End of Quarter 2 Update

At this time students should be able to:

Recognize ALL capital and lowercase letters

Read ALL 45 words in their Word Wallet

Transitioning into 1G reading level (read more than 25 1G power words, read a cold text and answer basic comprehension questions)

Write multiple sentences using power words. (Capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and punctuation at the end)

Count to 20

Write numbers to 10

Quarter 2 Expectations

Hello, Parents!

Here are our expectations going into Quarter 2.


Word Wallet Words:

At this time, students are expected to know all 21 review words at “flash speed”. Please practice these words daily. Also, students should be able to use these words to write a basic sentence.



It is expected that students should know ALL 52 letters (Upper/ Lowercase) and 26 letter sounds by December.


IRLA Level:

Students should be entering a 1G reading level by the end of Q2.

Read at least 25 high-frequency words by sight. (1 G power words)

Read and comprehend a 1G text.



Recognize, count and write numbers 0-10


Thanks to all the parents who came out to support the Fun Run!!


October 9th-13th

This week’s sight words: you, this, said

This week’s letters: Ss, Pp, Xx

**Important dates to remember:

**Boosterthon Fun Run is Thursday, October 12th from 10:00 – 11:00 am.  We will be eating a bagged lunch in our classrooms at a different time than normal,

**Sweetfield Farm Field Trip is on Thursday, October 19th. Don’t forget to send a DISPOSABLE lunch for your child if they bring a bagged lunch from home.

**Please continue practicing letters, sounds, and sight words daily. At this time your child should know 18 sight words.

October 2nd-6th, 2017

This week’s sight words: little, here, can

This week’s letters: Oo, Qq, Uu

**Important dates to remember: Sweetfield Farm Field Trip permission slip and money are due Friday, October 6th.

**Boosterthon kicks off this week, so Media Center will be closed for two weeks!


**Please continue practicing letters, sounds, and sight words daily.