Team Purple Homework

Here is where you will find your daily homework for Team 6 Purple. Remember to be responsible and write it down in your planner each day.


Week of  Sept 18 – 22, 2017

Language Arts – Mrs. Kupczykauthenticity-clipart-journal-book-clip-art  

Mon:  All classes – Character Trait vocabulary quiz is this Wednesday – STUDY! (Use the handout from class or go to – search: royal6ela). Check myStudent to see if you are missing any assignments & if so, finish & turn them in!

Tues: All classes – Character Trait vocabulary quiz is TOMORROW – STUDY! (Use the handout from class or go to – search: royal6ela). The retest for “The Ravine” is this Thursday during Homeroom time – review if you will be retesting. Periods 2 & 6 ONLY: Finish the character trait writing about Vinny if you did not finish in class today. It is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Wed: All classes  – The Plot Stages Tutorial Notes are due Friday. Finish at home if you did not complete in class. Also, the retest for “The Ravine” is TOMORROW during Homeroom time – review if you will be retesting.

Thurs: All classes –  The Plot Stages Tutorial Notes are due tomorrow. Begin studying “Plot Development” vocabulary. Quiz on these words will be at the end of next week. (Use the 1/2 sheet handout & to study.) If you need to retake the Character Trait Vocab. Quiz, then see me to schedule the retake.


 Math– Mrs. Ericksonmath-clipart-dT6aXEAT9

Mon:  Periods 1 & 3: Independent Study Due Thursday, Periods 2 & 7: Spiral Review due Thursday, Period 5: Stack It High Worksheet – due tomorrow. ALEKS topics due Sunday at midnight for all periods!

Tues: All classes:  Practice your 4’s! Periods 1 & 3: Work on Independent Study, Periods 2 & 7: Work on Spiral Review,  Period 5:  Spiral Review due Thurs. ALEKS topics due Sunday at midnight for all periods! If you didn’t finish today’s classwork on pg. 207, complete it for homework. Check your answers in the back of the book.

Wed: Periods 1 & 3: Independent Study due tomorrow, Periods 2, 5, & 7: Spiral Review due tomorrow, PERIODS 1, 3, 5, & 7: MATH NIGHT FORMS DUE TOMORROW!!!!


Thurs: Periods 1 & 3: Spiral Review due Monday and Worksheet 3.7 & 3.8 – due tomorrow, Period 2: Page 245 & 246, 17 – 31 odd, Period 5: Page 235, 1-7 odd, Period 7: Page 235, 1-9 odd.

All Periods: Quiz tomorrow over multiplying and dividing decimals. Study your book pages 197 and 205. Check your answers with the back of the book. 

ALEKS topics are due Sunday by midnight!


History – Ms. Englandglobe-clipart-globe_clipart77

Mon:  All classes need to have their Exploration Brochure completed by TOMORROW!

Tues: All classes need to have their Brochures done on the European  Exploration -this is being counted as a test grade!  These were due today, 9/19.  All classes need to complete their maps on the 13 Colonies – Binder pgs. 14 & 15. Periods 1, 3, 5 & 6 ONLY need to complete their 13 Colonies Timeline and Questions.

Wed:  1)  All classes should have completed two maps of The Thirteen Colonies for their Binder. 

2)  Periods 1, 3, 5 & 6– Should have completed ten questions on the Time Line of the Thirteen Colonies.

Thurs:  All classes should be completing their New England Colonies cover to their reading. (Binder pg. 16).  All classes should be practicing their vocabulary words on the Thirteen Colonies on


Science – Mrs. Hawksscience-clip-art1


Tues: All classes – Finish Observation vs. Inference Practice (If you didn’t finish in class).  Use the Study Guide to review for the unit test on Thursday.

Wed: All classes –  Review your study guide for the unit test tomorrow.

Thurs: All classes – no homework. Check myStudent & complete any missing work for Science.