Kid President on MLK

Howdy Rangers!

We hope you are enjoying your 3 day weekend.

We are off Monday in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK).  For a short video from our favorite Kid President, click below.  

“The time is always right to do what’s right.” –                                      Martin Luther King Jr.

What do those words mean to you?

Stay warm!

We’ll see you Tuesday.


Report cards will NOT go home Tuesday (yay, Elijah!)

They will go home Friday the 19th. 


Howdy Rangers!

We wish you and your family good luck, good health, good cheer, and a happy new year.

See you Tuesday, January 9th!

Ranger Review 12/4

Howdy Rangers!

I hope you’re all staying warm! 

Check out what we’ve been up to.

This past week we continued reading the informational text,  What is a Community?  From A to Z.  

This week we read about E is for environment, F is for families and food, G is for government services, H is for history, I is for information, J is for jobs, and K is for kinds of communities. We used information gained from the text features and the text to answer questions about where, when, why or how events occurred.  We also determined the main idea and key details for different sections.

REMEMBER, using the entire text and its features are like puzzle pieces! Don’t leave out any of the pieces when doing a puzzle!

Nick the Balloonatic

You may know that during Hurricane Irma, our school was a shelter.  One of the evacuees was a local man.  Because TES took such good care of him, his cousin – Nick the Balloonatic came to TES as a thank you.  





I may be crazy, but I think that half the fun of a field trip can be on the busCheck out these faces.




The latest thing at recess is to have a contest to see who can hold themselves up the longest.

  • The Holiday Boutique opens next week!  If you are new to our school, this is a great opportunity for your child to shop for their friends and family.  If you would like to send your child in with money, our days to shop will be on Monday and Wednesday.  Prices range from 50 cents to $10. 
  • Thursday, December 14th will be our annual Holiday Under the Lights event from 6-8pm.  This is a fun time to not only get your picture with Santa, but to listen to teachers read holiday stories, drink hot chocolate, eat yummy treats and make holiday crafts.  I look forward to seeing you there! 
  • The Seven Springs Middle School band will be visiting our school to spread some holiday cheer on Thursday at 10am.  
  • We are asking for $5 per child to help with the cost of our holiday party and holiday activities.  Please send in when you can. 

Thank you for your support!

Ranger Review 11/27

Howdy Rangers!

This week was busy, busy, busy…but honestly, I think every week is busy, busy, busy!

Reading: This week we read an informational text called City Homes.  We determined the main idea and key details using the text and text features.  

After wrapping up City Homes, we started reading another informational text called What is a Community?  From A to Z.  We used information gained from the text features and the text to summarize our learning and to answer questions about the text.

Below: Students from Mrs. Faughnan’s class working on their A to Z book.

Below two of Ms. McDonald’s students showing off their booklets. 



Writing: This week we started a new informational writing task- I can identify and write about characteristics (landforms, water,  climate, culture and landmarks) of diverse populations in one of the five U.S. Regions (west, southwest, midwest, southeast or northeast).  Throughout this task students will:  gather information, put facts into their own words (paraphrase), include bold words with definitions and include linking words.

Ask your Ranger what they have learned about the region they chose for this project.

Math: This week we focused on multiplying and dividing with familiar facts using a letter to represent the unknown. Next we counted by units of 6 and 7 to multiply and divide.  Now that students really understand the concept behind multiplication, this is a great time for students to start memorizing their facts.  You can help with this at home by reviewing flashcards with your child, or simply asking them multiplication facts while in the car.  Another activity is to allow your Ranger to complete the math sprints that are sent home.

Above: Mrs. Bailey’s class had fun playing this multiplication BUMP game!

Below: Mrs. Mock’s class working in groups during math.

Below: Some of Mrs. Hendrickson’s students’ work.  Instead of using a boring old _____ (blank) in place of the unknown, we are now using a letter (we are super cool in 3rd grade!)  Students made up problems for their classmates to solve.

Mrs. H. is so mean, she even had her students make up problems for their family members to solve! 



Thank you to the families who donated to our school during the Boosterthon fundraiser!  Be sure to collect the money pledged and send it in to school or pay online.



Check out the fun Gavin, from Mrs. Mock’s class, had during the Boosterthon.


December 7th-  field trip to RRHS to see Holiday Traditions Around the World (permission slips and $8.00 are due by Tuesday the 5th)

December 11th- Holiday Boutique Opens (an email with more information will come your way)

December 14th- Holiday Under the Lights 6pm (Yes! Santa will be here!)


Veterans Day


You can order with your paper catalog until November 17th or online until November 27th. A portion of proceeds goes to our art department, which allows us to purchase art supplies for our students! 

Online Ordering – Square 1 Art


We Salute our Veterans!

  This week we took some time to learn more about veterans and the different branches of the military.

We discussed the background and symbolism of poppies

Some students made poppies to send to veterans.

Some classes wrote letters to veterans explaining the importance of honoring veterans each November 11th.

This next project was a definite favorite!  The students followed step by step directions to create their very own VETERAN.  The got to choose wether their veteran was male or female and what branch of military they served.

We realized what amazing things that can be created with LINES.


The Rangers would like to thank Mrs. Mitchell (an Islander) who will be delivering the letters, poppies, and portraits to local veterans on Saturday.

The Rangers celebrated two of our own Trailblazer Veterans.

Meet Mr. Jim and Mrs. Howard.

We THANK YOU for your service!


Thank you to all of the families that participated in our Veterans Day project.  The students were super excited to share the veterans in their lives.


To all of the veterans out there, the Rangers salute YOU!

Thank you for your service.


The Sunshine State Book Fairy visited the Rangers today!

Meet, Mrs. Williamson.  She came to reward the students who have read (and passed the quizzes) books off the Sunshine State Young Readers Award list.  That can be quite a mouthful – so we just say Sunshine state Books!

Remember, the list is ON THIS SITE under READING.  All classrooms have the books listed or the books can be checked out from the Knowledge Nook.  The quizzes can be taken from each student’s My Pasco Connect dashboard.


So, a new game at recess is the “Chase Game”.  I am sure you can determine the concept of the game from the title, right?  Mrs. Hendrickson yells out who chases who (girls chase boys, boys chase girls, everyone chase __).  Once tagged, you have to sit down until you are tagged again by someone on your team.  

Well today, these “soldiers” came ready to report for duty! 


Just incase you’re ever curious as to what actually happens during lunch! Check out the mustache and the bow tie. 



Have a wonderful weekend.

Thank a veteran.


Ranger Review 10/23 – Red Ribbon Week

Howdy Rangers!

This week was RED RIBBON WEEK at TES.  This week is always lots of fun and a way for us to discuss the healthy choices we can make in our lives.

Monday: we wore red or hearts.

Wednesday:  we wore gear from our favorite team.


Gators & ‘Noles = rivals

Thursday: today we dressed in tie-dye and/or peace signs.

Friday was our costume parade.  We PARADE AGAINST DRUGS.

Fall Festivities!

Below is Ms. McDonald’s class using only one hand to open their big ball of saran wrapped goodies.  Oh, what fun they had!


Yes, we had lots of fun, but there was some time for learning too!

We read an informational text called The Athabascans: Old Ways and New Ways. We used text features (photographs, captions and maps) to learn more about the Athabascan culture. Next, we found the main idea and key details for different sections. Finally, we identified words or phrases that authors use to create a particular effect of their readers.

Remember the words:

clutched, prowling, fiery – how did they make you feel?


Here is Mrs. Hendrickson’s class learning more about the Athabascans.  

Ask your Ranger what they learned about the Athabascans.


In math, we estimated and measured liquid volume in liters and milliliters using a vertical number line. We also solved mixed word problems involving all four operations with grams, kilograms, liters and milliliters.

Enjoy this beautiful weather with your family!

Ranger Review 10/16

Let us start by saying THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who gave their time to help make the FALL FESTIVAL a success and to all of the RANGER FAMILIES who donated candy for our game.  


Thanks Mrs. Ford for taking a turn in the splash zone!

All wet, but still smiling!

Our field trip to the FLORIDA AQUARIUM was pretty cool, especially dissecting the squid!

Check out all of these photos!

Mrs. Bailey & her class.

Mrs. Hendrickson’s Class.

Mrs. Mock’s Class.

In the aquarium

It was cool to see some of the different roots that we had learned about in our text, “At the Root of It”.  See, teachers do have a reason for teaching the things we teach!


A BIG THANK YOU for all of our volunteers that joined us on this field trip.  We hope you enjoyed the aquarium as much as we did!

So much excitement, Ms. McDonald had to take a rest!

They’re ready for Hollywood!


In the Squid Lab


This week we read an article called “The Giant Squid”.  We used this article to find the main idea and key details.  

Check out what we learned about the giant squid.

Gavin was interested in how the squid was very hard to find.

Eliana learned that the giant squid had washed up on shore and in nets, but never alive.

Cameron learned they have two tentacles.

Myla learned that they could be found in waters that were 660 to 2300 feet deep.

Drew learned that they have no backbone.


Our MATH lessons had us exploring capacity & the metric units of liters & milliliters.



Report cards go home on Monday.  This year your child will receive letter grades.  Please remember, grades are different than when we were in school.  A grade of “C” means your child has successfully learned concepts and skills addressed during this reporting period and is continuing to perform at the expected level.  

RED RIBBON WEEK starts Monday.


  • Monday- wear RED or HEARTS
  • Tuesday- NO PAJAMAS– we are going on our field trip to River Ridge to see a play- we will wear pajamas on 10/31
  • Wednesday- wear team shirts/gear (professional or college)
  • Thursday- wear tie dye and peace signs
  • Friday- wear your halloween costume (nothing scary please!)