IMPORTANT- Reading Homework (Reading Log)

Dear Parent or Guardian,

Your child will be participating in a school-wide reading challenge. Therefore, your child will be doing lots of reading in school and at home. The reason for this challenge is simple: Research shows that students who read for one hour every day, from books that they can read and want to read, have a much better chance for success in school and beyond. The more time your child spends reading at his or her independent level, the better reader he or she will become.

As a school, Odessa Elementary has always promoted independent reading and has held quarterly reading celebrations for students who meet their individual reading goals. This year we will continue with this tradition. However, we will be monitoring student progress toward their goal each quarter as we track the steps each child reads. For every 15 minutes a child reads independently, he/she will earn one step. For the 1st Quarter, the goal is for students to earn at least 152 steps. If your child reaches 152 steps by Friday, October 13th, he/she will be invited to the Wild About Reading Celebration for the 1st Quarter.

We need your help! Every night, your child will bring home a reading log. Every day, your child will fill one line on the reading log, indicating that they read at school. Each night, you will fill in the next line on the reading log. You will write how many steps your child read that night and the title of one book they read. Please do not write all the titles your child read on each night. Your child should be earning at least 2 steps each night (which equals 30 minutes). From Monday through Thursday, your child will earn steps for reading at school and at home. Please note that your child should read one other night over the weekend (either Friday, Saturday, or Sunday). Please initial in the “HOME” box on the reading log indicating that your child did read for each night. Use this time to sit with your child as the Home Reading Coach. The reading should be fun and easy for your child. It should not be a struggle.

Need help with books for your child to read at home? Your child can read books from Bookshelf. Use the login that was provided to you. You can also visit your local library to check out books for your child to read. Students may also read books that they check out in our media center.

If your child is absent during the week, the child should read and record additional steps over the weekend.

Reminders to help your child when reading at home:

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 8.56.07 PM

If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

We appreciate your support as a valued partner in your child’s education!

ODES 2nd Grade Teachers

Word of the Week!

Starting this week, somewhere on this website a Word of the Week will be displayed. Make sure to click on the tabs near the top of the page.  The Word of the Week might be found on one of those pages. Once you find the Word of the Week, have your child write it in their planner so that your child’s teacher can see it*. Once your child’s teacher sees the Word of the Week written in the planner, your child will receive a ROAR Ticket/Pawsitive Paw! Tickets will be drawn at the end of the week for a special prize! 
*ROAR Tickets/Pawsitive Paws will be drawn on the last day of the school week. In order for your child to receive the ticket, your child’s teacher must see the word written in the planner before they are drawn. 
The word of the week will be displayed on the website like this: 
Word of the Week: ___________________ 
Have fun! 


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If you would like to volunteer, please make sure you are approved and let your child’s teacher know when you would like to come in and what you would be interested in doing. (Ex: working with students, copying, filing papers, reading to our class)

The volunteer application has to be completed every school year. The window to apply to volunteer for this school year opened on July 1, 2017. If you have not filled out the volunteer application for this school year, you can apply by clicking on this link and following the steps!  Volunteer Application

Any time you can give is greatly appreciated!  Thank you!