Dear Parents and Students:

I certainly hope your summer vacation has been enjoyable. As you read this informative newsletter, preparations are being made for our band camp. Yes, it’s time once again to prepare for another exciting and successful year with the “Class Act” Band

Times and Dates

July 27 – 1:00pm – 4:00pm
July 28 – 8:00am – 5:00pm

Percussion(drums, xylophone…)

July 24 – July 27, 8:00am – 12:00pm

Full Band (clarinet, flute, sax, trumpet, percussion, guard…….)
July 31 – Aug. 4, 8:00am – 4:00pm
Aug. 8 & Aug. 10, 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Band Parent Meeting
Aug. 10, 6:00pm

All band members are required to attend band camp. A great deal of learning and fundamental teaching takes place. Those students who do not attend find themselves at a great disadvantage that is many times impossible to overcome. Members will be allowed to go off campus for meals, but are encouraged to bring meals with them. WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE ALL STUDENTS TO BRING A PERSONAL WATER COOLER EACH DAY OF REHEARSAL.

What to bring for band camp:
• An instrument that is in good playing order
• Sun screen
• Insect repellent
• A water jug
• Comfortable, lose fitting clothing. ladies are not allowed to wear bathing suit tops unless covered by a t-shirt. Gentlemen will not be allowed to rehearse without a shirt on.
• Headgear of some type for outdoor rehearsal is suggested.
• Power of Attorney Form(in case something happens to your son or daughter they can receive medical attention.)
• Fruit for our fruit breaks. It keeps the energy up.

Required item to be purchased at Band Camp:
Marching Shoes – $23 dollars (if you need a new pair)
Marching Gloves – $3 dollars (if you need a new pair)
“Class Act” Band Hat – $9 dollars
Show Shirt – $10 dollars (part of our uniform)

Fair Share
To cover the costs for dry cleaning(uniforms), transportation, percussion and woodwind instructors, show music and choreography, and FBA fees, we will need students to make payment towards a “Fair Share”. To make things easier on everyone we will have a payment plan:

September 1 – $50 dollars
October 1 – $50 dollars
November 1 – $50 dollars

!!!!!!!!!!SPECIAL!!!!!!!!!!! Pay Fair Share in full by August 10 and receive a 10% discount.

Class Act Boosters
Parents, please take the time now to look at your schedules and set aside time during the fall and winter to help support your children by participating in our Class Act Boosters by volunteering your time and expertise. Even though your kids don’t tell you, they really do appreciate your support and encouragement! Our first parent meeting will be August 10 in the Band Room at 6:00pm.

Potluck Dinner
Our Parent Meeting (Thursday, August 10) will end with a pot luck dinner . Please bring a dish and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your fellow band parents.

We look forward to seeing all “Class Act” members at camp with a desire to work, learn, and cooperate. We are sure that all “Class Act” members will work diligently to continue very special and successful accomplishments that have elevated the “Class Act” to the forefront of activities of Hudson High School. Please invite new students who have expressed a desire to be part of the “Class Act” to attend band camp! To be kept informed about all band information we have a web page on the school web.


Terry Adams,
Band Director
Hudson High School