Update: Week of December 11th

Thank you to all our students who volunteered to help out at Letters to Santa! Our volunteers did a great job transcribing letters on the computer for our smaller wildcats. It was a great night!

Our week was great! In reading and science, we read about many different native and nonnative plants and synthesized the texts to compare and contrast the key ideas and details. We read about spartina and purple loosestrife and then we read about the kudzu vine and the mangrove tree. Students had opportunities to represent their thinking through writing and also visually! In math, we continued to work on understanding area with an emphasis on the relationship of multiplication to area. In social studies, we worked on learning our continents and oceans as well as reading about people who made significant contributions to society. On Friday, we had our guidance lesson on digital citizenship!

Quarterly Testing: We have quarterly testing over the next two weeks as we near the end of quarter 2! Our schedule is as follows:
Monday, December 11th: Science
Thursday, December 14th: Writing
Friday, December 15th: Math
Monday, December 18th: Reading

English/Language Arts/Science: This week, we will be reading about coprolites and fossils and comparing and contrasting them. We will only do two texts this week since we have to fit in most of our quarterly testing!

Math: After our mid module assessment on Monday, we will be moving into a deeper understanding of area. We will be working with more complex figures (floor plans) to determine the area of a space. This will include the use of the Distributive Property to help us find the area of a complex shape!

Social Studies: Students will continue working on continents and oceans this week as we progress through our geography challenge! Also, we will be comparing and contrasting ourselves with kids from other countries based on what we read about them.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and math multiplication logs! They will need to read nightly and get their planners and calendars signed!

Holiday Excitement: As winter break nears, we realize how excited the kids are getting (because we are excited too!). In an effort to keep us all focused, but also to have some holiday fun in the process, we are going to be stuffing our stockings each day as we earn incentives. Ms. Scalici sent an email about this on Friday! We realize this is a busy and expensive time of year for everyone but any donations would be greatly appreciated 🙂 We have purchased some items already! Also, we will be sending home information about our winter party this week in the Tuesday folder! Our winter party will be on Friday, December 22nd. Your $3 donations go toward our party snacks and also our winter craft that the kids have so much fun making! We will also view a holiday movie that day and participate in Carols, Colors and Candy Canes for specials. Finally, we have a theme for each day for dress up which we will send out later this week. Students do not HAVE to dress to meet the theme- it is just something fun we do as teachers across the school and we love to have our students do it with us!

Update: Week of December 4th

Our first week back from break was great! We began our new module on comparing and contrasting across two texts on the same topic. Our learning integrated science and we studied the three states of matter but focused on comparing and contrasting solids and liquids. Students took notes from each text and then created a visual to help them organize the information and tell how they are alike and different. Then, we worked on how to write a SLAM that tells the similarities and differences. It was a busy and productive week! In math, we completed module 3 on multiplication and division strategies and began module 4 with a focus on area. In social studies, we learned about some Native American tribes and how geography impacts their culture and way of life.

Holiday Night/Holiday Shop: Tuesday is Odessa’s Family Holiday Night from 5-8. We will be in the computer lab volunteering for Letters to Santa from 6-7! If your child is interested in volunteering, please email us! Also, our day to shop at the holiday shop is Wednesday, December 6th. Students are welcome to bring money on a different day if necessary but we scheduled a time to keep classroom disruptions to a minimum. 🙂

English/Language Arts/Science: This week we will be in module 2 of comparing and contrasting across two texts on the same topic. We will be reading about native and nonnative plants!

Social Studies: Our focus this week is on influential people but we will also begin working on some map skills starting with the continents and oceans.

Math: We are busy working in module 4 this week as we learn about and problem solve with area! You can read more about module 4 and the learning we will be doing up until winter break by visiting here.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and multiplication logs. They should also be working on their STEM Fair projects, reading nightly and recording their minutes and getting their planners and calendars signed.

Update: Week of November 27th

We had a great opportunity to hear from many different people during the Great American Teach In! A special THANK YOU to Mischa’s mom for telling us all about your job as the manager of a Toys R’ Us! We also got to hear from the Tampa Police Department, the Pasco Sheriff Equestrian Team and Mona from the Florida Forestry Department! See pictures from our day here:

We hope everyone had a great holiday!

English/Language Arts/Science: We will begin a new module this week! Our focus will again be on determining the main idea and key details in a text but this time we will be reading multiple texts on the same topic and comparing and contrasting the main idea and details across texts. We will begin this module by learning about the states of matter and comparing and contrasting liquids and solids based on information we find in the texts we will read.

Math: Module 3 will conclude this week! We will take our module assessment on Wednesday on multiplication and division strategies. Then, we will begin our new module with a focus on how to find and use area measurements.

Social Studies: Students will be reading about cultural groups and taking notes about their traditions as they connect it to the work we did right before the break!

Homework: Homework came home with Progress Reports on the Friday before break. Students received both spelling and a math multiplication log! This homework is not due until this Friday, December 1st. Students should have completed reading minutes over break and should have their planners and calendars signed when they return tomorrow (and the rest of the week of course!). 🙂

Update: Week of November 13th

We had another excellent week in third grade! In reading, we learned about a real person named Beatrice whose life was changed by a goat. We took the story of her life and examined which lesson we could learn from her story. To bring in more information, we read a narrative nonfiction, a nonfiction article, and we watched two short interviews about Beatrice’s life. In math, we took our mid module assessment after working on multiple strategies to multiply and divide. Our math journals challenged us this week with two step problems involving all four operations! Our social studies focus for the week was on Veterans Day and we ended the week with a parade to honor the Veterans who are part of our Odessa community!

Here are some highlights from that event: 

Great American Teach In: This week we have the opportunity to learn about many different careers through the Great American Teach In! Students will participate in many different presentations and learn about lots of different careers. We are excited to have that event this week!

Progress Reports: These will come home on Friday!

Thanksgiving Break: As a reminder, students are off for Thanksgiving Break from 11/18-11/26. During this time, they can (and should!) work on their STEM Fair projects and keep up with their reading!! The expected number of minutes is printed in the calendar. There will be no homework during break!

English/Language Arts: This week will be the final week for our module on central message, lesson, theme, or moral! To end the week, we will be working with a technology piece to demonstrate our knowledge of this learning goal. We will be reading the Kwanzaa story Seven Spools of Thread!

Math: Our focus this week will be working on more problem solving and building strategies for multiplying with larger factors.

Social Studies/Science: We will be learning about gravity this week in science! In social studies, we will be learning about what makes up a culture and looking for examples of traditions, foods, holidays, etc., that vary across cultures.

Homework: Students received their spelling and multiplication log on Friday! They should also be working on their STEM Fair project, reading nightly and getting their planners and calendars signed. If your child has not already been approved for the STEM Fair project that was due on Friday, please make it a priority to complete before we leave for Thanksgiving break!

Update: Week of November 6th

Thank you to everyone who sent in money for our fall party! The kids had a really fun day!

Also, thank you to everyone who has already donated food for the food drive! Our student leadership team is excited for this service learning project!

Finally, keep those plastic bags coming! Odessa is in the lead and we want to keep it that way! 🙂

Our week went by in a flash but we got a lot done and had a lot of fun in the process! In reading, we completed week two of our module on the central message, lesson, theme, or moral of a text. We have spent a lot of time working on writing in response to our reading! In math, we are working on solving for unknown factors. This has been a great help as we think about equations that represent problems! In science, we finished reading and learning about the sun and stars. When we went to the lab on Tuesday, we spent time viewing our classmates’ endangered species projects!

Picture Retakes: This Wednesday, November 8th, is picture retake day! If your child is getting retakes, he or she will need to bring the packet from picture day. If you would like to order pictures, please let us know and we will get you an order form.

English/Language Arts: We will be working in week 3 of our module this week! Our text this week is a narrative nonfiction that teaches about life in Africa but also tells the story of a young girl who overcame many challenges to get an education. It is called Beatrice’s Goat. We will continue to practice writing to support a central message, lesson, theme, or moral.

Math: Our work with multiplication and division strategies continues this week! This module has a focus on problem solving and using strategies we know to help us solve multistep problems and represent problems with the correct equations.

Science: This week, we will be learning about gravity!

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and multiplication math logs. Please remember that they must have 60 minutes of studying complete and 3 spelling activities. Homework is due on Friday! Also, this Friday is the deadline for submitting the Research Plan (page 4) for the STEM Fair project. Finally, students should be reading nightly and getting their planners and calendars signed!

Update: Week of October 30th

Congratulations to Ben and Ashley! They were chosen by their peers to represent our class as PAWSitive Characters for the month of October for demonstrating good sportsmanship! Way to go Ben and Ashley!

Our week was awesome! In reading, we began our new unit with a module focused on determining the central message, lesson, theme, or moral of a story and defending it with text evidence. Students read the text Wolf! and summarized to prove the lesson they chose. We are working on explaining how our summary connects to the lesson we believe the text teaches. Our students came up with so many great lessons for the texts we read this week! In math, we completed module 2 (place value, addition, subtraction and rounding) with a review and our end of module assessment. We also made some fact family spiders to add a little decor to our classroom! Each student will be bringing home their Module 1 & 2 math book in Tuesday folders. This book may have some extra opportunities for practice should you choose to use them! Several of the lessons were done with different resources or on math boards so the pages are currently blank. This makes them a perfect practice workbook! In social studies, students read about traditions within different cultures. Finally, in science we began learning about the sun and stars.

Fall Party & Costume Parade: Thank you to everyone who donated for our fall party! We will have our fall party as well as our Boosterthon Incentives day on Tuesday, October 31st! Students need to remember to bring their hat and crazy socks to change into after the parade. For the parade, students are expected to wear their costumes over their clothes or be able to easily change. We recommend that they wear them to school or change as soon as they arrive. The parade starts at 9:55!

English/Language Arts: This week we will be reading a Tlingit legend called The Frog Princess. Students will be working on determining the central message, lesson, theme, or moral of this text as well as learning about the unique features of this type of text/story.

Math: We will begin module 3 and return to concepts of multiplication and division! We will be working with factors of 6, 7, 8, and 9 (primarily). Learn more about this module here!

Science/Social Studies: In science, our focus will continue to be on the sun and stars. This week in social studies, we will be reading about physical features of different places around the United States and how each region has unique physical features.

Homework: Students received their spelling and math multiplication logs on Friday! Please remember that students must have 60 logged minutes of multiplication studying each week. Our multiplication masters belt challenge is showing how this hard work is paying off 🙂 Also, STEM Fair Research Plans are due November 10th but can be turned in before that date! Finally, don’t forget to complete nightly reading and have planners and calendars signed.

Classroom Needs: If anyone is able to donate Ultra Fine Expo markers, we would greatly appreciate it! We use these daily in our multiplication masters challenge and we are getting ready for new markers. Thank you!

Update: Week of October 23rd

Our week was very busy and productive! In reading and science, we completed our last week of the module with a focus on main idea and details. We read about the different kingdoms scientists use to classify living things! Our math focus for the week was on rounding, estimating sums, and addition with regrouping. In social studies, students read about some important places in our county and mapped them. They also had to write about which place they would most like to visit and why!

Report Cards: These will come home on Monday. You can review grading criteria on our website and also on the report card envelope! Also, please remember that if your child has two or more absences, he or she is considered to have “excessive absenteeism” for quarter 1 and was marked as such. Please review our attendance policy here!

Red Ribbon Week: This week is Red Ribbon Week! We will have a “spirit day” each day to go along with the theme and daily activities. Please view the activities list/spirit day dress ideas here! 

Fall Party: Thank you to everyone who has already sent in the $3 for our fall party! We would like to have all donations by Wednesday, October 25th so we can plan and so we have time to purchase the items needed for our party. Thank you!

English/Language Arts: In reading, we will begin our new unit! The first module has a focus on identifying the central message, lesson, theme, or moral of the story based on the events in the story. We love this module because it is always amazing to see what the kids come up with! In our first week, we will be reading the text Wolf! and some different fables as we identify the central message, lesson, theme or moral of the story and support it with a summary of the text events.

Math: In math, we will complete our current module with some work on subtraction with regrouping and two step word problems. We will take our module assessment later in the week!

Science/Social Studies: This week, students will be reading about community traditions. Our science focus for the week includes learning about the sun and stars!

Homework: On Friday, students received their math multiplication logs and a homework pass for their spelling words. They still need their 60 minutes of fact studying, 30 minutes of reading a night and signatures in their calendars and planners each evening. Also, STEM Fair folders came home on Friday! Students have until November 10th to turn in their plan for approval. Please see the email we sent out on Friday for more information!

Update: Week of October 17th

We had a great last week of quarter 1! In reading and science, we continued working on main idea and relevant details as we learned how to classify vertebrates and invertebrates. To earn a “4” on our learning scale, students were given an opportunity to create their own vertebrate or invertebrate and identify its name, characteristics, habitat, and adaptations for survival. They created some amazing animals and really showed off what they learned! In math, we completed the first topic in module 2 with a focus on time, measuring weight with grams and kilograms, and measuring capacity with milliliters and liters. The primary focus of those measurement lessons included problem solving using those units and the four operations. This involved a lot of two step problems. Finally, we completed all of our quarterly assessments! It was a very busy week!

English/Language Arts/Science: This is the final week of our module on main idea and details! To end our module, we will be integrating the scientific idea of classifying organisms beyond the plant and animal kingdoms. We will be reading the text Let’s Classify Organisms. As we progress through this week, we will maintain a focus on finding relevant details that connect to a main idea.

Math: We will begin topic C in our math module 2! Our focus will be on rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. Also, we will continue working on our multiplication fluency and math problem solving in math journals.

Social Studies: This week, students will take an overview style regions “tour” of the United States by reading about various important landmarks and places around the US. They will then have to map them on a US map and write about the places they visited.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and math log homework! They should also read nightly and record their minutes in their reading calendar. Both the calendar and the planner should be signed nightly! This Friday, students will receive information regarding the start of their STEM Fair project. More information will come home later this week via email before we send the folder home on Friday. 🙂

Boosterthon: Students had a great time at their Boosterthon Fun Run! It is now money collection time! The goal is to have it all collected by Thursday, October 19th. Thank you for your support of the kids and our school in this event!

Red Ribbon Week: This awesome week is next week! Stay tuned for more information.

Report Cards: These will come home on Monday, October 23rd. Please be sure to read about Pasco County Schools’ grading policies here. This information is also available on the back of the report card envelope!

Update: Week of October 9th

We had another excellent week! In reading and science, we classified plants in a variety of ways and used the text to show how the author supports a main idea with key details. We organized our thinking and supported a main idea through a SLAM writing. In math, we finished with some work on elapsed time and began looking at metric units for weight through grams and kilograms and at capacity with milliliters and liters. We worked on problem solving with these units!

Quarterly Testing: We have the rest of our quarterly testing this week!
Monday: Math Quarterly
Tuesday: Writing Quarterly
Wednesday: Reading Quarterly

English/Language Arts/Science: Week 3 of our module begins this week with a focus on classifying animals as vertebrates and invertebrates and the subgroups within those classifications. We will continue to focus on identifying the main idea and key details.

Math: Our focus on problem solving with measurement units will continue this week! We will also begin the place value concepts of module 2 with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.

Social Studies: This week, we will be reading about explorers that have influenced North America.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and math log homework. It is due on Friday! They also need to read nightly and get their planners and calendars signed!

Boosterthon Fun Run: Our Fun Run is on Thursday! Students can keep collecting pledges all week!

No School: There is no school for students on Monday, October 16th.

Update: Week of October 2nd

Congratulations to Jayce! She was chosen by Mrs. Nienhouse & Ms. Scalici to represent our class as the Worthy Wildcat for September for demonstrating Responsibility. Way to go Jayce!

Congratulations to Lara and Addison! They were chosen by their peers to represent our class as PAWSitive Characters for the month of September for demonstrating Responsibility! Hooray for Addison and Lara!

Our week was busy and productive! In reading, we began our new module with a focus on figurative language and main idea and details. We read about idioms and then worked on writing with them! Our nonfiction focus on main idea and details included reading about plant structures and supporting a main idea with relevant details! Our reading was science based and was all about plant parts and their functions. In math, we completed Module 1 on multiplication and division with our end of module assessment task. These will come home in the Tuesday folders! We also began Module 2 with two days of reinforcing time telling skills from second grade.

Boosterthon: We are kicking off our Boosterthon event with a pep rally on Tuesday! More information will come home after the pep rally.

Popcorn: We apologize for any confusion with the popcorn schedule. This week is a regular popcorn week and those who turned money in last week will get their popcorn on Friday! Anyone who still wishes to get popcorn must turn in their $1 by Thursday!

English/Language Arts/Science: Our module on figurative language and main idea and details continues this week! We will be working with synonyms and shades of meaning this week in vocabulary. Our reading about plants will be how to classify plants based on their characteristics!

Math: We will work on third grade time skills (elapsed time) before we begin Topic B which emphasizes measurement of weight and liquid volume in metric units.

Quarterly Assessments: Our first quarterly assessment will be on Wednesday and it is our science quarterly. Math, reading and writing all take place next week.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and multiplication log homework. A few reminders:

  • Students should log 150 minutes of reading per week. If they are absent, they need to log an additional 30 minutes for each absence. If a student is behind, we send home a weekly progress report in an effort to help students catch up and meet their quarterly reading goals!
  • Students should log 60 total minutes of fact studying per week. They can do this on math programs like Zearn and SumDog, apps for fact fluency, or even flashcards or oral quizzing. The method is up to the individual learner but it still needs to total 60 minutes!
  • Spelling lists are stapled into the notebook each week (often after the previous week’s work). Students should complete three activities as they work with their new words.

Thank you for helping your child be successful with his or her learning at home! We are seeing great progress in our Multiplication Masters belt challenge! Keep up the awesome studying at home!!!