Quarter 2 Expectations

Hello, Parents!

Here are our expectations going into Quarter 2.


Word Wallet Words:

At this time, students are expected to know all 21 review words at “flash speed”. Please practice these words daily. Also, students should be able to use these words to write a basic sentence.



It is expected that students should know ALL 52 letters (Upper/ Lowercase) and 26 letter sounds by December.


IRLA Level:

Students should be entering a 1G reading level by the end of Q2.

Read at least 25 high-frequency words by sight. (1 G power words)

Read and comprehend a 1G text.



Recognize, count and write numbers 0-10


Thanks to all the parents who came out to support the Fun Run!!


October 9th-13th

This week’s sight words: you, this, said

This week’s letters: Ss, Pp, Xx

**Important dates to remember:

**Boosterthon Fun Run is Thursday, October 12th from 10:00 – 11:00 am.  We will be eating a bagged lunch in our classrooms at a different time than normal,

**Sweetfield Farm Field Trip is on Thursday, October 19th. Don’t forget to send a DISPOSABLE lunch for your child if they bring a bagged lunch from home.

**Please continue practicing letters, sounds, and sight words daily. At this time your child should know 18 sight words.

October 2nd-6th, 2017

This week’s sight words: little, here, can

This week’s letters: Oo, Qq, Uu

**Important dates to remember: Sweetfield Farm Field Trip permission slip and money are due Friday, October 6th.

**Boosterthon kicks off this week, so Media Center will be closed for two weeks!


**Please continue practicing letters, sounds, and sight words daily.