New units of study

K and 1st:  The art and culture of China

2nd and 3rd:  The element of Space

4th and 5th:  3-D art/sculpture

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Yearbook Cover Results

Congratulations to Jada Pascalli, whose cover art won first place, and Kaylee Gottscho, whose cover won second place.  Their talents will be showcased on the front and back cover of our CRES 2017 2018 Yearbooks!

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Semester Two

Can’t believe half of the school year is already behind us!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy winter break.

When we return, these are the units we will be studying:

K- Texture

1-  Still Life

2- Symmetrical Balance

3- Contemporary Art

4 and 5- The art and culture of China

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New Units of Study

As we finish our units on color, here’s what’s next!

K and 1st grade:  geometric shapes

2nd and 3rd:  Chinese Art

4th:  Radial Balance

5th:  Abstract Art and Pablo Picasso

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New Unit of Study

As we finish line projects, we are moving into new units about COLOR.

K:  Primary colors (red, yellow, blue)

1:  Primary and secondary colors (mixing colors)

2:  Warm and cool colors

3:  Complementary colors

4:  Intermediate colors

5:  How colors and lines can express emotion

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New unit of study

Students are finishing up their square one art fundraiser projects.  These projects were part of our units on line.

K:  Lines, line names, practicing drawing lines

1:  Lines, Line variety, line names

2:  Lines and how to repeat lines, shapes, and colors to create patterns

3/4/5:  Using lines and other repeating elements to create the principle of movement

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Parent Involvement class schedule

Kindergarten   9:50-10:30

Mon– Cook-Myers, Room 401      Thurs- Grant, Room 401    Thurs– Baker, Room 212

Fri- Cappel, Room 401      Fri- St. Pierre, Room 212


First Grade  10:35-11:15

Wed- Orlando, Room 401             Thurs- Arseneau, Room 401        Thurs- Jones,

Room 212        Fri- Emert, Room 401        Fri- Quinn, Room 212


Second Grade   11:20-12:00

Tues– Wadsworth, Room 401     Wed- Hanson, Room 401    Thurs-Silvis, Room 401         Fri- Coughlin, Room 401        Fri- Featherstone, Room 212


Third Grade  12:40-1:20

Mon- Applegate/Romero, Room 401        Tues– Bauer/Romero, Room 401           Thurs– Witt/Romero,

Room 401          Thurs- Ennis/Romero, Room 212         Fri- Cairney/Romero, Room 212


Fourth Grade  1:50-2:30

Mon- Moore, Room 401            Tues- Tumaneng, Room 401            Thurs- Normandeau, Room 401

Thurs- Lupico, Room 212          Fri- Leonard, Room 401


Fifth Grade  3:00-3:40

Mon- Fallon-Johnson, Room 401      Wed- Earle, Room 401       Thurs– Shihadeh, Room 401 OR 212 (please ask your child)           Fri- Cullen, Room 212



Hilkene  Wednesday, Hilkene’s room, 12:40-1:20

Bachmann, Thursday, Room 212, 11:20-12:00

Crawford,Thursday, Room 401 OR 212 (please ask your child), 3:00-3:40

Michael, Friday, Michael’s room, 12:40-1:20

Pascalli, Friday, Room 212, 1:50-2:30

Kelderhouse, Friday, room 401, 3:00-3:40

Barrera, Friday, room 401, 3:00-3:40

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Parent Involvement Week rescheduled

Parent Involvement week for art classes, originally scheduled for the week of Sept 11-15, has been rescheduled for the week of Sept 25-29.  A revised flyer will be sent home with students.

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Yearbook Cover art contest

Contest is for interested 4th and 5th graders only:

Submit an 8 ½ x 11 cover artwork to Mrs. Parris by Friday, November 17th

(A contest flyer can be obtained from Mrs. Parris or any 4th/5th grade classroom teacher)


  • Portrait orientation (don’t turn the paper “hotdog” or sideways; keep it vertical)
  • Important: write your full name and classroom teacher’s name on the BACK
  • Include the text “Cotee River Elementary” and the year (“2017-2018” or “2017-18”)
  • Include text of administrator’s names “Mrs. Slusser” and “Mr. Wolfe”
  • Have a comic book theme/style and use bright, primary colors with black and white
  • As always, use your best craftsmanship, and make sure there are no spelling errors.



Submitted cover designs will be reviewed by a yearbook panel, and narrowed down to a small number of finalists.  Then 4th and 5th grades will vote for the winners in December.  First place winner’s cover will appear on the front cover.  Second place winner will appear on the back cover.

Good luck!  Please see Mrs. Parris with any questions or clarification.

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Introduction to Art

For the first two weeks of school, scholars are becoming familiar with the art room layout, rules/expectations, consequences for inappropriate behavior, and classroom procedures.  2nd-5th grade is also making their art journals, which are used throughout the year to store handouts, scales/learning goals, and worksheets for each unit of study.  The art journals will go home at the end of the year.  K and 1st grade are also doing liquid glue practice.

Next week, all classes will begin their square one art project that supports our line units.

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