Week at a Glance

May 7- May 11

ELA- The Stock Market Anchor Text
Social Studies- Review for Social Studies End of Course Exam (computer-based) EOY SS Review
Math- End of Module 6 Test TuesdayMay 8th. Start Module 7 Lessons 1-2 Kidblog
Science- Human Growth and Development and prepare for EOY (End of Year) Science Exam 4th Grade Science EOC Study Guide

April 30-May 4

ELA- Using Money anchor text. Explores Economic basics. Vocabulary is from Using Money. We will have a vocabulary test on Friday.
Social Studies: Florida Review SS Wk 32 Quiz Friday
Math Module 6 Lessonsn 11-14 Decimals and Fractions comparisons.
Science Human Growth and Development.

April 23-27

ELA- No Vocabulary Test because of FSA. We are working on our Market Day Project during ELA. This week students will apply for business licenses, purchase supplies from the supply shop and finalize their prototypes. They may start building things at home.
Social Studies Wk 31 SS Social Studies Quiz on Friday.
Math Module 6 Lessons 9-13
Science Energy Chapter 4

April 16-20

ELA- Vocab test was moved to Monday due to EMC Fieldtrip. We will not have a Vocabulary Test this week because of FSA Testing. We are working on the Market Day Activites in ELA this week.
Social Studies- Wk 30
Math- End of Module Test on Wednesday, April 17

April 9-13

Sorry for no update last week.
ELA We reviewed FSA Reading Content and the group decided to do vocabulary on Monday rather than Thursday. Good news 15 out of 20 A’s. Great Job!
Writing- Market Day students were given jobs, like Banker, Money Cutter, and Supply Organizer. Students were selected based on the completeness of their application and using correct grammar, and spelling. Students will be paid on Mondays for the previous week.Ask your student how much they were paid on Monday.
Social STudies- Wk 29 SS

April 2- April 6
ELA- Lunch Money Chapters 14-24 Quiz on Friday
Lunch Money Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Writing-Market Day brainstorming and product development Market Day Family Letter
Market Day Pacing Guide
Math- Module 6 Lessons 3-7
Social Studies Week 28 Florida’s Heritage and Culture SS Wk 28
Science-EMC Lessons – We have a field trip to the EMC on April 13. Please make sure your student has returned their permission slip.

March 26-March 30

ELA- Lunch Money Chapters 1-13
EMC Vocabulary Quiz on Friday
Writing- Introduction to Blogging
Math- Wednesday End of Module 5 Test- Fractions
Social Studies Famous Floridians SS Wk 27
Science- Energy Chapter Unit 4 Science Fusion

March 12-15

STEM Night Tuesday, March 13- District Finalists will be chosen in STEM Fair and for TedX speeches. 6:7:30 with awards starting at 7:30.
Field Day- Thursday, March 15, 10-11:30
ELA – No vocabulary this week
Math- Module 5 Lessons 30-35
Social Studies- Civil Right Movement Wk 26 Social Studies Quiz on Thursday, Students will be able to use the packet on the Quiz.
Science- Protecting the Environment

March 5-March 9

ELA- Authors Craft: simile, metaphor, hyperbole, synonym, antonym, idioms.
Math- Module 5 Lesson 29-33 ( Had quarterly checks during this time)
Social Studies Florida Cities SS Quiz on Friday
Science: STEM presentations

February 26-March 2

ELA- Scholastic News Drones To the Rescue
Writing – FSA practice prompt Bike Sharing
Math- Module 5 lessons 24-28
Social Studies- Population Wk 24 SS
Quiz on Friday
Science Rocks and Minerals test on Friday.
STEM project due next Tuesday, March 6

February 19-23
ELA-Writers Craft: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, synonymy, antonym, proverb, and idioms.
Writing- FSA Writing practice using informational prompts and opinion prompts.
Math- Module 5 Lessons 22-26
Social Studies- WWII WW2
Quiz on Friday- students are able to use the packet on the quiz.
Science Rock Cycle- Mohs scale of hardness.
STEM project due March 6.
TEDX due Friday February 23. We will start doing TedX talks on Friday.TEDx-Rubric-

February 12-16

ELA- Text Structure
Writing- FSA Opinion Writing Practice
Social Studies WW1 WW1
Science- Rock Cycle
Coming up TEDX Speeches February 23

February 5-9

ELA- FSA Writing Practice (March 5-9 FSA Writes)
Math-Fractions Module 5 Lessons 12-16
Social Studies- Communication
Science-Rocks and Minerals
Presentations for Impact Study Due 2/6
Coming up TEDx Talks 2/23

January 29-February 2

ELA- Compare Contrast Fiction to Non-Fiction texts.
Math- Fractions Module 5 Lessons 6-10
Social Studies- Transportation- The study of cars and railroads in Florida. Quiz Friday February 2.Transportation
Science- Work on STEM and Impact Studies in Class. Reminder most of this work will be done at home.
Writing-Work on presentations
Impact Study -Informational Essay Graphic Organizer InformativeEssayGraphicOrganizer

January 22-26

ELA Compare and Contrast Fiction to Non-Fiction texts.
Math- Monday- Mid-Module Test- fractions, angles, parallel, perpendicular, intersecting lines.
Module 4 Lessons 9-10.
Social Studies- Monday Reconstuction Quiz.
Earth Science- Study Guide Study Guide Unit 2 Test on Wedensday.
Reminder Students should be working on their Impact Research at home.
Writing Compare and Contrast two texts. Earthquake and Quake.


January 9-12

ELA- Theme compared to Main Idea
Math Module 4 Lessons 2-5-Introducing angles, parallel and perpendicular lines.
Vocabulary Quiz on Friday based on Earthquake Text
Social Studies- Civil War- Students will be able to use the packet to complete questions on the Quiz Friday.
Science-Earth Science-Unit 2 of the Science Fusion Text
The impact topic for Module 3 Writing task is due September 16. Students will be researching an environmental impact of their choice to conduct research. Students should work on the task at home for the majority of the time. Occasionally, they will have access to work on the project at school. The final due date is 2/06/18.
See rubric Unit 3 Module A Writing Task below.

After the break, things we will be addressing

TedX Speech Topics and speech instruction
TEDx Rubric

Unit 3 Module A Writing Task
Florida’s Environmental Impacts Rubric

December 18-22

Rescheduled Vocabulary Test Week 17 will be on Monday
Math End-of Module 3 Review Monday (Multiplication/Division)
Math End-of-Module 3 Test Wednesday
Make-up any Assignments

December 11-15

Quarterly Checks in Science, Math, Writing, and ELA
ModuleTopic G Quiz Tuesday- Division
ELA- Text Structure, Authors Purpose, Authors Point-of-View
Vocabulary Quiz originally scheduled for Thursday has been rescheduled to Monday. Students were given the list last Friday, but I forgot to post it on my website.
Social Studies- The Florida Territory.
Mosi Field Trip- Students should bring a Bag Lunch. Also, please be on time. We want to depart at 9:45. We plan to be back by 1:15.

December 4- December

Math- Module 3 lessons 26-30. Solving division problems and interpreting remainders.
Science-Reviewing Food Chains
ELA- Text Structure; Text structure refers to the way an author organizes information in a text.
Birchbark House Quiz on Thursday- Students will be allowed to use their book.
Vocabulary Quiz Friday-Words from the Birchbark House and our next text Northwest Coastal Peoples.
Social Studies- The Seminole Wars- Quiz on Friday. Students will be able to use their packet on the test.

November 28- December 1

Science- Test Friday- Chemical and Physical Changes of Matter- Unit 5 Science Fusion. Students will be given a number of scenarios and must decide if they are physical or chemical changes of matter.
Study Guide Study Guide Unit 5
Math Solving two digit dividends with remainders, determining factors and multiples. Lessons 22,23,24,25,26.
Social Studies- Florida Territory
ELA Birchbark House – Read in class, IRLA and at home. Book should be complete by December 4th.
Vocabulary Test Friday- Words from the Birchbark House
Writing Compare two text to write an informational essay.

November 13 – November 17

Science- Chemical and Physical Changes of Matter- Unit 5 Science Fusion
Math- Solving two Digit Dividends Using Division Problems With Remainders- Module 3 Lessons 19,20,Skip 21, 22,23
Social Studies- The Florida Pirates
ELA- The Birchbark House- Students will read through page 161- Friday.
Finish the Book over Thanksgiving Break.
Vocabulary Test on Friday -Words are from the Birchbark House.
Big Ideas in ELA- Determine Key Ideas and Detail