2017-2018 School Year

Mrs. Shumate’s Science Class

Please excuse some of the errors in formatting this website. The software we use is very primitive and doesn’t always show up the way it is supposed to look!


IF you are ABSENT for a quiz or test, it is up to you to see me to make it up!

Nurse Huelle will be teaching the class about STDs and sexual responsibility Mar 8. Notes went home with students In Feb.

QUARTELY 3 CHECK: mar 12 & 13

Supply List
Binder with pockets. (This is your notebook)
spiral notebook
Paper, glue, pens, sharp pencils, pencil sharpener, ruler
3 x 5 lined index cards (not the big ones) not neon
2 different color highlighters
Dark Color Permanent Marker ( Like a Sharpie)
1 dry erase marker (optional)
Crayons or colored pencils


We are always in need of paper towels.
We have enough Hand soap

We have enough hand sanitizer
Dry erase markers
Classroom supplies. They can be used, but need to work. 
Snack size zipper bags
Sandwich size zipper bags
ink for the classroom printer epson 126 0r 127 or Staples gift cards
Copy Paper: Staples has been having it for a penny after rebate if you get their coupons.

Pet supplies : I will post them as we need them.
Left over lettuce (not iceberg) that you don’t want.
Gift cards to Pet City for live crickets and frozen mice.

Volunteer form  Please fill this out if you plan to chaperone or volunteer. A ne one must be filled out every year.


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