End Of the Year Update

Hello Families!

The year has flown by!  I have truly enjoyed working with each and every one of your children.  The support you have provided your student throughout the year has helped them to reach a new level of academic success.

Please note: your child was given important information concerning report cards to take home in their planner today.

I have listed below important information for the rest of the year…..

  • FSA scores are anticipated to arrive next week.  We will pass on scores as soon as we are able to.

  • A Summer Packet will be sent home on Thursday full of activities and resources to keep your child’s academic skills sharp throughout the summer.

Below is a copy of the Flyer that was sent home today informing special activities for the rest of the year…

The Last Days of Third Grade!
May 19th- Kickball Fun- Bring a towel and a nice cold bottle of water to watch
some of your favorite teachers participate in the Staff vs. 5th grade kickball
game!! Come dressed in comfortable clothes appropriate for the weather, bring a
hat, and apply sunscreen before school!

May 24th-Dive into Digital Learning & Read-a-Thon Day
Bring your electronic device OR use one of the devices at school to engage in
meaningful digital activities. Dive into summer reading with your friends. Bring
books or magazines you would recommend for summer reading and a comfy blanket
or towel. Be prepared for reading fun!

May 25th-Flying STEM Challenge

Students will participate in an engineering challenge where they will create a
competitive model and test it for a chance to be named the engineering challenge

Bring your favorite board game to school. Be sure your name is on it!
Families- please send in $3 for our end of year party as soon as possible, and your
teachers will do all the party shopping!
We are looking forward to a fun week
celebrating everyone’s wonderful


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March Update

Hello Families,

Your students have been working hard this quarter to dig deep into rigorous  text to understand and learn key ideas and details.  We have been working on rereading text until we thoroughly understand what the author is trying to tell us.  This in turn helps your student to better answer text based questions.  In addition, the students have been analyzing text to determine paragraph and sentence connections (text structure).

Please see below for important updates and information.

As always, thank you for all of your support!

Ms. Scherer

Important Information

  • Students may count Reading and Language practice on ScootPad as reading minutes on their reading logs for the rest of the year.  I am highly encouraging students to complete the assignments I have given them as they are directly correlated to content they will see on the FSA.
  • If your student has lost his or her reading log, it is fine to document reading minutes on a separate sheet of paper or right in the planner.
  • Reading practice passages that are sent home may also count as reading minutes on the reading log, please review these with your student if you have time

Dates to Remember:

March 15th – Picture Day

March 16th- Field Day

March 17-24th   No School (planning day and Spring Break)

March 27th -School resumes

March 28-29th –  ELA FSA Reading Assessment



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GATI slideshow

Hello Families!

Today the class had a special presentation for the Great American Teach In.  Rhys Aaron’s uncle, Brian Aaron, came in to talk to the students about fire safety.  Mr Aaron is an EMT/Firefighter.  The children had a great time learning, asking questions, and trying on the fire safety gear.  Click on the slideshow below to see pictures from the presentation.  A big thank you goes out to Brian Aaron for volunteering his time today to educate our students!


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September 5th Update

Hopefully everyone made it through the storm safely.  I am eager to start the week and regain the momentum we had built before Mother Nature interrupted the week.

Tomorrow is “Turn around Tuesday” and the students will begin the day with an extended Art class.  If you see this update before your child leaves for school, please let them know.  Due to the short week we were unable to remind the students that their day would be a little different.

Don’t forget that this Thursday, Sept. 8th, is Open House for Intermediate grades from 6:30-7:30.  If you are unable to make it, I will send home all information we covered as well as post the presentation we will be giving on this site.

Curriculum:  We are currently reading a book titled The Year of Ms. Agnes.  Throughout the chapters we will be discussing our unit focus of character traits, motivations, and how they affect the events of a story.  We are also continuing to practice using context clues to learn new words.  Word parts – prefixes is another area we will continue to explore throughout the next few weeks.

In Social Studies the students have engaged in learning activities based on map skills and map vocabulary.  We will continue to add to and refine this knowledge.

Have a great week and thank you for all of your support!

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Update and Homework Routines

The students have done a wonderful job learning class procedures, practicing good citizenship and working together as a team.  We are learning ways to maximize our learning time by completing tasks in an efficient manner.

Thank you for making sure your student has all of the necessary supplies for the year!!!

If you are able to make a donation we are still in need of large gallon totes to store backpacks. Thank you to Aaron family for donating a class umbrella for the students!


ELA Learning Focus:

This week the students will take their beginning of the year Reading Assessment. I am also continuing to reassess IRLA levels and assign “Power Goals”. These goals are super important for your child to practice and master. I will be communicating your child’s goal with you so that when you read with him or her you will be aware on what they are working on to become a better reader.

This week students will also begin our first learning unit of instruction which will focus on the following standards: analyzing prefixes and root words, using context clues to understand unknown words, and comprehending text with a focus on character traits and motivations.

In Social Studies our first unit will focus on Citizenship and characteristics of different cultures. Much of this learning will be done throughout our literature selections.

Homework Routines have begun:

Your student was given a backpack book calendar on Friday along with detailed directions on the expectations for documenting their reading throughout the week. Please read below to review the reading calendar procedures:

Backpack Book Calendar: Each student will be responsible for his or her backpack
calendar for the whole year. Please read the letter on the inside of the calendar packet! Every student is responsible for reading 150 minutes each week.   Your child should be reading the same chapter book or Non-Fiction book throughout the week.  To meet grade-level expectations the students should be finishing a chapter book a week. .  Each night your child reads they will write the amount of minutes down that they read.  Please initial in that box verifying your student’s reading time.  I will be checking the reading calendars throughout the week to ensure students are reading throughout the week instead of reading an abundance of minutes in a day or two. Therefore, it is important the calendar travel back and forth from home to school each day. We will be counting minutes from Friday to Friday to reach the goal 150 minutes.  Therefore, your child can count minutes read over the weekend and skip a night or two that they are busy with other activities.

Spelling: (This will be given out this Friday, 8/26) Students will be assigned to spelling lists based on a beginning of year assessment that pinpointed spelling areas they need to strengthen.  Students will have a spelling journal that has a list of 28 different activities they can choose from. They are required to do 3 activities per week.  They will receive a spelling notebook to complete these activities in.   Spelling will also come home on Friday and be due the following Friday to give students a full week to complete their activities.

Grammar and Vocabulary practice sheets will also be sent home on occasion.

As always, please let me know if you have any question.

Ms. Scherer



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Hello Families!

The students had a Fantastic day today!  We are learning new procedures to build a successful year.

There is no “official” homework this week, but if your child has written in their planner 2 tasks that will earn them extra rewards this week.

Getting Started on the Right Foot !

  1. If your child reads and documents their reading in their planner along with your signature, he or she will receive a mystery treat each night for this week.  All they need to do is write the title of the book and number of minutes they read each night. Please sign next to their documentation.

Communication is KEY!!

  1. I am creating a parent group email list. The easiest way to add your email to my list is for you to email me, Then I can just add your address to my contacts. Therefore, Your child will gain one color level tomorrow if you email me tonight at the following address:


Thank you for being your child’s partner in education.

Ms. Scherer


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April Update

Back to Homework Procedures and Looking forward:

Hello Families It is hard to believe March and FSA testing have come and gone!  I am extremely proud of the amount of effort all students put forth throughout the testing window.

This week homework procedures have resumed.  Reading and Math logs are both due on Fridays along with Spelling and Math homework.  Also, weekly multiplication quizzes will take place on Fridays.  If your child has not mastered all of his or her facts yet, it is imperative that they put forth effort towards mastering by the end of the year.  As mentioned before, Fourth Grade Math standards will be much easier for your child to attain if they have their multiplication facts memorized.  In addition it is an end of the year expectation in 3rd grade.

Looking forward:

FSA testing continues for our Fourth and Fifth graders on the following dates.  These dates will be “Quite Campus” days.  Therefore, visits and volunteering are to be scheduled on other days of the week.

Also, our schedule will be slightly changed on these dates.  We will eat Lunch 10 minutes earlier at 11:40 and have our specials and recess in the afternoon.

The dates for testing are:

APRIL 11-12
APRIL 18-19
APRIL 25-26


ELA:  We have begun to read text critically to form an argument for or against a topic.  The students enjoy reading about current issues and forming opinions based on their sound research.  Debating topics is also a part of this standard.  The students are learning that although we may not agree with each others’ viewpoints, we do need to respect them. 

This week we will be writing an argumentative essay about Zoos.  We will continue with this theme of instruction for the rest of the year.

Stem:  As the year wraps up, we are spiraling back through standards to review, practice and extend learning.  We will also be previewing content from Fourth Grade.  Science content for the quarter will be Forces and Energy.  Also, students will be engaging in Stem activities that will require them to integrate math and science concepts.

Thank you as always for your support!

Ms. Scherer

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FSA Resources

Click on the following links to view resources from the Third Grade Parent Night on 3/15/16

Third Grade Parent Night FSA PPT

Follow Up Questions from 3rd Grade FSA Night

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Hello Families!

Important Dates:

Monday, February 29 – FSA testing for 4th and 5th graders only.  We will be observing  “Silent Campus” for the morning.  Lunch will be pushed back just a few minutes and we will have our recess in the afternoon.

Tuesday, March 15 – Spring Picture Day

Friday,  March 18th – Field Day, End of Quarter 3

March 21 – March 25th Spring Break

March 28th Teacher Planning (no school)  Students return on Tuesday, March 29th

March 30th & 31st – Grade 3 FSA Reading   

April 1st & 4th – Grade 3 FSA Math   

**Be on the look out for an FSA informational parent night flyer that will come home shortly.

Homework:  Multiplication Logs are no longer mandatory until after FSA testing.  We will resume formal testing of times tables at that time.  Language Arts practice and Math vocabulary are some different activities that will be sent home instead. If your child chooses to they can still study the facts and take the quizzes.


Math:  We are finishing up Fractions.  This Unit can be difficult for students and take extra practice.  If your student received “reteach” homework, please review the concepts with your student if possible before Thursday.  We are going to briefly cover time and then finish up with geometry and measurement right before FSA.

ELA:  We are working on recognizing author’s craft and text structure the next few weeks.  Any reading/writing homework that is sent home for practice can count as time on their reading logs.

As always, thank you for all of your help and support!

Ms. Scherer


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February Update

February News:

Upcoming Important Dates:

Feb. 8th-12th – Kindness Week

February 15th – President’s Day: No School

Friday, Feb. 12th – Valentines Party: see note that came home last Friday.

Thursday, Feb. 18th – Class Field Trip to Crystal Springs

Curriculum Updates:

Humanities: The students have been reading and learning about the birth of the Unites States while examining text to determine the author’s point of view.  We will continue on learning about our country’s beginning and the early documents that our government was built upon.

STEM:  We have concluded our study of Area and Perimeter and moved right to beginning Fraction concepts.  I have also been conducting small group lessons on telling time and elapsed time.  Time homework will begin to come home this week based on your child’s current ability level. 


This week’s homework included a reading passage with text and language related questions.  These passages will be included until Spring Break.  The time taken to read and complete this assignment can be logged as minutes on the reading log.

As always, thanks for all you do to support your child’s education.

Ms. Scherer

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