Week ending 12/1

Happy Friday!


Math-This past week we have worked hard digging deep into our division skills. Students are improving more and more each day and I’m so happy to see the progress, however, it is a still a struggle for some. Please have your child work through some long division problems while you watch so you are aware of their understanding. Like I’ve always said, if they know their facts (or at least use their strategies to help) they will have greater success. Next week we will continue dividing and move into multiplying 2-digits by 2-digits.


STEM Fair- As stated in the timeline, STEM Fair is due next Friday, December 8th. ALL students must turn in a completed STEM fair packet that is neatly written and easy to read. I am attaching a printable version of the packet in case your child needs to rewrite it for the final due date (part of their grade will be on grammar and neatness). IF your child wants to compete, they will need to have a completed backboard by Friday, December 15th. Students who do not wish to compete can still create a backboard if they wish:)


Reading – This week we started reading The Birchbark House which is a Native American novel. We will be working on character traits and making inferences with this book. So far, the students seem to be enjoying the book. We will be reading this book for the next few weeks and working on different reading skills throughout the book.


Writing – This week we worked on another informative writing prompt about recycling. The students are showing growth in many aspects of writing and the practice is really helping. Now we need to work on lessening the amount of  time the writing takes. Next week we will not be doing a writing prompt so that we can work on the next chapter in social studies relating to Florida’s role in the Civil War.

STEM packet

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Week ending 10/23

Reading- We are continuing with folktales, fables, myths, and tall tales next week. We will also be working on some of the Greek myths. The students have enjoyed this genre of reading and have been doing very well.


Writing- Many students have finished their homework opinion prompt, but those that haven’t will have time to finish next week. I am seeing an improvement in the number of students that are following the writing checklist and producing quality writing prompts.


Math- We are continuing to learn multiplication strategies and understanding how to use them in order to find the product. We will be taking our mid-module assessment at the end of next week (Friday, November 3rd). Then we will be moving onto to division strategies.


We are having our fall party on Tuesday. Please send in any donations by Monday to help make our parties a success! Remember that students do not wear their costumes to school, but they can wear Halloween themed clothes.


Have a great weekend!

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ticket Fundraiser



Calling all Bucs fans… I run the annual Tampa Bay Buccaneers ticket sale fundraiser each year. Flyers were sent home on Friday for tickets available for purchase either by returning the form with payment or ordering tickets through the online site printed on the brochure. Help support our school and see our Bucs play a game!

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Week ending 10/13

Hello Families,

Reading – We finished unit 1 and will be starting to read myths, legends, fables and folktales when we start unit 2 and the second quarter next week. The students will be making comparisons with print versions and digital versions of the text.

Writing – We wrapped up our second opinion writing prompt today about whether city life or country life is better. The students have a checklist that they need to follow as they are writing their five paragraph essays. Their previous cat/dog writing prompt was given back today and is coming home for parent signature. Please review this with your child this weekend and return it on Tuesday. Keep in mind that these were their very first prompts this year. This was just their starting point and it was not an expectation that the students would have mastered the writing skills by this point.

Social Studies – We worked on chapter 3 about Florida’s geography this week and the students responded to questions to show their understanding. The Time For Kids magazine scores were low this week. I reminded students that they should be keeping these in their binders so that they can work on them at school as well as at home. Any assistance they can receive on these at home is great. They should be either underlining or highlighting in the magazine where they found the evidence to support their answers.

Math- Students took their module 2 assessment on Thursday this past week and those scores will be coming home early next week. Please look out for those and remember to sign and return the test. When I check those signatures, I keep a checklist and those tests are sent back home for you to keep.
In module 3, we will be focused on multi-digit multiplication and division. If you child has not yet mastered their basic multiplication facts, please work on those at home. Fluency with their facts will benefit them greatly!

Science- As you all know STEM fair is up and running and students have been doing a great job keeping up with assignments on the expected due dates. The next due date will not be until October 27th. Please make sure you child is working on this at home and they are always welcome to turn it in early.

Reminder: There is no school Monday, as it is a teacher planning day.

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Week ending 9/29

Hello Families,

Math- Students took their end-of-module 1 assessment today. Those scores will be going home sometime next week for parent signature. In module 2 our focus will be unit conversions and problem solving with metric measurement. We will start our next module on Monday of next week.

STEM Fair- I’m sure you all received my email yesterday regarding STEM fair projects. The first due date is Monday, October 2nd and all they need to show me is page 4 completed in their STEM Fair packets. You need to sign saying that you approve of their chosen project. Please remember to initial the timeline that was provided as well. I’ll be giving grades for each due date so being prepared is extremely important.

Reading – We finished reading our Skeletons Inside and Out book. We will be reviewing the skill of compare and contrast on Monday and the students will be taking a formative quiz on the book. Next week we will be reading another text on skeletons and working on comparing and contrasting information from two texts on the same topic.

Writing – We have started our first independent five paragraph prompt opinion writing. Most students have completed their introductions. We will be continuing this next week and will wrap it up by Friday. I am meeting with a small group each day to provide additional support for the writing process.

Time for Kids grades were so much better this week! I remind the students multiple times in the week that their Time for Kids magazine and quiz should be kept in their binder so that they can work on it at school and at home. It is given to them on Monday and is due on Thursday each week. The students can write TFK on their reading log for one of the required night steps.

*Conduct Cards are being sent home today for parent signature.
*We are kicking of annual Boosterthon fundraiser next week. Be on the lookout for more information coming home!
* Field trip forms for the River Ridge Performing Arts center were sent home last week and due along with the $9.00 cost by October 10th.

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Week ending 9/22

Hello Families,

Math- We are getting close to finishing module 1 and have been focused a lot on subtraction this week. We have a few more lessons to complete next week before taking our end-of-module assessment. Depending on how the week goes, the students may be taking it next Friday (with a review the day before).

Science- We started discussing the expectations for our upcoming STEM fair projects. I’m doing a class project and students are copying every part of the process so they have it to refer to when they conduct their own investigations at home. Students need to start researching ideas for their project. An excellent website to go on is: sciencebuddies.org. The timeline for due dates will be sent home next week.

Reading – Students took a formative assessment on the story Fragile Frogs that we read this week and it is coming home today for parent signature. We started reading a new text called Skeletons Inside and Out. The students will be working on main idea and details and have started learning and practicing the other text structures. Reading logs were given out. Be sure that your child is reading for five out of seven nights and that you are initialing the reading log.

Writing – We created a whole class group writing piece for opinion writing and each student received a copy for reference. Next week the students will be working on their own opinion writing piece. They were given checklists to assist with what should be in each paragraph. New spelling lists were given out today.

Social Studies – The students worked on their first Time for Kids magazine this week. There is a 10 questions multiple choice quiz that goes along with it. These will be sent home on Monday. They are given to the students on Monday and will be due on Thursdays. The students can always bring these home to work on during the week if they don’t think they will finish during class.

Progress reports are going home today. Please sign and return the bottom slip of the progress report on Monday.
Monday is picture day. All students will be having their picture taken even if you are not purchasing them so they will appear in the yearbook.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Week ending 9/8

Hello Families,

Even though this has been a short week, we have been busy. We wish all of you a safe weekend ahead as we wait and see what happens with Hurricane Irma.

Reading – The formative assessment for Tarantula Scientist was given back to the students yesterday for parent signature. I created an example to show the students what the expectation was for them to receive full points for each question. Please be sure that you sign and return this. We are reading a new story called The Boy Who Drew Birds. We will be working on comparing and contrasting the two books and the two scientists. We have started talking about character traits and will be moving into cause and effect next week. Be sure that your child is reading for 30 minutes for five out of seven nights every week.

Spelling – The students took their spelling test early since there’s no school tomorrow. They were given their spelling homework and reading log today and need to keep up with the homework as listed on the spelling page.

Social Studies – We are reading chapter 2 and learning about the different regions of the United States. The students are working in partners to complete comprehension questions that show their understanding of the chapter.


Math- Students took the mid-module assessment today in class. Those scores will be coming home early next week so be sure to ask your child about their grade when they receive those back. Next week we will focus on wrapping up module 1 with addition and subtraction. We will be using the standard alogrithm as well as using tape diagrams to solve word problems.

Science- As STEM Fair approaches we will do a class experiment in which I will model how to work through the scientific process. We may start this next week (depending on what happens with the weather and our school schedule).

Reminders: School is closed tomorrow and the county will notify you regarding any further decisions for next week.

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Week ending 9/1

Thank you all for coming last night to open house. It was great seeing so many of you again and sharing more about our classrooms.

Math- We have really made some great improvements in math this week. Students are becoming more familiar with our daily routines for the lessons and are digging deeper in their understanding of place value and rounding to estimate. We are about halfway through our first module, which means we will have our mid-module assessment on Thursday with a review on Wednesday.

Science- STEM Fair information will be coming home soon so be on the lookout for the timeline of due dates.

Reading – We are finishing our Tarantula Scientist book today. We will review our skills we worked on with this book (main idea and details and using context clues) on Tuesday and then the students will be taking a formative test on Tuesday as well. We will be moving on to a book called The Boy Who Drew Birds and will be working on character, setting and events. I’m seeing some really good improvements on the reading journals! Be sure that your child is reading 30 minutes each night for 5 out of 7 nights every week.

Spelling – Today is the first spelling test. I will be looking at the spelling test grades over the next two weeks and will be differentiating the lists based on the scores. The students received their spelling homework today so that they can stay on track for all the days of spelling. When they come back to school on Tuesday, they should have Monday’s homework (word sort) complete.

There is no school on Monday (Happy Labor Day!)

The Eureka Parent Link is below:

Check out the power point that is attached for information on accessing your child’s MyPasccoConnect page.

Here is a video message from our superintendent Kurt Browning (it is also attached in this email).

Have a fabulous 3 day weekend!

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Week ending 8/25

Happy Friday,

Math- We had a busy week in math as we started the 4th grade curriculum Eureka. I know the way the lessons are taught are extremely different than what students are used to. I want to make you all aware that it is new for me as well and we are working through it together. Students have been bringing home their math journals along with the classwork we have done each day to help them with their homework. The homework problems follow most of the classwork examples.

Reading – Students have been working on getting into the groove during the reading block by working either with me in small group, in partners or independently continuing to read The Tarantula Scientist. They have been working on defining vocabulary using context clues, restating and answering questions, citing text evidence and explaining how their evidence connects with their answer. We will be continuing with this text for another two weeks.

Spelling homework – The students were given their spelling homework assignment today. They have an activity to do each night that they should keep in their binder so I can check it each morning. The spelling homework is always due on Thursday and the spelling test is on Friday. If students want to do their homework all ahead of time over the weekend, that is completely fine, but they need to continue to study the words each night.

Social Studies – The students have been working in partners to complete chapter one about social scientists and what their jobs are. They had a fun activity to complete that showed their learning of the text.

-Scholastic book order flyers were sent home this week. If your child wants to order from scholastic the orders are due by Tuesday, August 29th. Books can be order by returning the order form or online.
-Open house will be Thursday, August 31st at 6:30 and the book fair will be open before open house begins in our classrooms. We will be presenting our open house powerpoint together so parents won’t have to hear repeated information.
-Money for TFK is due by Monday, August 28th. If you have not already sent it in, please have it by Monday.

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Welcome to 4th Grade

We’re so excited to get to know all of our new students this year! Your child has two teachers this year. Ms. Browning is the STEM (math & science) teacher and Mrs. Horsburgh is the humanities (reading, writing & social studies) teacher. The students will switch classes after their specials each day.

We have been specializing together for four years and through this experience have found that we both have the same expectations and teaching styles which provides the best opportunities for our students. They will often see the same content topics presented in both classes in different subject areas.

When you have a change in transportation, you only need to email the homeroom teacher. If there are any questions that concern both teachers, please be sure to include both of us on your emails.

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