Update: Week of October 17th

We had a great last week of quarter 1! In reading and science, we continued working on main idea and relevant details as we learned how to classify vertebrates and invertebrates. To earn a “4” on our learning scale, students were given an opportunity to create their own vertebrate or invertebrate and identify its name, characteristics, habitat, and adaptations for survival. They created some amazing animals and really showed off what they learned! In math, we completed the first topic in module 2 with a focus on time, measuring weight with grams and kilograms, and measuring capacity with milliliters and liters. The primary focus of those measurement lessons included problem solving using those units and the four operations. This involved a lot of two step problems. Finally, we completed all of our quarterly assessments! It was a very busy week!

English/Language Arts/Science: This is the final week of our module on main idea and details! To end our module, we will be integrating the scientific idea of classifying organisms beyond the plant and animal kingdoms. We will be reading the text Let’s Classify Organisms. As we progress through this week, we will maintain a focus on finding relevant details that connect to a main idea.

Math: We will begin topic C in our math module 2! Our focus will be on rounding to the nearest ten and nearest hundred. Also, we will continue working on our multiplication fluency and math problem solving in math journals.

Social Studies: This week, students will take an overview style regions “tour” of the United States by reading about various important landmarks and places around the US. They will then have to map them on a US map and write about the places they visited.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and math log homework! They should also read nightly and record their minutes in their reading calendar. Both the calendar and the planner should be signed nightly! This Friday, students will receive information regarding the start of their STEM Fair project. More information will come home later this week via email before we send the folder home on Friday. šŸ™‚

Boosterthon: Students had a great time at their Boosterthon Fun Run! It is now money collection time! The goal is to have it all collected by Thursday, October 19th. Thank you for your support of the kids and our school in this event!

Red Ribbon Week: This awesome week is next week! Stay tuned for more information.

Report Cards: These will come home on Monday, October 23rd. Please be sure to read about Pasco County Schools’ grading policies here. This information is also available on the back of the report card envelope!

Update: Week of October 9th

We had another excellent week! In reading and science, we classified plants in a variety of ways and used the text to show how the author supports a main idea with key details. We organized our thinking and supported a main idea through a SLAM writing. In math, we finished with some work on elapsed time and began looking at metric units for weight through grams and kilograms and at capacity with milliliters and liters. We worked on problem solving with these units!

Quarterly Testing: We have the rest of our quarterly testing this week!
Monday: Math Quarterly
Tuesday: Writing Quarterly
Wednesday: Reading Quarterly

English/Language Arts/Science: Week 3 of our module begins this week with a focus on classifying animals as vertebrates and invertebrates and the subgroups within those classifications. We will continue to focus on identifying the main idea and key details.

Math: Our focus on problem solving with measurement units will continue this week! We will also begin the place value concepts of module 2 with rounding to the nearest ten and hundred.

Social Studies: This week, we will be reading about explorers that have influenced North America.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and math log homework. It is due on Friday! They also need to read nightly and get their planners and calendars signed!

Boosterthon Fun Run: Our Fun Run is on Thursday! Students can keep collecting pledges all week!

No School: There is no school for students on Monday, October 16th.

Update: Week of October 2nd

Congratulations to Jayce! She was chosen by Mrs. Nienhouse & Ms. Scalici to represent our class as the Worthy Wildcat for September for demonstrating Responsibility. Way to go Jayce!

Congratulations to Lara and Addison! They were chosen by their peers to represent our class as PAWSitive Characters for the month of September for demonstrating Responsibility! Hooray for Addison and Lara!

Our week was busy and productive! In reading, we began our new module with a focus on figurative language and main idea and details. We read about idioms and then worked on writing with them! Our nonfiction focus on main idea and details included reading about plant structures and supporting a main idea with relevant details! Our reading was science based and was all about plant parts and their functions. In math, we completed Module 1 on multiplication and division with our end of module assessment task. These will come home in the Tuesday folders! We also began Module 2 with two days of reinforcing time telling skills from second grade.

Boosterthon: We are kicking off our Boosterthon event with a pep rally on Tuesday! More information will come home after the pep rally.

Popcorn: We apologize for any confusion with the popcorn schedule. This week is a regular popcorn week and those who turned money in last week will get their popcorn on Friday! Anyone who still wishes to get popcorn must turn in their $1 by Thursday!

English/Language Arts/Science: Our module on figurative language and main idea and details continues this week! We will be working with synonyms and shades of meaning this week in vocabulary. Our reading about plants will be how to classify plants based on their characteristics!

Math: We will work on third grade time skills (elapsed time) before we begin Topic B which emphasizes measurement of weight and liquid volume in metric units.

Quarterly Assessments: Our first quarterly assessment will be on Wednesday and it is our science quarterly. Math, reading and writing all take place next week.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and multiplication log homework. A few reminders:

  • Students should log 150 minutes of reading per week. If they are absent, they need to log an additional 30 minutes for each absence. If a student is behind, we send home a weekly progress report in an effort to help students catch up and meet their quarterly reading goals!
  • Students should log 60 total minutes of fact studying per week. They can do this on math programs like Zearn and SumDog, apps for fact fluency, or even flashcards or oral quizzing. The method is up to the individual learner but it still needs to total 60 minutes!
  • Spelling lists are stapled into the notebook each week (often after the previous week’s work). Students should complete three activities as they work with their new words.

Thank you for helping your child be successful with his or her learning at home! We are seeing great progress in our Multiplication Masters belt challenge! Keep up the awesome studying at home!!!

Update: Week of September 25th

We had a great week back! In reading, we worked on identifying the meaning of unknown words using context clues. We also spent time identifying character traits and supporting the trait with evidence as well as what motivates characters and drives events in a text. In math, we continued to work on strategies for multiplication and division. We focused on multi-step problems and the Distributive Property.

Picture Day: Monday, September 25th is Picture Day!

English/Language Arts: We will begin our new module this week! Our focus will be on identifying the meaning of unknown words and phrases that are figurative. Also, we will begin focusing on main idea and details in nonfiction text! Our content this week will focus on plant structures and functions!

Math: We will complete Module 1 on multiplication and division strategies this week! Our module assessment will be on Tuesday and then we will begin our new module on time, place value, and problem solving with units of measure. You can read about our newest math module here!

Science: Our science focus this week will be on using scientific tools.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling homework and their multiplication log. Remember they should have 60 total minutes of multiplication fact studying! Also, students should read nightly and record minutes/initials in their calendars.

Update: Week of September 18th

We hope everyone is well and getting back to “normal” after the events of the past week. We are excited to see our students back on Monday and to get back into our routine!

Progress Reports: These have been delayed due to the change in our schedule after the hurricane. We will keep you posted on when these will be coming home! Please remember that students who have a current progress monitoring plan will be automatically marked as needing additional support. Also, if a student has two or more absences, he or she will be marked as irregular attendance per our school attendance guidelines. Finally, we feel strongly that we have to start the year firm with high expectations. Please remember that a progress report reflects your child’s steps toward reaching those high expectations. It is a process but we will get them there! šŸ™‚

English/Language Arts: This week we will continue to work on identifying character traits with a focus on how a character changes throughout the text. Our reading of The Year of Miss Agnes will continue and we will be focused on many characters in this text! Also, we will continue looking at context clues to help us identify the meaning of unknown words as we are reading. Last week we took our first weekly assessment in reading. These will be coming home on Tuesday!

Math: Our math focus continues to be on multiplication and division strategies and representations. We are working on building our fluency with multiplication facts as well!

Social Studies: We will spend some time looking at different maps in our social studies workstation this week! Students will be focused on their “place” on the map.

Homework: This week, students will NOT receive new homework until Friday. Please use this time to catch up/keep up/get ahead on reading minutes! Also, it is a GREAT idea to continue studying multiplication facts! Homework that was due last Friday should be turned in no later than Tuesday, September 19th.

Popcorn: This week is popcorn week! Students who paid for the last popcorn day and didn’t receive it will automatically be added to the list for this week. Please have students bring in popcorn money by Thursday of this week!

Guidance: Our first guidance lesson the year will be Friday, September 22nd.

Update: Week of September 5th

THANK YOU to Eli B and family for donating a new I Survived book to our classroom library! Those are a big hit for our readers šŸ™‚

Thank you to all who were able to attend Open House! If you were unable to attend, please view our presentation here and email us with any questions!

We had a great week! In reading, we began working on our first module with a focus on identifying the meaning of unknown words using context clues and determining a character trait based on text evidence. Our students did an AWESOME job with both tasks! We read two texts about Alaska. One was entitled Razor and the Wolves and the other was The Athabascans. Both texts helped us build background for the novel we will begin this week! In math, we continued to practice multiple strategies for representing multiplication and division. In addition, we began using the Distributive Property to help us find products. Our science focus was on the scientific method.

English/Language Arts: We will begin week 2 of our module with a focus on context clues and character traits. Our reading will include beginning chapters of The Year of Miss Agnes.

Math: On Tuesday, we will take our mid module assessment before we begin working on fluency with our strategies. We will also begin our multiplication masters fluency challenge this week!

Science: Our science focus will continue to be on the scientific method. We will be reading about a scientific investigation and identifying each element of the scientific method in the text The Case of the Gasping Garbage.

Homework: On Friday, students received their spelling and multiplication logs. Please see the previous post for more details regarding homework expectations!

Thursday, September 7th: Health Screenings for Third Grade
Thursday, September 7th: $1 Popcorn money due (for students WITHOUT a popcorn card) for those who wish to have popcorn on Friday

Homework Expectations

Our first official homework assignments came home on Friday and will be due Friday, September 8th. In addition to the basic information on our Homework page, here are a few highlights you may need to know:

Backpack Book Calendar: Each student will be responsible for his or her backpackĀ calendar for the whole year. Please read the letter on the inside of the calendar packet! Every student is responsible for reading 150 minutes each weekĀ and getting the calendar signed with parent initials and the number of minutes read nightly.

Multiplication Log: Multiplication logs will come home on Friday and be due the following Friday to allow the students one full week to complete their 60 minutes of studying.

Spelling: Students are all assigned to spelling lists based on a beginning of year assessment that pinpointed spelling areas they need to strengthen. Students belong to the following groups: Arachnids, Arthropods, Insects, Mammals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles, Amphibians (vertebrate and invertebrate classifications!). Students will have a spelling journal that has a list of 26 different activities they can choose from. They are required to do 3 activities per week! Some spelling lists come equipped with a predetermined way to sort words (it may say VCV or VCCV for vowel and consonant patterns, or oddball, short a, long a, etc.) Word sorts are just one of the options for practicing spelling words. Spelling will also come home on Friday and be due the following Friday to give students a full week to complete their activities.

Please contact us with any questions! THANK YOU in advance for your dedication to your child’s homework completion!

Open House 2017

Thank you to all who were able to attend our Open House this evening! You can view the presentation here in order to see the directions for logging in to MyPascoConnect and accessing all of your child’s school resources (Office 365, Bookshelf, and more!).

If you were unable to attend, the presentation can be viewed below!

Our Superintendent also created an Open House video message which you can view here:


Update: Week of August 28th

We had a great week! On Monday, we kicked off our week learning about the eclipse event and having an eclipse virtual viewing party! We read a text all week called Eclipses and utilized the information to help us learn how to write a SLAM. A SLAM is our text response format that students use to form a details, evidence based, response to a text based question. We wrote many SLAMs this week in different ways (as a class, in partners, independently) to help us get used to writing this way! Students also worked hard to get into a routine with their independent workstations for reading time. Ā In math, we learned a variety of ways to represent multiplication that included equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, and number bonds. Also, we began to look at division and see the relationship between the two operations.

Open House: Our open house is scheduled for Thursday, August 31st from 6:30-730. We will be sharing some important information with you about expectations for the school year.

Book Fair: You can visit the book fair before open house (along with the PTO dinner!). However, if students wish to purchase books our class purchase day will be Wednesday, August 30th.

English/Language Arts: This week, we will begin Module 1 with a focus on vocabulary words in context and on identifying and defending character traits for main characters. We will be reading about the Athabascans of Alaska as we build background for our first class novel.

Math: We will continue to work on multiplication and division strategies this week! We will as continue practicing explaining our thinking in math through our math journals.

Science: Our scientific learning this week is focused on the scientific method. Students will build background through workstations before we begin looking at scientific problem solving.

Homework: On Friday, students will receive their first homework assignments. They will begin by studying multiplication facts nightly and completing spelling homework for the week. More information will come home later this week! In the meantime, students should be reading 30 minutes every night and getting their planners and calendars signed.

Update: Week of August 21st

We had a great first week of school! We spent some time getting to know each other as well as learning classroom routines and procedures. Our focus was on math journals, workstations, classroom rules, and more! We began our first math module on Friday with a focus on understanding multiplication and division. Also, we spent some time building teamwork and perseverance skills by working together on a science challenge. It was a fun and exciting first week!

English/Language Arts: We will spend this week learning how to write a SLAM. This is our format for answering text based questions with evidence and explanations. To practice, we will be reading a nonfiction text about different types of eclipses. Our week will also include working on learning our IRLA reading levels and practicing our workstation routines.

Math: Our first module continues with a focus on modeling multiplication and division and understanding what these terms mean in mathematics. Also, we will continue to practice our math journal/problem solving routines.

Science/Social Studies: In science, we will begin learning about the scientific method. Our social studies this week includes a scavenger hunt that teaches us how to locate information and maps and navigate the organization of our social studies text books.

volunteersIf you are interested in becoming a classroom or school volunteer or field trip chaperone, you MUST fill out a new volunteer application! This application stays effective until June 30, 2018. Even if you were approved last year, you must fill out a new application! PleaseĀ click hereĀ to fill it out online. You will receive email confirmation once your application has been approved! Thank you for your dedication!


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Thank you to Hailey’s family for the Harry Potter collection donation! We can’t wait to share them with our students as we grow our love of reading!