The Rock Cycle
Social Studies- St. Augustine St. Augustine SSOctober 16- October 19

October 15-19

ELA- Haiawatha- Authors Craft
Essential Question: What are the major differences between poetry, prose (stories), and drama (plays).
Math Module 3 Lessons 8-11 Kidblog
Science- Earths Structures
Social Studies- Spanish Missions Spanish Missions

October 8- October 12

ELA- Quarterly Check Focus on Determining the meaning of domain-specific words, using context clues. Read and comprehend informational text using inferencing.
Math-Module 3 Lessons 4-7 Kidblog for Math Videos
Science-Quarterly Check
Social Studies-St. Augustine St.Augustine
Bat’s Inschool Exploration- Please send $2 by Friday.

October 1-October 5

***** We have rescheduled our field trip to Homosassa Springs to Tuesday, October 16. It is the day after our teacher planning day. Please remember to send your student with a disposable lunch ( NO Plastic Containers)*******************

ELA- Movers and Shapers Essential Question: How do readers summarize ideas by using both text and supporting visuals for clues.
Writing-Students will choose a sport and write a paragraph about the bones and muscles used to perform the sport, using domain-specific vocabulary from our text.
Math Module 3 Area and Perimeter. Lessons 1-3
Science- Reproductive Systems of Plants
Social Studies-Spanish ExplorersSpanish Explorers

September 24-28

Field Trip to Homosassa Springs Friday. Please don’t be tardy. Bus leaves at 9:45 Sharp. Also, so far everyone is planning to bring a lunch. If you plan to purchase a lunch I must notify the Cafeteria ASAP. Thank you, Ms. Marsella

ELA- EQ: How do readers summarize ideas by using both text and supporting visuals for clues?
Writing Focus- Informational Writing, 3 Paragraph Essays-Introduction with a Topic Sentance, Body paragraph using explicit details from the text, and summary recapping the what the reader should have learned from the information portrayed.OpinionGraphicOrganizerforWriting3Paragraph
Math-Math Module 2 Lessons 3-5. There are only 5 lessons in this module. Benchmark review on Thursday. Benchmark Test on Monday, October 1. Kidblog
Science- Benchmark Test on Monday, October 1. See the attached study guide Unit 10 Study Guide Web Version
Social Studies- Native Florida Tribes Native Florida Tribes

Vocabulary Quiz will be on Thursday. Words were passed out Friday, September 21.

September 17- September 21

ELA-Module B- Sleuth Work, Informational Writing, Finish up Animal Presentations
Math-End of Module 1 Review on Monday, Module 1 End-of-Module Assessment Wednesday.
Science- How do Organisms Obtain and Use Food
Social Studies Quiz Friday Map Skills Social Studies
Vocabulary Quiz Friday

September 10- September 14

ELA- Fragile Frogs. The focus is on Authors Point-of-View
Animal Research Presentations start on Wednesday.
Science Test Monday
Social Studies Quiz Friday Social Studies Week 4
Vocabulary Review Quiz Friday

September 3- September 7

ELA- Finishing the Tarantula Scientist and Starting The Boy that Drew Birds ( A story of John James Audubon -Famous Bird Artist)
Scholastic Magazine Dress for Success Questions Due Friday- Students should answer questions using complete sentences. This is a writing and reading grade.
Animal Research and Bibliography Due Wednesday. Next Wednesday students should be ready to present their Animal Project.
Science- Finish Unit 1. Study using Science Study Guide to be ready for Science Test on Monday, September 10.
Social Studies Quiz Friday Week 3 Social Studies

August 27-August 31

ELA-CFA (Common Formative Assessment- Assessment that tests a Florida Standard, given to the entire 4th grade) Close Reading and supporting ideas using text-evidence.
Scholastic Magazine and accompanied question set. My expectation is that the students use complete sentences and explain their answers when prompted in the question set. I pull writing scores from these question sets.
Work on the Animal project at home.
Module 1 Lesson 10, Mid-Module 1 Review. August 29, Mid-Module 1 Assessment (Test) August 31.
Science Lessons Lesson 3-6 and End of Unit 1 Test on Friday. I will go over a study guide with them during the week.
Social Studies open note quiz on Friday.Social Studies Week 2

Establish Classroom Norms
Create Goal Books- Students will make SMART Goals and other goals daily.
Animal Project- Due Date for Topic Wed.22, Due Date for research and Bibliography September 5, Due Date for Presentation of Topic September 12, 2018.
Animal Research Project
Animal Task Rubric