Veterans Day


You can order with your paper catalog until November 17th or online until November 27th. A portion of proceeds goes to our art department, which allows us to purchase art supplies for our students! 

Online Ordering – Square 1 Art


We Salute our Veterans!

  This week we took some time to learn more about veterans and the different branches of the military.

We discussed the background and symbolism of poppies

Some students made poppies to send to veterans.

Some classes wrote letters to veterans explaining the importance of honoring veterans each November 11th.

This next project was a definite favorite!  The students followed step by step directions to create their very own VETERAN.  The got to choose wether their veteran was male or female and what branch of military they served.

We realized what amazing things that can be created with LINES.


The Rangers would like to thank Mrs. Mitchell (an Islander) who will be delivering the letters, poppies, and portraits to local veterans on Saturday.

The Rangers celebrated two of our own Trailblazer Veterans.

Meet Mr. Jim and Mrs. Howard.

We THANK YOU for your service!


Thank you to all of the families that participated in our Veterans Day project.  The students were super excited to share the veterans in their lives.


To all of the veterans out there, the Rangers salute YOU!

Thank you for your service.


The Sunshine State Book Fairy visited the Rangers today!

Meet, Mrs. Williamson.  She came to reward the students who have read (and passed the quizzes) books off the Sunshine State Young Readers Award list.  That can be quite a mouthful – so we just say Sunshine state Books!

Remember, the list is ON THIS SITE under READING.  All classrooms have the books listed or the books can be checked out from the Knowledge Nook.  The quizzes can be taken from each student’s My Pasco Connect dashboard.


So, a new game at recess is the “Chase Game”.  I am sure you can determine the concept of the game from the title, right?  Mrs. Hendrickson yells out who chases who (girls chase boys, boys chase girls, everyone chase __).  Once tagged, you have to sit down until you are tagged again by someone on your team.  

Well today, these “soldiers” came ready to report for duty! 


Just incase you’re ever curious as to what actually happens during lunch! Check out the mustache and the bow tie. 



Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank a veteran.


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October Awesome Author

Congratulations to

October’s Awesome Authors!

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Ranger Review 10/23 – Red Ribbon Week

Howdy Rangers!

This week was RED RIBBON WEEK at TES.  This week is always lots of fun and a way for us to discuss the healthy choices we can make in our lives.

Monday: we wore red or hearts.

Wednesday:  we wore gear from our favorite team.


Gators & ‘Noles = rivals

Thursday: today we dressed in tie-dye and/or peace signs.

Friday was our costume parade.  We PARADE AGAINST DRUGS.

Fall Festivities!

Below is Ms. McDonald’s class using only one hand to open their big ball of saran wrapped goodies.  Oh, what fun they had!


Yes, we had lots of fun, but there was some time for learning too!

We read an informational text called The Athabascans: Old Ways and New Ways. We used text features (photographs, captions and maps) to learn more about the Athabascan culture. Next, we found the main idea and key details for different sections. Finally, we identified words or phrases that authors use to create a particular effect of their readers.

Remember the words:

clutched, prowling, fiery – how did they make you feel?


Here is Mrs. Hendrickson’s class learning more about the Athabascans.  

Ask your Ranger what they learned about the Athabascans.


In math, we estimated and measured liquid volume in liters and milliliters using a vertical number line. We also solved mixed word problems involving all four operations with grams, kilograms, liters and milliliters.

Enjoy this beautiful weather with your family!

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Ranger Review 10/16

Let us start by saying THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who gave their time to help make the FALL FESTIVAL a success and to all of the RANGER FAMILIES who donated candy for our game.  


Thanks Mrs. Ford for taking a turn in the splash zone!

All wet, but still smiling!

Our field trip to the FLORIDA AQUARIUM was pretty cool, especially dissecting the squid!

Check out all of these photos!

Mrs. Bailey & her class.

Mrs. Hendrickson’s Class.

Mrs. Mock’s Class.

In the aquarium

It was cool to see some of the different roots that we had learned about in our text, “At the Root of It”.  See, teachers do have a reason for teaching the things we teach!


A BIG THANK YOU for all of our volunteers that joined us on this field trip.  We hope you enjoyed the aquarium as much as we did!

So much excitement, Ms. McDonald had to take a rest!

They’re ready for Hollywood!


In the Squid Lab


This week we read an article called “The Giant Squid”.  We used this article to find the main idea and key details.  

Check out what we learned about the giant squid.

Gavin was interested in how the squid was very hard to find.

Eliana learned that the giant squid had washed up on shore and in nets, but never alive.

Cameron learned they have two tentacles.

Myla learned that they could be found in waters that were 660 to 2300 feet deep.

Drew learned that they have no backbone.


Our MATH lessons had us exploring capacity & the metric units of liters & milliliters.



Report cards go home on Monday.  This year your child will receive letter grades.  Please remember, grades are different than when we were in school.  A grade of “C” means your child has successfully learned concepts and skills addressed during this reporting period and is continuing to perform at the expected level.  

RED RIBBON WEEK starts Monday.


  • Monday- wear RED or HEARTS
  • Tuesday- NO PAJAMAS– we are going on our field trip to River Ridge to see a play- we will wear pajamas on 10/31
  • Wednesday- wear team shirts/gear (professional or college)
  • Thursday- wear tie dye and peace signs
  • Friday- wear your halloween costume (nothing scary please!)

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Ranger Review

Howdy Rangers!

Take a look at what’s been going on in 3rd grade. 

What we like about 3rd grade lunch is the nutritional lunches that we get to sit next to our friends (as long as we can make good choices) from other classes. 


When the weather cooperates, we get to do some reading outside.


We work in groups to solve multi-step word problems.

We used scales to measure classroom items to the nearest kg (kilogram), 100 g (grams), 10 g, and 1g.  It was pretty cool to first estimate the items, but it got super cool when we got to use the scales to measure our snacks!


We visited the Knowledge Nook to check out books.

Some of us got our flu shots!


We put our artistic skills to work.  

And – just a little bit of fun!

A Times Table – get it? 

We’ve got spirit, yes we do!

We’ve got spirit, how about you?

  • Monday, Oct. 16th- No school- teacher planning day
  • Tuesday, Oct. 17th- Quarter 2 starts
  • Wednesday, Oct. 18th- Florida Aquarium field trip money due ($28.50)
  • Friday, Oct. 20th- Field Trip to Florida Aquarium and Fall Festival from 5-8pm
    • Our field trip will be during regular school hours. I will send out an email on Wednesday reminding you who needs to bring lunch from home and who wanted a school lunch. 

On the day of our field trip to River Ridge Performing Arts Center 10/24- it is school wide pajama day for Red Ribbon Week.  We will NOT be wearing our pajamas that day- instead, our team will wear our pajamas on Halloween, 10/31.  I will send you a few more emails to remind you of this, as the date gets closer.


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Ranger Review 9/25

I know the calendar says it’s FALL, 

but I’m not so sure the weather knows!


Let’s rewind our week to see what we’ve been up to. 


In reading, we started a looking at a new text, At the Root of It.  Within this text we will look for the main idea and key details to support the main idea.  The details you give must SUPPORT the main idea.  THINK of it like this – your MAIN IDEA is your  table top and the supporting details are the table’s legs.  If you don’t give a table strong legs – it won’t stand.  If you don’t give your main idea strong supporting details, your main idea won’t “stand”.

Don’t Forget, always pay attention to the text features in your book! What information can they provide for you?


We celebrated our AWESOME AUTHORS for this month.

These authors got to walk down the red carpet and read the story to the entire Ranger team.  Many of our author’s were nervous, but they all did an amazing job. 

Congratulations to our AWESOME AUTHORS!


One of the strategies we have been focusing on is the DISTRIBUTIVE PROPERTY.  This strategy allows you to split a large multiplication problem into two smaller ones and add the results to get the answer.

In math we have also been focusing on close and careful reading with directions on problems– especially on our exit tickets.  For example, if the directions say to draw circles in an array, the student needs to draw circles. Or if the directions say to use a labeled tape diagram, the students must use this strategy.  Please reinforce this close and careful reading with directions on math homework at home as well.

We finished up our first module by working to solve multistep word problems.

Below: Here are Mrs. Mock’s students working together to solve multi-step word problems.


    • READING HOMEWORK: will be on a text online- students need to click on the link to read the text.  There will be a few questions for the students to answer after they read. 
    • A field  trip letter and permission slip for the Florida Aquarium will be coming home on Monday in your child’s binder.  
    • More information (attached to the weekly email) on our lessons including the Distributive Property of Multiplication and Two-Step word problems to help review for the End of Module Assessment prior to Wednesday.  
    • We need your help in making the upcoming Fall Festival a success! We are asking for donations of individually wrapped bags of candy for prizes. Due to the carnival occurring outside and unpredictable temperatures we ask that no chocolate candy be purchased.

      As always, thank you for your continued support.
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Welcome Back…again!

Howdy Trailblazers!

The Ranger team is looking forward to seeing you on    Monday, September 18th!

Please see the following notices due to the storm:

  1. Our campus will be closed to volunteers and lunchtime visitors the week of September 18th-22nd.
  2. Because TES was a shelter, our meals may not follow our published menus while food deliveries catch back up.
  3. Fall photos and our Boosterthon fund raiser will both be rescheduled.  More information will be sent out later.

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Ranger Review

Thank you to all of the guests that joined us for OPEN HOUSE.

The Rangers really enjoyed showing you around our classrooms.  



Now that we’ve had open house, we can share some of our work.            


In WRITING, we’re using what we’ve learned from our characters in The Gasping Garbage to create our very own character.

These are just three of the sentence stems we are using while working with a buddy or in groups.

Literal & Nonliteral

Literal language is language that means the literal, or dictionary, meaning of a word or phrase.

Nonliteral language is language that goes beyond the dictionary meaning of the word or phrase.

You can use context clues as well as your own knowledge and experience to help you determine if the meaning of a word or phrase is literal or nonliteral.

How about this.  Do you think we really need your hand?


In math we’ve been using arrays to help us understand multiplication and division.



Each month we will gather together as a team to reward students.  Every week your Ranger has a clean conduct card they will receive a ticket.  That ticket will go into a basket and two names from each class will be drawn.  Each student chosen will have the option to choose rewards.  

Here are August’s Rangers!




We hope you enjoyed your three ay weekend!

See you bright & early Tuesday morning.

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Howdy Rangers!

Well, we not only made it through our first week, but we made it through week two!


In our first week we learned that mistakes can help us grow and to spread kindness like confetti.

Pod Meeting

These pod meetings will happen once a month to check in as a team and celebrate success.

During our first meeting, we discussed rules & expectations.

We also learned to spread kindness like confetti!

 We had a video to show us spreading confetti, but it wouldn’t upload.  Here’s the aftermath!

We found out that when we throw confetti it goes EVERYWHERE!  Well, that’s where we want kindness to be – EVERYWHERE!


In MATH, we worked on a “new” way to help us solve problems.  The RDW approach has us

1. READ the problem. Read it over and over…. And then read it again.

2. DRAW a picture that represents the information given. During this step students ask themselves: Can I draw something from this information? What can I draw? What is the best model to show the information? What conclusions can I make from the drawing?

3. WRITE your conclusions based on the drawings. This can be in the form of a number sentence, an equation, or a statement (or both). 


Smiles from Mrs. Ford’s class.

Working in Mrs. Hendrickson’s class.

Introducing ourselves in Ms. McDonald’s class.

In our first week we also told some fibs!


We also had to PAY ATTENTION!

This was a favorite for many Rangers!



To save Fred,  students scientists practice their collaboration skills and solve a problem together while exploring the scientific process.


We LOVE having Mrs. Mock as part of the team!




Y’all come back now, ya hear!

Visit us again soon to see more of what we’re up to.

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